(Part: 10 Burning Desires) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl


Nandini stepped out of the bathroom after taking the relaxing shower. Only a towel is draped around her body, her brown hair is wet and water is dripping down her hair and milky white body.

She heard the knock on the door and went to open the door in the towel only.

Manik is on the door. He has come to her room because he wants to know why she didn’t reply to him after reading his message.

She opened the door and he gawked at her as he saw her only in a towel. The water droplets are cascading down her neck and cleavage, he felt a sudden urge to suck each one of them from her body. She’s just smirking, watching his expression.

“You wanna suck the droplets from my body?” She suddenly asked moving closer to him and closing the gap between them.

He gaped at her in surprise, wondering she’s reading his mind.

“Why didn’t you reply to me?” He just blurted whatever came into his mind to change the topic, moving away from her because their proximity is driving him crazier.

“You specifically came here to ask me this? Aww… so sweet of you.” She pulled his cheek and he frowned at her.

He placed his hand on his cheek and said, irritated. “Fuck! never do this again.”

“What?” She just asked to tease him.

“That, touching and pulling my cheek.” He told her in an angry tone.

“Does my touch make you shiver and drive you crazy?” She asked, smiling naughtily.

He rolled his eyes, utterly annoyed. “Now go and wear something.” He ordered her as she will listen to him.

“No, I’m super comfortable in this with you.” She paused and said, “rather I’ll be more comfortable with you without this also.” As she said, holding the knot of the towel, his eyes popped out in shock.

He shook his head in disbelief and turned to walk.

“Okay, wait, I’m wearing something.” She agreed and he stopped.

He turned around and her lips drew up to a slight smile. They both strolled into her room.

She went to the bathroom and he sat on the bed after opening the button of his blazer. One wall of the bathroom is transparent, the bathroom is visible from the room.

“I think I shouldn’t open the curtains. So that you can enjoy it and get more aroused.” She winked at him before closing the door. He just stared at her in disbelief. This girl is seriously driving the mafia boss crazy. She looked at his expression through the glass wall. She placed her hand on the knot of the towel, standing in front of the glass wall and sexily smiling at him.

She slowly turned around, facing her back to him. She has a constant smile on her face because she’s enjoying it. She placed her hair over one side of her shoulders before opening the knot of the towel. He is just staring at her shamelessly with anticipation.

As the towel dropped down on the floor, automatically his mouth opened in amazement and his eyes glinted with desire, seeing her perfect and sexy wet body from behind. Her perfectly round shape butts, her sexy long legs and her toned back, her body is perfect from every corner for him. Her body is flawless for him. He felt a sudden urge to see her from the front also.

A unique kind of tattoo is inked on her back caught his attention. Before he could properly observe her tattoo, she slipped a loose t-shirt, spoiling his fun.

She turned toward him, grinning at him goofily. He is just gazing at her, his eyes are filled with a profound desire.

She walked out of the room and strolled to him sexily. He’s sitting on the edges of the bed.

She leaned down and whispered, “did you like what you saw in the bathroom?” She asked, tracing the tip of her index finger down his cheek erotically.

“Stop seducing me, you little badass Girl.” He grasped her wrist and said in a warning tone, glaring at her.

She moved closer to his face, gazing at him passionately, their lips are only a few inches away. “I won’t stop.” She whispered and as her warm breath stroked his lips, the electricity of desire rushed down his spine and his body started burning with desires.

He forgot about his anger and yanked her down by grasping her waist, she directly fell onto his lap. It seems like she’s hypnotising him. They both gazed into each other intensely and their lips are only a few inches away. His breath is falling on her lips. He’s moving closer to her, accelerating her heartbeat and making her breath heavy. His intense eyes are gazing into her bewitching black eyes and one of his hands is gliding up her thighs into her t-shirt. Fingers of his other hand are clasped around her neck and pulling her closer to himself. She’s literally shivering with his touch, but she’s loving it. She wants to feel the touch of his hands all over her body. Her body is on fire because of his warm touch and their proximity.

“Your soft skin touching mine, only the thought just drives me insane.” He whispered in the heat of the movement. They both are utterly lost in each other. Their proximity is driving them crazy and accelerating their heartbeat. He’s mesmerised by the exquisite scent of her body, it is intoxicating him.

He suddenly moved away from her, coming back to his senses.

“You want to hear this only, right?” As he asked, she narrowed her brows. He harshly pushed her on the bed and stood up, buttoning his coat in attitude.

“You’re not even close to my choice, so stop wasting your time in seducing me with your cheap thrills. You make me feel nothing.” He said curtly, waggling his finger at her. His words hurt a bit. He stormed out of the room in anger after slamming the door.

He is angry at himself because she’s really driving him insane with her boldness and sassy attitude. He has really started liking her because she’s different from other girls, she is a fearless, bold, badass, carefree girl whom he has never met before.

He wondered after coming back to the room, “God, what am I doing? How can I lose control over myself? Why the hell I went to her room? This girl is really making me insane.”

“This girl is not good for me. I should stay away from her.” He murmured to himself and decided to stay away from her, not knowing that now he can’t stay away from her. He’s not aware that he becomes restless when she isn’t around him. In a short time, unknowingly he gets habitual of her. Now it’s literally impossible for him to stay away from her.

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