(Part: 29 Our Beautiful Life) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


I had never thought that one day my life would become so beautiful and this unexpected thing happened because of my love, Manik. Every second which I was spending with him, they were very precious and beautiful. It had been two weeks past, we were living in his house far away from the main city, somewhere in the forest. He was training me in controlling my superpowers so that I use them when it’s needed, not all the time. Even in our romance, I used to push him away and poor Manik was tired of all this and then he decided to train me. The training was going pretty well with my love, now I could control my powers. 

I was damn sure that I got these powers to end the evils and if this time Katrina harm Manik or my loved ones, I will kill her with my own hands. Manik would never allow me to fight with that bitch because he was scared to lose me and he wanted to protect me but he didn’t know, my inner soul was yearning to kill her and I would get relief after her death.

It was early morning, he was sleeping cuddling me like a small baby sleeps hugging his mother. He was sleeping peacefully in my arms, his face was buried in my chest. I was caressing his silky hair, my lips were drawn to a beatific smile. The pain which we both had endured, the memories of that pain didn’t let me sleep because the enemy was still free and planning something very massive. I trembled with only the thought of living without him, I didn’t want to lose him again, I didn’t want to lose this beautiful life which I got after so many ages.

I came on the earth back as he uttered, “I always wonder that how do you wake up before me every morning.” He was looking at me bemusedly.

“Because I love to admire my sleeping baby, you don’t know, how cute you look while sleeping.” I answered smartly.

“It’s strange that a vampire looks cute to you.” He chuckled.

“You are cute, Manik.” I pulled his cheeks, smiling at him.

He suddenly came top of me and we both gazed into each other eyes intensely. “And I am wild too.” Soon our lips met and we kissed each other chastely till infinity. We never became breathless by kissing each other, this was the only reason, our every kiss went on for hours.

“I love you, my Angel.” He whispered after breaking the kiss and kissed my forehead.

I suddenly flipped our position, now I was on top of him. “I love you more, my vampire.” I confessed my love in my style and planted a lingering kiss on his lips.

“You always take advantage of your power, Angel.” He said and flipped me on my back again.

“You also never leave any chance, my cute vampire.” I again turned our position and this time I pinned his hands against the soft mattress. He tried to change our position again but couldn’t because I was pari, more powerful than vampires. I winked at him and we smiled at each other.

“Manik, please, let me fight with that bitch, I want to live freely with you. You also know, only I can kill her.” As I uttered, his smile faded away and his lips drew down in sadness.

Whenever I tried to talk about this, he became upset and that’s why I always changed the topic because I couldn’t see him depressed.

I left his hands and clasped his face. “Manik, I know, she has given a lot of pain to you but we have to end her. Don’t you want to live freely without any fear?” I asked and he was looking at me dejectedly.

I was yearning to kill that bitch, Katrina.

“I want to live freely with you, Nandini, but I don’t want to put your life at risk.” He said in a sad tone after cupping my face.

I closed my eyes and thought, “today, I have to convince him to make a plan because I want to finish Katrina before she can harm us again.”

“Manik, please, let me kill her. She has to die, Manik, or else she won’t stop. We should plan something fast.” I tried to convince him, but he was more stubborn than me when it’s come to my life.

“Okay, we will end her,” as he agreed, I widened my eyes in surprise. “But together,” he added and my lips drew down because I didn’t want to put his life in danger as Katrina was more powerful than him.

“Manik, not you, please. Only I will fight with her.” As I said, he frowned at me and freaked out.

“Are you out of your mind, Nandini? Do you really think that I will send you alone to fight with that bitch? Don’t you know who is she, Nandini?” He growled in anger after grasping my anger.

“But,” before I could say something, he changed our position with a blink of my eyes and captured my lips. He was eating my lips like a hungry animal. His kiss was telling me that how much he loved me. I responded to him back with equal flavour.

“How much life is left, we will live together and we will fight together till our last breath. Today you have to promise me that you won’t do anything which will put your life in danger.” He sternly asked me to promise him.

“I promise you.” I kissed his forehead. He smiled at me before pulling me into his warm arms.

I snuggled in his arms, smiling mischievously. I wondered, “promises and rules are made to break, Manik, and to kill Katrina, I have to put my life in danger. Katrina, your end has come, no one can save you from me.”


He was preparing breakfast for us and I was gazing at him, sitting on the kitchen counter. Side by side, I was doing my work of stirring the veggies, sitting far away from the gas stove, that’s called talent.

“If you’re done with gazing at your hot boyfriend, will you pass me the salt?” He turned toward me and pointed at the box of salt which was kept beside me.

“Yeh, sure.” I raised the box in the air through my eyes and moved toward him.

He stared at the box of salt which was now in front of his eyes. When he was about to grab it, I instantly took it back to myself. I really love to play with him with my powers.

“You never leave any chance to tease me by using your supernatural power.” He glared at me and I chuckled, seeing my poor baby.

“Aww,” I jumped down the kitchen counter and strolled to him. I gave him the box with my hand, smiling at him. I placed a kiss on his cheek. He clasped my face and kissed me passionately.

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