(Epilogue) Burning Desires (Manan)


7 years later

“Ish!” I groaned in frustration as my daughter kept running around the house, refusing to eat. She is just like her dad, stubborn and naughty.

“Don’t call me, Ish mommy, it’s my daddy’s light (right).” She said making an angry pout, looking super cute. Just like my monster.

I shook my head in disbelief. “Okay baba, I’m sorry, Alisha. But come here.”

Daddy’s little tail.


“I’m not hungly, mommy.” (I’m not hungry, mommy.) She replied with her puppy dog eyes.

Not gonna fall for that, young lady!

“Come back here, Now.” I placed my hands on my hips, giving her a stern look.

“You ale sho lude.” (You are so rude) she pouted and marched towards me grumpily while my jaw hanging to the floor.

“Daddy, nevel (never) folces (forces) me to eat peas. I halte (hate) peas.” She whined as I scooped her in my arms and placed her on the chair in front of the dining table.

“Well, it’s good for health. Your dad has spoiled you too much.” I explained, placing the napkin on her lap and started feeding her slowly.

It’s been four years since Alisha was born. Manik and I got married after one year of our confession. Well, what to say? He’s just so stubborn. One day when we were making love, he moaned and called me his wifey.

I was so shocked to utter anything. And what he said, “Baby girl this sounds so cool na? Don’t you think we should get married, so that I can moan like ahhh wifey…” grinning like a fool he proposed to me. “Will you Marry me?” I couldn’t believe it. I mean who propose for marriage like this. This man! But how can I refuse him too? He was looking so cute, so I said yes, fussing my lips on his, for the new beginning of our life. Our marriage was one of the most beautiful phases of my life. Manik literally made me feel like a queen. Though with him, every second feels like a fairy tale dream. But still, our marriage is something I can never describe in words. It wasn’t anything like show off, It was a very intimate affair, just the way I like it with only our close friends and his family.

But yeah, magical fairy tale wedding.

When my Manik said that I’m his queen, he means it and proved it.

My heaven.

He’s a very hardworking man, but still, he never let his work affects our time. He always gives his proper time to me and his little doll “Ish”.

I was working with him too, but I quit my job when Alisha was born. I really want to give her my proper time. Besides, I always had a dream of a proper family, and Manik literally fulfilled my dream.

Perfect husband, naughty daughter and best dad. Yeah, Manik’s Dad fulfilled the void of a father in my heart. He’s the best father in this whole world and he literally showered me with immense love. Currently, he’s in London for some work and I really miss him a lot.

I always wanted to experience the love of family and now I’m experiencing the best phase of my life. My family.

“Mommy, whel (when) will daddy come home?” My thoughts interrupted by the sweet voice of my daughter who tried to wiggle herself out of the chair. She really can’t remain seated for more than fifteen minutes.

I really wish I had her energy sometimes.

“It’s almost 7 pm. He should be here anytime, baby.” I replied and started to clear the table.

“Daddy said Cabil (Cabir) Uncle with his family visiting ush (us) tomollow (tomorrow) and we will go out fol (for) vacations. Yuppie. Ayan is coming.” My eyes bulged out of my sockets.


He’s didn’t tell me!

“Did he?” I asked in a surprised tone as she sat on the couch with her colouring book in her hand. She was obsessed with drawing, colouring and all that stuff.

“Yesh, I’m sho excited. Ayan is also bringing brownies that his mom bakes. It’s so delicious. Nom nom,” She closed her eyes, rubbing her stomach. I chuckled at her cuteness and sat down next to her.

“What about my brownies?” I asked with a pout and she seemed to ponder over it for a moment.

“They ale olkay.” (They are okay.) She replied after some time, making me gasp and I pretended to be offended.

To be honest, I really sucked at it.

We both heard the front door open and turned our heads to the side to see Manik walking in with his tie hanging loosely around his neck, his shirt sleeves are rolled up, exposing his sexy muscular forearms and his hair are all messy. My hands itched to run across his soft hair and touch his all abs all the way down to his—

Dammit, horny as always!

“Hello there, my beautiful ladies.” He immediately broke into a huge grin when he saw us seated on the couch and threw his bad look aside. He lifted Alisha and spun her around causing her to giggle.

“God, I missed you so much.” He kissed her chubby cheeks and my heart swelled at the sight of them, “Did you miss, daddy?” He asked, paying no attention to me. I frowned a little and cleared my throat.

Not a glance! How rude!

“Yes, I mished you. Mommy forced me to eat peas and she said that you spoil me too much.” She pouted and I tried so hard to control my smile and maintain a straight face.

“You don’t mind her, baby. Shall I tell you a secret?” He whispered and moved closer to her ears and I raised my eyebrows, watching them team up against me. He said something to her and they both started to laugh looking at me.

“Alright, I see how it is. No extra TV time for you.” I pointed at Alisha and continued, “And for you Mr Malhotra, no dinner and I hope you know what I mean by ‘DINNER’.” I smirked, stretching on the word dinner and continued to walk away from them.

“Oops! Daddy is in trouble now. I’ll be right back, sweetheart.” He kissed her forehead and placed her on the couch. He pulled me by my waist in one swift movement causing me to crash against his chiselled chest.

“Not so fast, Mrs Malhotra.” He whispered against my ears, sending shivers down my spine.

Aww, Mrs Malhotra!

I still get excited just like the first time when he called me “Mrs Malhotra”.

“She is becoming just like you. All witty and stubborn.” I glared, pushing him away.

“She is my daughter, after all, baby girl.” He pulled me closer and nuzzled my neck.

“What about that vacation? I didn’t know about it.”

“It is just a random few days vacation, baby girl. Cabir’s son, Ayan’s birthday is coming in two days, so we thought about this.” He explained and I nodded my head, understanding him.

“See, you are already forgetting to tell me things. I’m not important anymore,” I mumbled under my breath and he started to laugh out loud.

“God, you are so cute. I think the roles have changed. Rather than Ish, you are acting like a baby.

I pulled back and glared at him. “You are so bad. You forget that I’m still your kiddo, Huh. You don’t love me, now.” I continued before stomping off upstairs.

“Aww, baby girl. I was just kidding. You are still my baby, my kiddo, my love.” He called out and hugged me from behind as I walked inside our room. He started to kiss my neck, making me go weak in my legs.

“Stop it.” I breathed out, moving my neck to the other side, giving him more access.

“Are you sure?” He spoke against my skin, caressing my twins with one hand while his other hand was already under my short summer dress.

“You smell so good.” I started to breathe heavily as he pinned me against the nearest wall, “Are you still mad?” He asked, pushing the straps of my dress aside, placing wet kisses over my shoulder.

“Yeah, oh god!” I moaned as he slipped his hands inside my panty.

“Still?” He breathed out, rubbing my wet folds and I bit my lip to prevent my moans which were exciting him further.

“Manik…” I whispered, loving the feel of his fingers teasing my dripping core.

“You can’t stay mad at me, baby girl.” He twirled me around so that now I’m facing him and he crashed his lips to mine hastily. He was right though. I started to push myself closer to him and felt his hard dick poking my stomach.

Oh god, Alisha was just downstairs and she could walk in on us anytime.

“Manik! Alisha could walk in. We should stop.” I uttered, trying to control myself and he groaned in frustration.

“Yeah, you are right.” He buried his head between the crook of my neck and let out a huge sigh.

“Let me go and put her to bed and then,” He paused, running his eyes all over my body, licking his lips hungrily.

Fuck me!

Would I ever get tired of the way he looks at me?

“I’m going to fuck you so hard all night.” He finished with a sexy smirk and a small blush crept on my already flushed face.

“I’ll be right back.” He kissed my forehead and ambled to the door but stopped in the midway and turned around.

“FYI! I missed my favourite girl so much more.” He winked and walked away, making me blush yet again. A huge grin broke on my face and I fell back on the bed with a content sigh realising how much I love the crazy husband of mine.

We have our fair share of fights and arguments every now and then but at the end of the day, he always shows me how much he loves me through simple actions like holding me tight and falling asleep without saying a single word even if we are mad at each other. I can honestly never stay angry with him for more than a day and that’s how I know for a fact that even though we are both crazy and imperfect,


Together, we are perfect for each other.

The End.

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