(Part: 17 My Badass Girl) Mafia’s Badass Girl


“What happened to you?” He cupped her face and asked, apprehensive for her. He isn’t understanding how to console her because he has never handled anybody in this type of condition. He wants to calm her down at any cost because he doesn’t know why but he can’t see her like this.

She opened her mouth to speak but her lips are quivering terribly. It’s getting difficult for her to speak even a single word. Her condition is worsening with each passing second. He closed his eyes dejectedly.

Next moment he just pulled her trembling body into his strong and warm arms, burying her face in his chest.

“Relax, Calm down, I’m with you, Chloe.” He whispered, his one hand is constantly rubbing her back and his other hand is constantly caressing her hair. He is trying to calm her down with his soothing words. He did what, his heart asked him to do and for the first time he listened to his heart. Within few minutes, she stopped trembling and her breathing and heartbeat became normal. She felt snug and safe in his warm arms. Only these few words, she needed to listen at this moment. She needed assurance that somebody is there with her. He pulled her closer to himself, holding her tighter. He is relieved to calm her down. She is getting better and better in his soothing arms. Earlier whenever she used to get an anxiety attack, nobody was there to assure her that they are with her. She never felt so safe in anybody’s arms before. She just wanted to remain in his arms forever and ever. His arms are giving her profound peace to her soul, the peace which she had been trying to find for so many years. She found her home in his arms.

For a few minutes, they both got lost in each other arms, forgetting the whole world. Their lips are drawn up to a contented smile.

They slowly pulled away from each other, gazing at each other intensely. Their lips were just few inches alway. Their hot breath is caressing each other lips and their urge of kissing each other has been increasing with each passing second. Their breath is becoming heavier than before. Their inner desires are pushing them to kiss each other.

He brushed her hair away from her face which was coming on her face, gazing at her fondly and she’s staring at him in utter disbelief. She can’t believe, he’s that same ruthless Mafia boss who forcibly brought her here by tying her few minutes back and tortured her Aunt, and she also can’t believe that he consoled her.

“Are you fine?” He asked, genuinely concerned for her and gently tucked her hair behind her ears.

She just nodded her head mutely, not feeling well.

He clasped her face and uttered, “you scared the hell out of me, thank god you’re fine now.” He sighed with relief.

He suddenly placed a soft kiss on her forehead, stroking her cheeks with his thumb. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as his lips touched her skin. She had been longing to feel this touch from the day she met him. Automatically a blissful smile flashed on her face when he kissed her.

Then he filled a glass of water and handed it to her. They gazed at each other deeply.

“And still you will say that you don’t care for me.” She uttered in a low voice after taking few sips of water. He stayed silent, still, he isn’t ready to accept that he cares for her.

“What happened to you suddenly?” He asked to change the topic, but he really wants to know the reason for her panic attack.

“It’s none of your business, Devil.” She answered him curtly. The badass Chloe is back again.

“Leave me alone for some time.” She said in an angry tone. She is a bit angry with herself because she fell weak again. She’s a strong woman, she never wants to fall weak and also she doesn’t want to show her weakness to anybody.

Andrew didn’t argue and strolled out of the room silently.

As he left, she took out the box of the cigarette and lighter from the drawer. She held the cigarette between her index and middle finger and burned it with the flame of a lighter. She lay down on the bed and put the filter end of the cigarette in her mouth. She inhaled, closing her eyes and exhaled out the smoke, staring at the ceiling blankly, lots of think are going in her mind.

“Why these panic attacks are coming again? Andrew always ask what is my weakness, my dreadful past is my weakness, whenever I recall it, it makes me vulnerable. When will I completely forget about it? But for the first, someone calmed me down without the pills and injection. I felt so good, so safe and secure in his arms. I completely forgot everything after coming in his arms.” She’s wondering, smoking the cigarette, staring at the ceiling, her look is serious.

On the other hand, Andrew is pacing across his room and musing. “What happened to her all of sudden? And why the hell I became so anxious for her?

“Do I care for her?” He asked from himself and finally accepted that he cares for her, “I don’t know why but I truly care for her.”

He wondered, “after seeing her condition I felt guilty for tying her but she hadn’t left any option with me at that time. Why she doesn’t understand that her life is in danger? If she again tries to disobey my instructions, she has to face the worst side of me because it’s for her safety. I don’t know what is between us, but I want to keep her safe. And I’ll keep her safe with me by hook or by crook. Today I have also realised that I can’t see her in pain. I’ll protect her and take care of her because from today she’s my badass Girl.

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