(Part: 32 A feeling of pure bliss) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


I reached my father’s house. I came here to tell him the truth and asked about my powers, my heart was saying to me that he knows and I was excited to meet my father. I was happy that he was alive. I was eager and a bit nervous to see his reaction also after meeting me.

Abhi was out of town from some work. I decided to tell him the truth after he comes back.

Manik stayed in the car and asked me to go alone because he wanted to give me some space.

I pressed the button of the bell and a maid opened the door.

“I want to meet da,” I was about to say Dad, but hurriedly corrected myself. “Mr Sameer.”

Maid asked me to sit in the hall and went to call dad. I had met him only one time, a few months back. At that time I didn’t know that he was my father.

He narrowed his brows bemusedly after seeing me, strolling into the hall because he wasn’t expecting me to visit here. Our skin tone was exactly same, he was looking so young.

“I guess you’re Nandini, Abhimanyu’s friend?” He sat in front of me.

I slightly nodded, my hands are clasped on my lap.

“Abhi isn’t at home,”

I cut his words and said, “I want to talk to you only.” He again narrowed his brows, confused.

“I’m your daughter.” He gaped and his eyes dilated in utter shock as I revealed the biggest truth of his life.

“What!” He uttered in disbelief.

I stood up and strolled to him. Then I told him about my mother, he was hell angry with my mother.

He stood up and pulled me into his warm arms. “I just can’t believe that she kept you away from me for so many years.” He cried. I hugged him, feeling contented and few tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically.

“I’m glad to meet you, dad.” I uttered after breaking the hug, we were smiling blissfully at each other, our eyes were brimmed with tears.

“Me too, my doll.” He clasped my face and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and a fresh tear rolled down my cheek.

“If I knew about you, I would have kept you with me.” As he uttered, I opened my eyes and smiled at him. It was such a precious moment for me, meeting my real dad for the first time. It was pure bliss.

“I know, dad.” We beamed ear to ear.

“Wait, what’s your age?” He suddenly asked with curiosity.

“Eighteen.” I told him.

Maybe he knows about my powers, I wondered.

“So do have supernatural powers?” He asked me.

I nodded and lifted the glass in the air from the table to show him my power.

As I looked back at him, the glass fall and he said, “wow.” He was amazed.

“Do you know, how I got these powers?” I asked him curiously.

He nodded. “My grandfather’s mother was a Pari, she protected his son, means my grandfather and she had been killed by the evil vampires.” I opened my mouth in O.

“Do you also have these powers?” As I asked, he nodded in no.

“No, only the deserved one and female member of this family get these powers. You are the first one after my grandfather’s mother who got these powers. Now you have to finish all the evil vampires, my daughter. You’re really a special person, you’re immortal. You’re born to protect people from danger.” His words were encouraging me to fight back.

First of all, I’m gonna kill that bitch Katrina and nobody can stop, not even Manik. I’m born to kill the evils and I’ll do my job and protect my love first and then others.

“I’ll do that, Dad. I just need your blessings.” I slightly smiled at him.

He caressed my hair. “My blessings are always with you, my child. I’m glad that my daughter is a special one. I’m proud of you.” A beatific smile flashed on his face. We hugged each other again, he gently kissed my hair.


I told everything to Manik, we were sitting in the backseat of the car, outside of Manik’s house. His one arm was encircled around my shoulder securely.

“Manik, now you know, I’m born to fight with the evils, so let me kill Katrina.” As I said, he became upset.

“I can’t, Angel.” He shook his head and continued, “I’m scared because I don’t want to lose you.”

“Then who will kill Katrina?” I asked him in a serious tone and he stayed silent. I clasped his face and assured him, “nothing will happen to me, Manik.”

“Please, I don’t want to discuss this now.” He requested and I suddenly kissed him because I couldn’t see him upset.

First, we were kissing each other softly, pouring the love and then our kiss turned wild like always. I came over his lap and sat astride him. He was biting my lips and drinking the blood, his eyes were glowing. I loved the golden colour of his eyes. His hands were under my dress, I moaned in his mouth as he squeezed my bare butts inside my dress. As he nibbled the sweetest spot of my neck, my core throbbed and my whole body burned with the profound desires.

I opened his belt and jeans button hastily. He yanked my undies down my leg from under the dress, and I pulled down his jeans and boxer. We both needed each other badly, our bodies were on fire.

I was about to take him inside me but he stopped me by holding my arms. I stared at him, annoyed. “We should do it outside, we might break the car.”

“Fuck! I don’t care, I just need you badly.” I said and took him deep into me. I rode over him, splaying my hands across his broad shoulder, his hands were kept over my butts. All the tiers of the car got punctured because a vampire and a pari were making love in the car.

He stepped out of the car, holding my butts, my legs and hands were wrapped around him and he was deep inside me. I was feeling so complete and inseparable. He pinned me against the giant tree and thrust me hard and fast, drinking my blood from all over my body and squeezing my soft twins and my round butts. It was so damn pleasurable, I was in the other world of pleasure.

But the real pleasure I was going to get after killing Katrina. I would kill Katrina at any cost and Manik couldn’t even stop me from doing this.

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