(Beyond Love} Chapter: 12 (Manan)


Our proximity was turning me on and accelerating my heartbeat. Then our lips touched and electricity of profound desire rushed down my spine. I didn’t realise when and how we came so closed to each other. Just the mere touch of her lips was enough to make me loose. Her soft plumpy lips felt like rose petals, I so wanted to devour every corner of her mouth but I couldn’t do this. I wanted to kiss her badly but I pulled away from her unwillingly because it wasn’t right, she was drunk and I couldn’t take her advantage. It was so hard to resist her at that time. I wish I could kiss her.

But this was wrong on that day.

She was staring at me so innocently, fisting my collar between her little finger’s looking heavenly beautiful. I was getting lost in her innocence but her innocent eyes were the only reason that made me controlled on myself.

I can’t ruin her innocence like this.

“Sleep, baby girl. We will meet again.” I whispered kissing her soft eyes one by one and making her close them.

“See you soon,” Whispering this, I kissed her forehead and scurried out of the room without turning back, hoping to meet her again.

Flashback over

I fell asleep gazing at her photo, recalling the best day of my life.


I’m getting ready for college. I’m extremely excited to meet my baby girl. I’m so glad that we met again after the club encounter. The smile is not fading away from my face.

After yesterday’s chat, I just can’t wait to meet her. I’m so happy that she too initiated the conversation. I am so happy that she’s not running away from me like before. I’m so happy that she said yes to meet me.

I don’t know why she’s so self-conscious but I’ll make her realise how beautiful she is. She should look herself from my eyes, then she’ll know her worth.

Her innocence, her deep hazel eyes and her beautiful smile. Everything is so beautiful about her.

Wearing my watch, I picked my phone from the table. A notification popped up on my phone but what caught my attention is her smile.

And again I got lost in her smile. Her innocence, her deep hazel eyes and her beautiful smile. Everything is so beautiful about her. I started staring at her photo getting lost in her. This is what happened every time whenever I see her. Her carefree self. I want this Nandini back. The girl I met in the club was carefree and happy, and I want that girl back. I’ll fill her life with happiness, though I don’t know anything about her but soon I’ll find out. I know something is there. I can clearly see her pain but I can’t do anything and this thing literally stabbed my heart. That day in the cafe, I clearly see her pain when I asked her about India but I didn’t ask further because that wasn’t the right time. But soon I’ll figure it out.

“I’ll fill your life with happiness, babygirl.” I murmured caressing her beatific smile.

“What the fuck!” I shouted. I was so lost in admiring her photo that I didn’t notice when my phone was snatched away from my hand.

“Again you became busy doing your favourite work of gazing at her photo.” Cabir mocked seeing her photo, making others laugh.

That time only I noticed my friends presence in my room.

Gawd! Idiots!

“Shut up and give me my phone back.” I shouted trying to get the phone back from Cabir but before I could take it he passed the phone to Rosy laughing like a maniac.

Seriously? Assholes!

“Rosy, give me my phone back.” I glared while she showed her tongue to me.


“Rosy, give it to me!” I whined.

“Why? So that you can start daydreaming about your ‘babygirl’ again?” She mocked while others tried so hard to control their laugh seeing my flushed face.

“So what? I like her.” I confessed honestly.

“Oh ho someone is blushing.” Jack giggled saying this making others laughed out loud.

Poor me!

“Stop it guys, don’t trouble him.” Ashley spoke taking the phone from Rosy’s hand.

“And here comes Manik’s Saviour.” Cabir mocked while I grinned taking Ashley in a side hug while she handed me the phone.

She’s the sweetest!

“She’s so beautiful,” Ashley whispered seeing my baby girl photo and I don’t know why but I felt so proud listening to her words.

Indeed my baby girl is damn beautiful.

“Manik, you’re whipped man!” Cabir said making others laugh.


“We’re already getting late for college, let’s go.” I said to divert the topic.

But is this even possible to divert something, when your friends are around?

“We will go, but first  tell me when you’re officially introducing her to us?” Rosy asked while others too looked towards me for my response.

“First let me meet her officially,” I blushed making them laugh their ass out.


Nandini’s POV

The next day, I got dressed wearing the best outfit I had. I wore a red flare dress that stopped till my mid-thighs and left my hair open. I tried to keep my make-up as simple as possible as I didn’t want him to think that I’m trying too much. After I was convinced with how I looked, I went to my classes.

I’m excited to see him but nervous at the same time. I kept checking my phone every minute expecting a call from him saying, ‘this is all a joke.’ I’m so unsure, what if he finds me boring? What if he loses interest in me after today? My mind is filled with negative thoughts.

Finally, the class got over, I jumped out of my seat to see him.

“Wow, slow down gorgeous!” Aryaman stopped me on the way and I gave him a nervous smile.

“What’s the occasion?” He trailed his eyes all over me making me more nervous and I started thinking that I dressed too much.

“I’m meeting Manik. Did I look good? Is it too much?” I panicked.

“You look amazing and he is gonna have a hard time controlling himself.” He teased me and I rolled my eyes but deep down my heart only knows how I controlled my blush. The only mere mention of him or thinking about him looking at me like that way made me blush.

Oh, Gawd! I’m screwed!

“Have fun Nandini, I’m late for my class,” he waved me goodbye and I walked slowly to the library.

I found him already sitting under the tree on the stone bench outside the library.

Okay, you have got this.

He is busy on his phone and suddenly my phone rang up.

Oh, he is calling me. I saw his name flashing on my phone’s screen.

On hearing my phone’s ringtone, he turned around and stood up immediately.

“Babygirl, I was just calling you.” He smiled shyly, scratching his head.

Aww! He’s so cute.

He is wearing a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up and blue dark wash jeans. His perfectly gelled up hair is making him look more irresistible on this bright sunny day.

Damn! he is looking so hot!

Why he’s so hot? I got so lost in checking him out, forgetting everything.

“Like what you see?” His husky voice broke my trance and our eyes met. I saw him smirking at me putting both hands in his pocket. As soon as I realised what I’m doing, I closed my eyes tightly, feeling embarrassed and his chuckle reached to my ear.

“Don’t you want to answer me, baby girl?” He teased making me feel week on my knees.

Gawd! He’s literally making me feel all kind of different emotions which I never felt before.

I bit my lower lip not knowing what to say.

“Don’t,” hearing his word, I looked up to see him. I saw him intensely gazing at my lips and blushed harder.

His eyes roamed all over my body and I felt shy.

“You look so beautiful,” he gazed into my eyes and it felt like he is looking right through me.

“Do you have any more classes?” He asked as he came closer and stood right in front of me.

“No,” I replied immediately and a small smile flashed on my face.

“C’mon, let’s go then.” He held out his hand to me and I entwined my hands between the gap of his fingers. I swear my whole body is on fire.

“Just take a deep breath, Nandini.” I murmured to myself while he chuckled.

Shit! Was I that loud?

I just closed my eyes being so embarrassed. Literally, I can never stop embarrassing myself in front of him. Isn’t it?

“Relax, baby girl.” He whispered huskily in my ear making me shiver and continued, “you have no idea how cute you’re looking. So please don’t get embarrassed about anything, just be yourself with me.” I could see the sincerity in his eyes making my breath hitched. He’s just so perfect, his words calmed my inner self, I saw he’s waiting for my response so I passed him a genuine smile because no words left my mouth. He made me speechless.

Soon, we reached his car and he opened the door for me making me sit on the passenger seat. He went around to sit on the driver seat and started to drive.

But wait! Why I’m feeling like this isn’t my first time. Why I’m feeling like I was in his car before too. Some blur images started coming in front of my eyes.

“Oh god, Nandini. Stop thinking like that.” I scolded myself.

I mean how can it be possible? How can I be in his car before? Seriously, I need to stop myself. Chuckling my thoughts I looked at his side, he’s already staring at me keenly.

“Where are we going?” I curiously asked him as I fastened the seat belt avoiding his stare.

“It’s a surprise.” He smiled widely.

“I hope you are not going to kill me and bury me in the woods.” I joked.

“Trust me no one would wanna kill someone like you, baby girl.” He winked making me blushed hard.

This man is going to be my death!

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