{Beyond Love} Chapter: 10 (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth’s POV:

“You’re making me crazy, baby girl,” I murmured after disconnecting the call and a beatific smile came across my face, seeing her photo on my phone’s wallpaper.

This girl has been making me crazy since the day I met her first time in the bar, but I’m a bit disheartened because one side she didn’t remember me and another side I can never forget that day. I clearly remember that day. Every expression of her, her cute pout, her angry glare, her non-stop blabbering, her giggles which were like music to my ears, I remember every single little detail of her, I remember everything.

“Why you don’t remember me, baby girl?” I pouted, tracing the tip of my thumb on her photo, getting lost in her angelic face.


I could see the beautiful New York skyline from my office as I stood behind the huge glass mirror, losing myself in the mesmerising vivid colour as the sun was setting. I smiled in satisfaction, feeling peaceful and relaxed. It was almost evening, I received a text from my best friend Cabir to catch up at the club. Well, that’s our group ritual to enjoy our heart out together at the weekend.

I dragged myself out of my office and drove my black Mercedes to the club ‘Nightlife.’ Once I reached I parked the car and went inside, my eyes were searching for my friends.

I saw my two friends sitting at the bar counter, Cabir and Ashley, they were talking sipping their drink.

Cabir is my best friend, he knows everything about me, I can even say that he knows me better than I know myself and Ashley is the sweetest girl in our group. She is very kind and loves to help people in need.

I strolled to them and they hugged me one by one as they saw me.

“Where is Jack and Rosy, the famous couple of our college?” I asked them.

“On the dance floor.” Cabir pointed at them and I smiled looking at them. They were dancing romantically, getting lost in their world.

Jack and Rosy are in the relationship since school days. Rosy is a hot and sassy girl in our groups. She is not scared of anything in her life. She doesn’t care about what others think, she’s a badass girl and I personally like her nature. I just love to irritate her, so for that I usually calls her “bro” and Jack, well he’s a nice gay, earlier become friends because of Rosy but after few months we developed our own bond.

I was talking to Cabir and Ashley, having my drink when suddenly my eyes fell on the girl who was dancing beside Rosy and Jack.

She was wearing a beautiful blue colour dress. This was the first time I saw her, my baby girl. She stole my heart the second when I laid my eyes on her. My heart said to me, she’s the one. I was completely lost in her dance moves. She was dancing freely, so gracefully, forgetting everything around her.

I was so lost in her dance that I didn’t even get to know when I pulled out my phone and captured her magical photo.

“She’s so beautiful.” I murmured, gazing at her features. I could see the shocking faces of my friends, Cabir and Ashley when I murmured those words but I least bothered about it. My whole concentration was on her.

Her tiny nose, her bewitching eyes, her glossy lips like rose, I felt a sudden urge to feel them over my lips, her chubby cheeks. I so wanted to pull her those cheeks. She’s looking so hot yet so cute.

Is it possible to look hot and cute at the same time?

Everything disappeared around me when I was lost in admiring her angelic beauty. She is the most beautiful creature of god for me. Most of the girl in the club were wearing minimum clothes and the face full of makeup. None ever attracted me the way she did.

I was watching her, having a smile on my face but my trance broke when I saw her stumbling to the bar counter.

Is she drunk?

“One drink, please.” She slurred at the bar, then too I find her so cute.

I walked to her and intruded, “Madam, you’re already drunk.”

“You are nobody to stop me from drinking, today I’ll drink nonstop… nonstop.” She banged the counter and said without looking at me.

When the bartender was about to give her the glass of drink, I snatched it from him before she could take it.

She looked at me in fury but all of sudden her expression changed. She was staring at me with wide-open eyes.

“How can anybody be so handsome?” She gaped at me and placed her index finger on her cheek as if she was thinking about something very important and made me chuckle on her cute antics.

I was about to say something but stopped when I saw her opening her mouth to say something again.

“Are you in real or is this my dream?” She asked narrowing her eyes at me making me lost in her innocent eyes. I was so lost in her eyes that I didn’t notice when she slowly moved her hand towards me and touched me to confirm that I’m in real or not.

“Wow, you’re in real.” She squealed gleefully and I came out of my senses and I couldn’t help but admire her cuteness more.

“Mr handsome, could I have one last glass of drink, please?” She requested adorably, showing her one finger. Trust me, if she asks like this, I’ll happily sign my whole life on her name but I can’t let her drink, she is already wasted. If she drinks more, I’m certain she will puke.

“No, you can’t drink.” I denied in a stern tone.

“You’re handsome, that’s why I was talking to you nicely but why are you behaving like my father?”She frowned at me cutely and listening to her innocent reply, a smile flashed on my face automatically.

“Give my drink to me.” She tried to snatch the glass of drink from me.

“No, I won’t.” I denied moving the glass in the air taking full advantage of my tall height or should I say her cute, adorably short height.

“You’re so bad, you’re taking advantage of your height, Mr Handsome.” She pouted so cutely, still trying to snatch the glass from me, making me chuckled and soon we started fighting like small kids. I couldn’t believe that I was fighting like this with her. She’s such a kid and she’s making me like herself too.

“You’re so handsome, come on don’t behave like a monster, please.” She said making an angry pout, still trying to snatch the glass from me when suddenly she stumbled lightly and Unknowingly I placed my hand on her waist making her shiver.

A small smile came on my lips when I noticed my effect on her. She was gazing in my eyes the same way I was gazing at her. We both get lost in each other eyes. I could clearly hear her racing heartbeat.

“One drink, Mr Stranger, please.” She said pouting cutely joining her both hands in front of me and made me chuckle.

“And then how will you go home?” I asked raising my brows trying my best to suppress my smile, looking at her cute pout.

She frowned listening to my words but then what she said next was enough to hitch my breath.

“With you,” She whispered so softly that I was numb to even react oh her innocence while she continued “Mr handsome you will drop me home, so simple.”

“Will you not help me?” She asked innocently and I couldn’t help but admired her innocence. Her innocence was clearly seen on her angelic face.

How she landed up here, alone?

I’m sure, she’s not the type of girl who drinks and party like this, alone.

“I’ll drop you, but first tell me… What are you doing here, alone?” I asked her curiously.

“Are you a detective or something? You’re questioning me like them.” She raised her brows suspiciously, looking super cute. She’s literally driving me insane with her cuteness.

Well, hearing her reply, I understood it is useless to ask her something.

“Let’s go, I’m dropping you home,” I said trying to hold her hand but she stepped back folding both hands across her chest, making a angry pout.

“What?” I asked narrowing my eyes at her and in response, she pouted even more adorably and I chuckled.

“Fine, just one sip, okay?” I said giving up while she grinned cutely.

“Okay, Mr Handsome.” She smiled sheepishly trying to get hold of the glass but before she could hold it, I moved it away, making her frowned.

“Now what?” She cried out, annoyed.

“You’ll take the sip from my hand. I’m not giving you the glass.” I said smirking at her making her gasped.

I knew it!

“You’re smart too. Mr Handsome.” She praised me, clapping her hands laughing loudly.


“Now, come on,” She opened her mouth and blinked her eyes, gesturing me to make her drink one sip.

I was literally finding her so cute when she was doing her little antics. I moved closer to her and wrapped my one arm around her shoulder from preventing her to fall. I slowly moved the glass towards her lips and made her took a sip.

I got so lost in that feeling. The way she took the sip, an urge to kiss her came across my mind. I couldn’t able to move my eyes from her luscious lips, this girl is literally driving me crazy. I mechanically moved closer to her lips.

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