(Part: 34 The End of evil) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


“Katrina and Nandini’s bodies are attached to each other, that’s why Nandini is also feeling the same pain that Katrina is going through after drinking the poison. A witch did this spell and attached their bodies so that we can never kill Katrina.” Manik told us, crying and Mukti and I were dumbstruck. We could hear the screams of Katrina, it was satisfying me.

“Mukti, can you break the spell? Can you separate them?” He asked her worriedly.

“I can, Manik, but we don’t have that much time, Katrina can die any moment because of the poison and Nandini’s life is also at risk as their bodies are connected.” I clutched my own top and cried in extreme pain, shutting my eyes and pursing my lips. It was hurting me a lot.

“So what we should do, tell me something, Mukti,” Manik asked, going crazy because his Angel’s life was in danger.

“Ma-Manik, I’m Pari, I won’t die.” I said difficultly, my voice is shaking.

“But I can’t let you feel the pain of death, Angel. I can’t.” He said dejectedly.

“Please, don’t save her, let her die.” I cried out.

“No, I have to save her to protect you.” He was crying too.

“Please, don’t save her, please.” I begged him, fighting with the pain.

“What if you also die? No, No, I have to save her. Mukti, tell me something, how can I save her.” He asked Mukti.

“Manik, I have an idea. I have an antidote of this poison. I’m giving to Nandini, maybe it will help.” Mukti said and took out the injection from her handbag which was kept on the table.

“Please, do that fast.” Manik yelled, going crazy.

“No, I won’t take it. Katrina can do anything to Manik.” I denied, moving back when Mukti knelt beside the sofa to give the injection to me.

“Mukti, give her the antidote now.” Manik shouted.

“Nandini, I have to give you this to save your life.” Mukti uttered.

“No,” I pushed Mukti and she hit the wall. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I couldn’t let her give the antidote to me. I can bear any pain to kill Katrina.

“What happened? Nandini, Are you alright?” Manik asked on the phone, getting worried.

“Manik, today Katrina has to die no matter what. I’m not going to take this antidote.” I disconnected the call before Manik could say something.

“Ahaa…” I screamed in pain.

“Nandini, why are you doing this? You can die.” Mukti said, strolling to me.

“I want to kill Katrina, Mukti. She tortured us a lot. Manik suffered all his life because of her. How could I save her to protect myself? She has to die today and she will die.” I stated, putting my all pain on the side.

The next moment only, Manik reached home at full speed. He hastily picked up the injection of antidote from the floor and sprinted to me.

He leaned down and whispered, “I can’t let you die, my love.” He whispered and injected the antidote into me. I couldn’t able to push him as I became completely powerless because of the extreme pain.

Within a few minutes, my all pain vanished away. He lay down, holding me in his arms. Our legs were entangled. Mukti silently strode out, leaving us alone.

“We failed again, Manik,” I uttered dejectedly and a lone tear trickled down my cheek. Today we had almost killed Katrina but to protect me, Manik saved her. I was extremely upset.

“You’re with me in my arms now, alive, I want nothing else.” He placed a kiss on my head, hugging me tighter. I felt so good in his arms. His arms are my heaven. I forgot all my tension after coming into his arms like always. There was only peace in his arms.

In the evening, Mukti did some spell and disconnect Katrina and my bodies. We weren’t attached anymore. Now I could kill Katrina. I was furious and going crazy to kill her.

At night when Manik fell asleep, I hurriedly jumped out of the window and reached Katrina’s house. There were guards outside her house. The guards were vampires. I wasn’t scared of them because I was a Pari, I could handle them easily. I came with a few sharp knives, and I was also carrying a lighter and kerosene oil to burn Katrina alive.

I stepped out of the car and killed all the three vampires who were standing at the door by stabbing the knife directly into their heart one by one. Two more vampires scurried to me. I pushed the one vampire and the other one snatched the knife from me. He was about to stab the knife into my heart but grasped the sharp knife, blood was slowly trickling down my hand. I took out the other knife from the back pocket of my jeans and jabbed into his heart. He died.

The wound of my hand healed instantly. I slid both the knives into the back pocket of my jeans before flying to the window of Katrina’s room. I looked into the room through the window. She was sleeping peacefully. How could she sleep so peacefully after destroying so many lives?

“Your end has come, Katrina.” I muttered, glaring at Katrina, I was boiling with rage.

I opened the window and jumped into her room. She woke up and his eyes dilated in utter shock after seeing me in her room.

“How did you come to my room?” She asked, climbing down the bed and hurried to me.

She was about to grab my throat, but I seized her arm and glared at her in fury before pushing her away from me. She hit the wall and screamed.

I chuckled evilly. “Katrina, nobody can save you from me today. Your end has come. You made us suffer a lot, now it’s your time.”

“You bitch, I’ll kill you.” She snarled at me and rushed to me. Before she could reach me, I picked up the chair through my eyes and hit her continuously.

“Aaaa… how are you doing this? Who are you?” Katrina was howling in pain and I’m getting immense peace. I’m hitting her nonstop with the chair through my eyes.

“I’m your end, Katrina.” I laughed loudly and her eyes glinted with fear.

When she understood that I was powerful than her, she rushed towards the window like a coward at full speed to save her life but I stopped her by coming in front of her. I grabbed her neck and pinned her against the wall.

“Tonight, nobody can save you from me.” I roared with rage, clutching her neck. She was trying to remove my hand with her both hands.

“Who-who are you?” She shuttered, her eyes filled with fear.

“Today you will die in suspense. You will never come to know who I’m. It is enough for you to know that I’m your end and Manik’s soulmate.” I shoved the knife into her stomach and pushed her on the floor.

Katrina was lying in the pool of blood, she was trying to take out the knife but couldn’t because I’m pushing the knife deep into her through the power of my eyes. I couldn’t even describe in words that how much satisfaction I was getting after seeing her miserable condition.

I took out the bottle of kerosene oil from my bag and poured it on her. As I slid open the lighter, she stared at me like a scared kid, her eyes were filled with fear. I was getting immense peace to see fear in her eyes.

“Goodbye, Katrina.” I said before dropping the lighter on her. She was crying out in anguish, burning alive. I never thought that one day I would kill someone so brutally but I had to do this because she was dangerous to us and she deserved this. She deserved to be rotten in hell till infinity.

Finally, she died and I took the breath of profound relief and my lips stretched to a contented smile. It wasn’t so difficult for me to end her. Manik was taking unnecessary tension of me.


I reached back to Manik’s house, surprisingly he was still sleeping. I lay down with him and caressed his hair, gazing at him lovingly. I just couldn’t wait to see his happiness when he would come to know that Katrina was no more, our biggest enemy went out of our lives forever.

I placed my head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around me firmly in sleep. I fell asleep with a blissful smile on my face, wondering about his reaction. From tomorrow our new life would begin where there would be no Katrina. Our life would only and only fill with immense love and if again any danger came, certainly our true love would win at the end always as our love was strongest.

The End

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