(Beyond Love} Chapter: 13 (Sidnaaz)




The car ride went smoothly even though we didn’t talk much and it didn’t feel odd at all.  The silence was comforting too. We finally reached a small park in a hilly region that overlooked a vast sky. It looked amazing. The sky is bright and clear as it is past noon.



“This is my favourite place. I come here all the time. The sunset would be perfect from here and during the night, the view would be so mesmerising.” He paused, “just like you.” I found him looking at me.



“It is beautiful, Sidharth.” I smiled as I looked around. It is so calm and serene.



“Let’s go and sit,” he took my hand again and we started to walk. Okay, it’s a thing now. I am not complaining.



We sat on a bench under the shade of a huge tree and observed the kids around there in silence.



“I’m glad that you trusted me and agreed to come with me, baby girl.” He broke the silence.



“Well, I enjoy spending time with you too,” I said looking at the kids playing around avoiding his gaze as it made me feel butterflies in my stomach. He told me about his childhood, how he used to come here with his dad all the time. It is nice to know that he is also comfortable with me.



“I can’t believe you would bully the kids like that.” I laugh as he told me one of his childhood memories.



“Hey, they took my spot and I had to show them that I was the boss man and it was my spot.” He defended himself and looked so adorable. He is such a kid sometimes.



“Tell me about you, how was your life in India?” He turned and focused his gaze on me making me stiffened at my place.



Just mention about that place is enough to bring all those painful memories back in my mind blocking my heart to be happy again.



“Can we not talk about that?” I whispered looking here and there avoiding his eye contact. I could sense his constant gaze on me, I could sense his questioning eyes but I can’t help it. I just can’t tell him about those painful days. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy.



“I just want to know about you, baby girl. I don’t care what happened in past, all I just cared about is you. Okay?” He said cupping my face in his palm and I could see the sincerity in his deep chocolate brown eyes.



He meant his every word, I can clearly see that.



“So, tell me how were you as a kid? Must be the most adorable one, isn’t it?” He asked smiling widely making me chuckled at his enthusiasm.



I told him about myself like my hobbies, my favourite food, and of course about my only best friend Ananya, that how we met. How we used to play. I told him every happy moment of my life till now.



We can share happy memories, right? Because who will really interested knowing about your problems!



“I see that you are being very careful in talking with me about your life. Neither you mentioned anything about your family nor your school life. I don’t know what happened in your past but I’m not like other guys, babygirl.” He said.



How the hell he figure it out? 



Am I that readable?



I kept staring at him, without blinking my eyes.



“It’s okay if you don’t want to share about your past with me now but I can assure you, I’ll fill your life with happiness.” He said cupping my face looking so intensely at me and all I can do is getting lost in his words.



“Why are you with me, Sidharth?” Unknowingly, these words slipped out of my lips making him flinched.





“Why you want to know about me? Why are you so interested in me? Why a guy like you is so interested in me? Why?” I asked staring into his deep chocolate brown eyes.



“You have no idea what you’re to me, baby girl. I don’t know why you kept underestimating yourself but hear me out once for all, baby girl, that you’re very special to me. I never felt anything for anyone, the way I’m feeling for you from the day we met.” He confessed starting deep in my eyes making my breath hitched. I could clearly see the honesty in his eyes which are creating havoc inside my heart.



“I liked the cute and shy girl that I bumped into the other day. I like you for who you are, baby girl. And trust me you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’re perfect just the way you are and I know this is too soon and we agreed to be friends before we go any further. But all l want to do is to kiss you, baby girl, from the moment I laid my eyes on you.” He paused and took my face again in his hands. “I have never felt this way before. I know you’re being careful. But I would never hurt you, baby girl.” He looked straight into my eyes and I’m blown away literally.


Those eyes can never hurt me.



I smiled and nodded my head not knowing what to say as I’m still processing everything he said. He wanted to kiss me. I looked at his lips feeling the same way.



“At what time you have to be at work?” He looked at his watch.



“At 4,” I immediately brushed my thoughts aside and let out a breath.



“Let’s grab something to eat and I’ll drop you, okay?” He got up first and I copied his actions.



“Okay,” we walked towards his car and drove in silence. We reached a small Burger shop and went inside, finding a seat near the window. The waiter came to take our orders as soon as we sat down.



“I’ll have a cheeseburger with a vanilla milkshake and crispy fries.” I gave my order while he looked at me amusingly.



“I’ll have the same with a chocolate milkshake instead,”



“A girl with appetite, that’s refreshing,” he smiled, his gaze not leaving mine.



“Hey, I like to eat, I mean who doesn’t?” I shrugged. It is so easy to talk to him and I’m loving every bit of it.



“Well, most of the girls don’t, even if they want to,” he is right about that and I nodded in agreement.



“So you must have travelled a lot with the restaurant business and all, right?”  I asked, wanting to know more about him.



“Yeah, I have to accompany my dad most of the time and roam around the places with my mom while he is busy in his meetings,” I noticed he becomes happy whenever he speaks about his parents.



“I like travelling too but never got the chance to do so.” I pouted sadly.



“I’ll take you someday.” He winked and I blushed yet again for the millionth time in one day. Our food arrived and we gorged into it. It is delicious.



“Do you like art?” He asked out of the blue.



“That’s a strange question. But, yeah I do,” I replied, sipping on my milkshake and licking my lips. His eyes went dark following my actions and I noticed his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. I felt a strange sensation building between my legs and I squeezed my thighs. He cleared his throat immediately.



“Then you are accompanying me to this art show that my mom dad wants me to attend,” he stated and continued munch on his fries.



“What if I had said I didn’t like art?” I narrowed my eyes at him.



“I would have taken you with me anyway.” He smiled winking at me and I shook my head, smiling at his response.



“It’s this Saturday. Will you come?” I don’t have anything fancy to wear. I’m thinking about what to do and he thought I’m hesitating. I noticed when his face fell with disappointment.






“I’ll come. I was just wondering what to wear,” I blurted and my cheeks went red in embarrassment.



“You scared me for a moment. I can take you shopping, babygirl.” He offered to help and I don’t want to seem pathetic.



“No no, no way. I’ll figure it out, you just tell me the time and place. I’ll be there,” I assured him.



“Are you kidding? I’m picking you up. It’s at 7 pm.” He replied with his mouth full of food. Damm, I didn’t know someone could look so adorable even while eating.



The rest of the meal went well. We spoke about a lot of things. He doesn’t have any siblings. He loves to play football and basketball. Also, he is a huge Marvel fan. He has four best friends Cabir, Rosy, Jack and Ashley who are with him since childhood.

Well, one thing which I noticed that he love his friends a lot. He seemed pretty simple for a guy whose dad was super-rich. And I liked that about him.



Once we are done with the meal. I offered to pay, reasoning with him that he already paid for coffee the other day. He amusingly looked at me and raced me to the bill counter before I could move. I looked at how silly and adorable he is being.



God! He made me feel so happy!



I don’t remember laughing so much.



“Shall we leave?” He smiled goofily.



“Yeah let’s go.” I rolled my eyes and followed him out of the door.


We soon reached my home and he stopped the car. He turned towards me, unbuckling his seat belt. I started to feel nervous. Is he going to kiss me? What should I do? I’m feeling all kinds of fireworks inside my body. He’s moving closer to me, accelerating my heartbeat and making my breath heavy.



What is happening to me?


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