{Beyond Love} Chapter: 8 (Sidnaaz)


I was going through the books in awe and I was literally lost in my pretty world. 


“Done avoiding me.” I literally jumped hitting my back against the shelf of books.


“Oh god, you scared me, Sidharth,” I said putting my hand against my heart.


“Why aren’t you picking up my calls?” He asked, totally avoiding my words. He was looking so cute scrunching his eyebrows!


Okay, Focus Sana! 


“I- I was busy. I had to work.” I stammered, giving the lamest excuse ever!





“Stop giving excuses. I know there is something else.” He said with full confidence, staring deeply into my eyes. 



How does he know? 



“What do you want for me?” I directly asked while he raised his brows. I continued, “I came to know you don’t talk to anybody except your group. Then why are you talking to me?”


I just can’t handle this anymore!


I want the answer!



“Do you really want me to answer this?” He asked, intensely gazing into my eyes. His searingly intense stare was making me go all weak on my knees and making me insane.



“Yes,” I whispered looking here and there.



I just can’t look in his eyes without getting lost. Why???? 



“Do I make you nervous, baby girl?” He tried to hide his smile and came more closer. I could feel my heart beating fast and I thought it would jump out of my chest.


“I just want to know, why are you behind me? You’re so rich and popular. I’m a waitress and not your type. So what do you want?” I asked after composing myself looking down. 



“How do you know what is my type?” He asked in a husky tone making me lifting my face, gazing deep into his eyes.



I remained silent for a few seconds and answered, “the boy like you, likes the girl who is tall, smart and popular.”



He chuckled and I narrowed my brows bemusedly.



“Every person is not the same, baby girl.” He said. 



“So what’s your type?” I didn’t even get to know when these words slipped out of my mouth and I immediately bit my lips in utter embarrassment.


Can I just stop making myself embarrass, for once? 


“My type is you, baby girl.” He whispered rubbing his thumb on my lips, gazing intensely at me and my eyes dilated in shock.


Fuck! I wasn’t expecting this.


“The cute and short girls like you are my type, baby girl.” He added, setting my whole body on fire through his husky voice and gorgeous pair of brown eyes.


“Or should I say, you’re the only girl, who is my type?” 


I stared at him in utter disbelief.


Am I cute?


Nobody said this to me before.


Suddenly, the atmosphere around me felt so hot, and the intensity of his pair of beautiful eyes was not helping me either.


“I think, I should leave. I need to study.” I tried to escape from him in hurry, not knowing how to react and what to say.


But before I could move he didn’t let me go by coming in front of me.


“Wait,” He caged me with his arms and locked his eyes with mine.


Suddenly my heartbeat accelerated because of our proximity.


I swallowed hard and felt myself melting in his beautiful eyes.


“I like you, baby girl.” My heart stopped beating as he whispered, deeply gazing into my eyes.


“I- I need to go.” I stuttered, embarrassing myself again.


“You feel it, don’t you? Why are you trying to escape?” He paused for a few seconds and asked, “do you have a boyfriend?” He looked genuinely curious.


“We don’t know each other. How can you like me?” I asked. 


“I want to know you.” He paused. “By the way, my question was something else.” He said scrunching his eyebrows.


“I’m single.” I uttered getting lost in his beautiful pair of chocolate brown eyes. 


His eyes glinted after knowing this.


But somewhere I felt, he already knew it.


“Now could I go please?” I asked looking here and there. The proximity between us was literally making me shiver. 


“Why are you running from me?” He whined making me chuckled. 


Oh god! A few minutes back he was looking so hot and now so cute.


How can it be possible? 


“I’m not running. I’m getting late for my next class.” I said after composing myself. 


“Could we talk for some time?” He asked pleadingly and I nodded.


“As you know I like you, couldn’t you give me a chance if you’re single?” He asked politely genuinely.


“I need time to think, but we can be friends.” I thought for a few seconds and answered him.


“We can be friends if that’s what you want but trust me we can never be just friends, baby girl.” He smirked and moved closer, and if I had moved one inch, our lips would have touched. My breath hitched and I noticed how tall he was.


“M-Sidharth,” I whispered, closing my eyes.


“I will be waiting for your call.” He brushed the strand of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear, setting my entire body on fire.


He finally stepped back, letting out a breath and walked away.


Fuck, why does he have this profound effect on me?




After attending my class, I was lost in my own blissful thoughts, ambling in the corridor. Whatever happened in the library, I just can’t get over that. Flashes of that scene, his intense eyes, his husky voice started coming in front of my eyes and I couldn’t help but blush.


How it can be possible? That guy is making me blush without even being around.


I shook my head in disbelief and made my way towards the exit of the college gate.


Suddenly I felt like someone was watching me. I know who it can be. Yes, I know. 


I turned around and my eyes met with the gorgeous pair of brown eyes. I knew it. 


He was standing leaning against his car with his friends. His all concentration was on me. The intensity in his eyes made me shiver but not for once I moved my eyes from him.


It felt like we are staring at each other making our heart sync together. 


After what felt like an infinity he suddenly winked at me, smiling mischievously and I gasped while his friends laughed. 


Shit! They were staring at us.


I couldn’t help but blushed, looking around and he smirked.


Certainly, this man is going to be my death! 

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