(Part: 31 A Deep Secret) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


The next morning, he was biting my neck and drinking my blood, my hands were pinned against the cold floor. I’m getting immense pleasure because I could able to fulfil his all desires. Now I’m really blessed to become so powerful.

He looked at me, his eyes were shimmering with immense happiness and his lips were drawn to a beatific smile. He moved closer to my face.

“The taste of your blood is so delicious, Angel.” As he whispered, his warm breath caressed my face and sent the chill down my spine. “I’m so glad that I can have human blood without any guilt of killing innocent people. Thank you so much, Angel.” A blissful smile touched his lips.

I broadly smiled at him and as he left my hands, I clasped his face. “You know, I’m happier than you because I can fulfil your desires, Manik.” We beamed at each other with immense happiness. We hugged each other tightly, smiling contentedly. The days which I was spending with him, were precious and I was so grateful to God for giving me these days.

We’re going back to my home after the training and enjoying these beautiful days with each other. Being with him is a pure bliss. He’s driving and I’m sitting beside him. Now I can control my power. I had been feeling energetic since the day God had blessed me with these powers. I decided to tell Mom about these powers, maybe she knew something about this.

“Manik, I’m thinking to tell everything to Mom,” I uttered after breaking the silence.

“Why all of sudden you want to tell her about all this?” He glanced at me and asked before concentrating back on the road.

“Perhaps she knows something about my powers and Pari. And maybe there is some link to my real father.” I told him.

“You’re right, we should talk to her about this.” He agreed.

He stopped the car in front of my home. We kissed each other lips passionately before stepping out of the car. I clasped his hand and wandered to the door hand in hand, smiling blissfully.

I pressed the button of the bell, Mom opened the door. She smiled widely at me and looked at Manik suspiciously. Then her eyes moved down to our entwined hands. She swept back her eyes to me, giving me questioning looks and waiting for an explanation.

“Mom, I had been staying with him for two weeks. He’s my boyfriend.” I told her directly, Mom made O mouth.

She moved her eyes to Manik and asked, “do you love my daughter?”

“I love her so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and marry her.” I widened my eyes in shock as he proposed me for a marriage like this in front of Mom.

He looked at me, smiling lovingly. I smiled back, moving my eyes down.

“Come inside, love birds.” We instantly looked at Mom in shock as she called us love birds. “What? You both are really looking like love birds. Now come inside.” We glanced at each other and strolled inside. She closed the door.

We settle down in the hall. Mom brought snacks and sat beside me. On my other side, Manik was sitting.

“Mom, I want to tell you something and ask you about my real father.” Mom’s face turned pale as I mentioned about my real father.

“Wh-why?” She stammered as like she was hiding something. Manik and I glanced at each other.

I clasped her hand and said, “Mom, if you’re hiding something, please tell us. I want to know everything.”

“I’m sorry, Nandini, but I lied to you. Your real father is still alive.” I left her hands and stared at her in utter shock and disbelief.

“Why did you lie to me, Mom?” I asked and a lone tear trickled down my cheek mechanically.

“Because I never want you to meet your father?”

“Why?” I asked in anger.

“Because he doesn’t know that you’re his daughter.” Her answer confused me.

“Mom, I want to know everything. Why didn’t you tell about me to my real father? Why did you keep us away?” I asked her and tears rolled her eyes.

“For my best friend. I and your father fell in love with each other in the college days, but he was my best friend’s boyfriend and she was in love with him. He said we would tell her everything, but I denied it because I didn’t want to snatch my best friend’s love, I didn’t want to break her heart and I didn’t want to lose her. Your father wasn’t ready for this because he was in love with me, therefore I married a person of my parents’ choice. After marriage, I came to know that I was pregnant, but I didn’t tell him because he was going to marry my best friend and if he came to know about you, he would have left everything. I’m sorry, Nandini, I spoiled your life.” Mom was crying badly. She sacrificed everything for her best friend. I became blank after knowing all this. Mom did wrong, she spoiled three lives by doing this, firstly she destroyed her own life, then me and my father.

Everybody suffered because of her, but I didn’t blame her because she had already suffered so much. I didn’t want to make her cry more by accusing her because she was already crying sorrowfully and nothing would change in past if I accused her.

But I want to know about my father and meet him.

“Mom, I want to know about my father, tell me who is he?” I asked her.

“Sameer Aggarwal.” I was dumbfounded after knowing this and widened my eyes in utter shock.

Sameer Aggarwal was my best friend’s father. He was Abhi’s father which means Abhi was my brother.

What more unexpected things would happen in my life? I wondered, utterly shocked and thunderstruck.

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