(Beyond Love} Chapter: 14 (Manan)


Manik’s POV:

Unbuckling my seat belt, I turned towards her and saw her already starting at me. As our eyes met, she turned her face to the other side. Nervousness clearly visible on her face and hurriedly she started unbuckling the seat belt.

“Shit!” She cursed under her breath making me chuckled as I remembered how that night she was trying to unbuckle it but wasn’t able to.

Hearing my chuckle, she turned towards me looking flushed while I started moving forward and helped her with the seat belt.

Our faces are inches apart. I can clearly hear her heartbeat. Everything feels so intense. Flashes of that night started coming in front of my eyes. That day, I so wanted her to be sober. And now she is, I so want to kiss her. I so want to feel her soft lips. I so want to devour every corner of her lips. I looked at her eyes and saw her already gazing at mine. I found myself melting in her eyes. Our proximity is turning me on. I mechanically moved more closer to her, gazing at her lips. Our lips are only inches apart. I was going to capture her lips when again my eyes fell on her face. I saw her eyes tightly closed and her hands were tightly fisting the fabric of her dress from the sides.

“Shit!”  I cursed under the breath as soon as realised what I was going to do. How can I? She’s not ready yet. I can clearly see on her face. How can I lose myself like this? I wanna kiss her badly but not until she’s ready. She’s special and I can’t go so fast with her. I need to take things slow.

But why she’s not stopping me? Does it mean she started trusting me?

I beatific smile came across my face as soon as I realised that she has started trusting me. She is looking so innocent, so fragile that all I want to do now was to gobble her up.

She’s so adorable!

I placed a soft kiss on her cheek and she shivered. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her reaction to my simple kiss. I love the way her body reacts to my mere touch as if I’m the owner of her body. I so want her soul to react in the same way because I want our souls to rule each other’s heart.

“I’ll go slow, baby girl, because I know you want to go slow.” I smiled and whispered in her ear, brushing her lips. Listening to my words she opened her eyes immediately and looked into my eyes. Her eyes are sparkling, making my heart smile. I can clearly see that how relieved she is now.

“Thank you,” she whispered pecking my cheek making me startled. I winded my eyes in utter shock, I didn’t expect this. Before I could react to anything, she just ran out of the car out of shyness making me laughed.

Gawd! How can someone be so adorable?

“You’ll be my death, babygirl.” I murmured and started my car for the office.


It’s been two hours and I can’t able wipe the smile off my face. I’m smiling widely and can’t able to get my mind off her.

Her bewitching eyes, her sparkling eyes, her shyness everything is making it difficult for me to concentrate on my work.

Placing my hand on the cheek, where she kissed, I found myself getting lost in that heavenly feeling all over again. Trust me, the touch of her lips is still there. I could feel her. I could feel her fragrance.

“Shit! Focus, Manik!” I scolded myself for getting lost again. I still have lots of pending work, here in the office and what am I doing?

“Baby girl, you’re making me insane.” I murmured and chuckling my thoughts, I started working on my laptop when a message popped up on my phone.

Only the name is enough to accelerate my heartbeat.

It’s her!

My Baby girl!

A beatific smile came across my face when I opened the message.

Baby girl: Reached home?

Me: I think someone is already missing me.

PS- I’m in the office.

I teased her.

Baby girl: Well, I won’t lie. Yes, I’m missing you. I really enjoyed it a lot today with you and Thank you.

PS- I hope, I’m not disturbing you?

My heart fluttered when I read the first line of her text.

“Aww! She’s missing me. Now, I’m missing her more.” I chuckled, murmuring this.

And read her further message which really confused me. I narrowed my brows, wondering why she is saying thank you.

Me: Thank you for what?

PS- Trust me, baby girl, I would love to get disturbed like this again and again.

I typed the last line, smiling widely and sent the message.

Baby girl: Thank you for taking me to your favourite place.

PS- It’s so cheesy!

A small chuckle escaped out of my mouth after reading her message.

Me: You can thank me in a better way.

PS- Ouch! I’m hurt.

Baby girl: How?

PS- You’re so dramatic Manik!

Me: By kissing me one more time when we meet again.

Me: And also by spending time like this with me, always.

Baby girl: That I would love to do.

Me: Really???? I knew it, you would love to kiss me. It’s done now, thank me like this always, okay?

I know she replied to my second message but I just wrote this to tease her. I’m loving it.

Baby girl: Hey, I was talking about the second thing.

Her reply came instantly, making me laughed. I can imagine her flushed face.

Oh, Gawd! I so wanted to gobble her up.

Me: Oh, so you don’t want to kiss me? *Pouting disappointedly*

I teased her more!

God! She must be blushing.

Baby girl: No, it’s not like that.

She replied instantly, making me laughed.

Me: Then what is it?

I asked and laughed falling my head back on my chair, imagining her face.

Baby girl: Stop teasing me! Bye! Now, I have to work.

I pouted sadly. I want to talk to her more.

Me: Giving excuses to avoid me?

I sent and waited for her reply but she went offline.

God! I missing her, now.

I really wanted to talk to her more!

“You’re literally making me crazy for you, baby girl. I can’t wait to meet you again.” I murmured, gazing at her photo on my wallpaper.

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