(Part: 12 Fit To Be Tied) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl


“Wow, I’m lying on his bed. It feels so God, I can smell his fragrance from this mattress.” She inhaled his scent from the bed sheet, her eyes are closed and her lips are drawn up to a satisfying smile.

At that moment only, Maid Marie stepped into the room to clean Manik’s room and widened her eyes in surprise at Nandini. She’s utterly astonished by seeing a girl in her boss’s room for the first time.

She assumed, “you will be special to the boss.”

Nandini opened her eyes and narrowed her brows bemusedly. “What?”

“Boss has never brought a girl into his room before, in fact, no one is allowed to come to his room.” Marie told her and she made O mouth.

“Anyway who are you? If nobody is allowed in his room, then what you’re doing here?” She asked suspiciously.

“I’m Marie, an old maid of this mansion, and only I and Mike Sir has permission to come here.”

“Oh. So could you tell me something about your boss? Why he’s so rude and what he does? I thought he’s the owner of clubs but last night when I saw him loading weapons in the truck, I became confused and curious.” She asked and her eyes glinted with curiosity.

“I’m sorry, Mam, I can’t tell you anything.” Nandini pouted disappointedly. “But I want to tell you one thing about Boss that he’s not what he shows to the world.”

“You mean he’s not the owner of clubs, he is,”

“No, no.” Marie shook his and said, cutting her words. “I mean he shows to the world that he is heartless, evil, ruthless, but he’s not like that.”

She made O mouth and before she could ask something more, Manik walked into the room.

He glared at Nandini, she gave him mischief wink. He shook his head and moved his eyes to Marie. “Marie, throw the garbage out of my room.” He ordered her, pointing his finger at Nandini and then turn to go to the washroom.

She frowned in anger and retorted, climbing down the bed. “I’m not garbage, aaa…” as she stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle and plumped on the bed and a scream escaped out of her mouth.

As he heard her scream, he became anxious for her and hastily turned around to see her, his intense eyes are filled with concerns. Marie noticed his expression.

She scowled at him. “Don’t dare to call me garbage again, Mr Malhotra.” She warned him, waggling her finger at him. She again tried to stand up but Marie stopped her by holding her hand.

“And you don’t dare to come back to my room again.” He instructed her sternly and she rolled her eyes.

“Marie, I’m going to the washroom and when I come out, she shouldn’t be seen here.” He ordered Marie and stormed to the washroom after glancing at Nandini in anger.

“He called me Garbage, how dare he?” She muttered in frustration and anger.

Marie helped her in standing up and she hissed in pain. Manik is watching all this from the washroom, he wants to go and scoop her into his arms but his ego is most important to him.


“Now you would have come to know how much special I’m to him.” She said sarcastically to Marie when she laid her down on the bed in her room.

“You’re special to him, Madam. I have seen concerns for you in his eyes. As I said before, he’s not what he shows to the world. Take care, Madam.” Marie said and left the room.

“Am I really special to him?” Nandini asked from herself, musing straight on the walls. “Marie is saying right that he doesn’t show his real feelings because he cares for me but he never accepts it. For the first time, someone genuinely cares for me and he’s also not accepting it.” She became upset.

“If he wasn’t so hot and handsome, I wouldn’t be staying with this rude man.” She murmured to herself.


She’s sitting on the bed and working on her laptop. She heard Manik’s voice from outside. “Oh, Rosie, finally you’re here. I’m so frustrated with an annoying girl who is living in this mansion.” She fumed in anger and closed the laptop.

She stood up, putting all pain on her side and rushed outside. She felt a sharp pang of envy as she saw Manik kissing a hot girl in a clinging grey dress, pinning her against the wall outside of her room. He looked at her through the corner of his eyes and smirked. He is deliberately kissing the girl outside of her room to show Nandini that what type of girl he likes. She is boiling with rage.

He broke the kiss and stated, “this is my taste, this is something which I like and you’re not even close to her.”

She clutched her fist to control her anger and sighed deeply. “Really? Ugh, literally you have a very low standard, Mr Handsome.” She said, staring at the girl in disgust.

She moved her eyes back to him and added, “but don’t worry I’ll upgrade your standards.”

He rolled his eyes. “Rosie, let’s go from here.” He grasped Rosie’s arm and led her to the guest room. Nandini didn’t want to but she followed them.

His lips stretched up to a devilish grin as he glanced at Nandini who is coming towards the guest room, he closed the door and turned around.

Today he’s also feeling disgusting to spend the night with a girl. She’s undressing herself and Nandini’s perfect body is coming in front of his eyes. He became angry that why he’s thinking about her.

“No, I don’t feel anything to her.” He muttered in anger, opening the button of his black trouser and harshly pushed the girl on the sofa.

“On your fours now.” He ordered her in a cold tone, pulling down his trousers and boxers.

When again Nandini’s face came in front of her eyes, he groaned in frustration and roughly plunged into the girl by grasping her wrist behind her back, the girl cried out.

A lone tear escaped out of Nandini’s cheek mechanically when she heard their moans and groans from inside the room. She dashed to her room, she is badly hurt. Marie is watching her.

Manik is fucking the girl in frustration and anger, by grasping her hair and binding her hands with his tie behind her back because again and again, Nandini’s face is coming in front of his eye and he’s not understanding why. Today sex is also not lessening his anger, rather he’s becoming more frustrated. He wants relief. He’s fit to be tied because he is not getting relief.

“You care for me and truth is not going to change if you show your anger.” Her words are echoing in his ear continuously.

“I don’t care for her, I don’t care of anybody.” He roared with outrage and pushed the girl on the floor after untying her wrist.

“Get lost, you’re good for nothing.” He snarled at her, pulling up her trousers and closing the button of it.

As the girl left, he shut the door. He clenched his fist and hit on the wall. “What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I stop thinking about her! Why I’m feeling so frustrated? Why I didn’t get relief after doing this too? What is happening to me?” He is shouting and pummelling on the wall in uncontrollable anger, the blood is oozing out from his knuckles but still he isn’t stopping.

“This girl, this fucking badass girl is trouble! She’s not here, still, she’s in my mind. Oh, God!” He shrieked and clenched his hair, going insane. He is losing his mind as he isn’t not understanding what is happening to him.

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