(Beyond Love} Chapter: 15 (Sidnaaz)



Sana’s POV: 


I got quite busy in the cafe after our little conversation and couldn’t get the time to check my phone.


Well, with him even a little conversation is enough to make me blush like hell.


But Gawd!


he teased me so much!


Still, I’m not complaining. 


I like to get teased by him.


And I think, soon, I will start giving competition to Tomatoes!


Well, after spending time with him, I can’t stop thinking about him. I miss him so much. I wanted to talk to him more and more but what should I do? Work is also important.


Though, I was waiting for his call. I thought maybe he would call me but he didn’t. 


“Maybe, he also gets busy with his work.” I murmured glancing at my phone, pouting sadly.


God! I’m acting like a lovesick puppy!


But what should I do? He literally made me feel so happy today. I don’t even remember last when I was this much happy. And he’s such a gentleman. The way he thought about my comfort, the way he made me feel comfortable around him is making me crazy for him more. At first, I was just attracted towards him by his looks but after spending time with him, I’m finding myself getting attracted towards him more by his caring nature. 


Now, he’s just not an attractive guy to me, he’s much more than that. 


He’s special!


Today, the way he kissed my cheek, so softly, as if I’m made up of glass, sends shiver throughout my whole body. His mere touch is enough to accelerate my heartbeat. The intensity of his eyes was enough to make me blushed harder. His mere words were enough to awaken my all emotions which I locked somewhere in my heart, a long ago.


That’s such a long way to go, and I’m happy that he’s taking it slow for my comfort.


The way he gave assurance to me in the park was literally filled my heart with happiness.


But why I always feel that I met him before too? Oh, fuck! I forget to ask him about the conversation we had on the phone yesterday. He was saying that the first time when we met, I’m talking a lot. What does that mean? Shit! How can I forget about that? 


And wait! How did he know about my address? 


As far as I remember, I didn’t tell him neither he asked me. Then how did he knew? Shit! I’m so stupid! There’s definitely something, which I don’t know. But how can I forget to ask him? Well, that’s not my fault completely because he takes me to a different world where there is nobody except us. Whenever he’s around me, I always get so lost in his bewitching chocolate brown eyes that I can’t able to think anything else.


Oh god! What is he doing to me?


But I need answers!


“I’ll ask him about this whenever we meet again,” I murmured to myself but only the thought of him meeting again is enough to make me blush, all over again.




Chuckling my thoughts, I started doing my work. By the time I closed the cafe, it is 11 pm. It is a bit late than my usual time. As I stepped out of the shop and started to walk. I felt a pair of hands grabbing me from behind and covering my mouth.


I stopped breathing and turned around, reaching for my pepper spray from my bag, ready to attack the intruder.


“It’s me.. Stop you, Woman!” Sidharth laughed before I could hurt him, making me startled.


“What are you doing here?” I spoke out of breath, calming my nerves.


“You didn’t reply to me and also when I called you, you didn’t even pick up your phone, so I thought I might found you here,” he smiled sheepishly. 


Aww! He’s so cute!


Trust me, I’m moved by his concern but still, he scared the hell out of me.


“You scared me to death, Monster.” I punched his arm faking anger and he chuckled.


“By the way how did you come to know my address.” I asked, narrowing my brows suspiciously making him startled.


Maybe he’s wasn’t expecting this question!


“And you were saying that the first time I met you, I was talking a lot. What is it?” I asked further, keenly noticing his every expression.


“Really I said that?” He asked rubbing his palm on his nape. Nervousness is clearly visible on his face making me more suspicious.


“Yes, I clearly remember, last night you said that and also you said that you would tell me when we meet.”  I said, crossing my arms across my chest.


“God! You must be eating almonds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Isn’t it?” He said and laughed.


“Huh?” I raised my brows not finding him funny at all. 


“Well, I told you that I’ll tell you when we meet but you didn’t ask anything in the morning. May I know, why?” He  asked raising his brows, crossing his arms across his chest. 


“Uff! That was your fault. I got so lost in you that I forget t…” I blurted out and bit my lip being embarrassed making him smirked. 


Shit! He tricked me!


“So you got lost in me?” He whispered huskily moving closer to me, tucking my hair strand behind my hair making me go all weak on my knees.


“Tell me,” He whispered again, staring deep into my eyes. 


I moved my eyelashes down, blushing hard. This man is seriously driving me crazy.


“Tell me, baby girl.” He whispered again, pulling my chin up by his forefinger, staring intensely into my eyes. I found myself losing in his bewitching eyes, again. We both get lost in each other. Our conversation seems like a long-forgotten thing now.


Our faces are only few inches apart. The Intensity of his eyes are clearly visible in my eyes too.



This moment seems so beautiful, every time spent with him feels like heaven. When suddenly his phone rang in his pocket and startled us.


He slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans and took out his phone. He smiled as he saw the caller Id ‘Mom’ on his phone’s screen. 


He placed the phone over his ear, smiling at me. “Hello.” He answered cheerily. 


But the next moment only his face became pale and browns raised in shock.  “What? How?” He shouted in shock on phone.

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