Manan Love Story (Part: 134 Our Little Doll)


It was late night, Nandini woke up as she felt extreme pain in her stomach. “Manik…” she shook him.

He instantly arouse from slumber. “What happened, Angel?” He asked concernedly because she was crying in pain.

“It’s hurting a lot. I think… it’s time for the baby.” She told him difficultly, clutching his shirt with one hand and placing her other hand on her belly. His eyes glinted with happiness and a smile flashed on his face. Aryan was still sleeping peacefully.

“I’m informing, Mom, she will take care of Aru.” Manik murmured and hurriedly called Neyonika.

As Neyonika picked up the call, he said, “Mom, I’m taking Nandini to hospital, her labour pain has started. You take care of Aru.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” She answered and he disconnected the call.

He instantly climbed down the bed and scooped his pregnant wife in his arms. “Everything is gonna fine, relax.” He reassured her and kissed her forehead.

He reached the hospital in no time. He already informed the doctor, she was ready for the delivery. He laid her on the stretcher. She was screaming in pain. His heart was aching, seeing his Angel’s condition. He wanted to take away her all pain. He couldn’t see her like this.

“Everything is gonna fine, Angel. Just be strong.” He was constantly assuring her.

Nurses started taking her to the labour room. He was going with her, holding her hand.

“You’re not allowed in the labour room.” One Nurse stopped him at the door. Other nurse took her inside the room and their hands unclasped.

He didn’t argue, just kept staring at his Angel. The nurse closed the door, but he could still hear her screams. He joined his hands and prayed to God to keep his wife and baby safe.

Cabir, Zoya and Adi also reached there. They were sitting outside and Manik was restlessly pacing in the corridors outside of the room. He was constantly praying to God. His heartbeats were accelerating.

A blissful smile flashed on his face and his eyes shimmered with happiness as he heard the first cry of his baby.

Inside the room, the Doctor showed the baby and told Nandini, “It’s a baby girl.” She smiled contentedly as she saw her little Angel for the first time. She wanted to hold her but she was extremely exhausted and her vision was getting blur. She became unconscious because of tiredness.

The doctor gave the baby to the nurse to clean and strolled out of the room to tell the good news.

As Manik saw Doctor, he hustled toward her, his eyes were shining with excitement.

“Congratulations, Mr Malhotra, it’s a baby girl and mother and baby, both are completely fine.” The doctor said cheerfully. His smile grew bigger after knowing this.

Cabir, Adi and Zoya merrily congratulated him by hugging him. They were extremely happy for him.

The nurse stepped out of the room with the baby. The little Angel was wrapped in the white sheet. She was sleeping peacefully. Nurse handover the baby to Manik. His eyes sparkling as he saw her. He felt so contented as he held his little doll in his warm for the first time. He cradled her close to his heart. It was the feeling of pure bliss. A lone tear of happiness trickled down his cheek mechanically.

“My little baby doll, welcome to the family.” He murmured, smiling contentedly and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Everybody was smiling at them.

“How is Nandini? Could I meet her?” He asked the Doctor.

“She is unconscious.” His eyebrows creased after knowing this. “But don’t worry, she’s completely fine and she will gain her conscious back within few minutes.” He sighed with relief and again smiled, moving his eyes down at his little doll.

After sometime Nandini gained her consciousness back. Manik was sitting beside her on the stool, holding the baby. He was fondly gazing at his little doll, her tiny hands, her tiny nose, her little lips, he loved everything about her. Her lips curved to a blissful smile as she saw them.

“Finally symbol of our pure love is with us.” She cooed, he smiled at her and nodded.

“Our little doll. She is utterly like you, Angel.” He said cheerily, moving his eyes from baby to her.

“I also want to hold her.” She said excitedly.

“Of course, Angel.” He gently and carefully placed the baby over Nandini. She embraced her little doll in her warm arms and closed her eyes. Tears rolled down her eyes and her lips drew up into a beatific smile. She felt utterly blissful after holding her in her arms. Manik was admiring them, smiling contentedly. It was one of the best moments of his life. He hurriedly captured their photo and stored this moment in his phone.

“Thank you so much, Angel, for the precious gift.” As he wholeheartedly thanked her, she opened her eyes. He continued, “you bore so much of pain to bring her into this world. I’m really grateful.”

“The pain was worth it. I can bear any pain for my little doll.” She smiled and kissed her head.

“I love you and once again thank you.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Nandini was sitting on the bed and feeding her little doll. She had been waiting for this moment desperately. At the time of Aryan, she was a bit upset because she couldn’t able to feed him. She was enjoying the moment, her lips were drawn to a blissful smile. She was utterly lost at this moment. Manik was gazing at them like always, his eyes were filled with immense love.

After sometime Aryan came to the hospital to meet his baby sister. He was extremely happy because he had prayed for the sister only.

“My little doll. You know you completed our family.” Nandini was talking to her, cradling her. She was staring at her Mumma with tiny eyes which were filled with innocence. She was looking so adorable.

Manik ambled to them, holding Aryan’s hand. He lifted Aryan and made him sit in front of Nandini. He gleefully looked at his little sister.

“Mumma, Could I hold my sistel, please?” He asked politely.

Nandini smiled at him and answered, “of course, Aru. First, cross your legs.” She instructed him and he instantly sat, crossing his legs.

Nandini placed the baby on his lap but didn’t remove her hand from her head. “Mumma, she’s so tiny and cute.” Aryan caressed her soft cheeks, smiling adorably at her. Manan were smiling at him.

“You know you were also like her.” Nandini said and Aryan beamed at her.

“Hello, my little sistel. I’m Aryan, your big brother.” He introduced himself by holding her tiny hand.

The baby started crying because she felt uncomfortable in his arms. Nandini instantly cradled her and rocked her.

“Daddy, I don’t know why she started crying. I didn’t hurt her.” Aryan innocently said to Manik.

“Aru, I know you didn’t hurt her. She’s small and for now she only wants her mumma and daddy’s arm.” He explained to him. The little doll stopped crying and slept again. Nandini kissed her forehead.

“Now let’s take our family photo.” Manik whooped after taking out the phone from his pocket. Aryan excitedly sat beside Nandini. Manik took their perfect selfie, everybody was smiling in the photo and coincidentally little doll also smiled at that time only. Their little family was also perfect as the photo.

The whole family welcomed the little Doll with full enthusiasm. Manan were sitting on the sofa and laughing, seeing their family fighting to hold the baby first like babies only. They were blessed to have such a loving family and now their daughter completed that family. At last they clicked a family photo by setting the timer. Aryan sat on his father lap, little doll was in her mother’s arms, Muskan was sitting on Zoya’s lap, Sam was in the arms of Adi, they all were sitting on sofa and the rest were standing behind the sofa, smiling.

Finally, I completed the Love Story. Seriously it was really hard for me to write the last part of the story. I’m so attached to this story. But I’m happy to complete it perfectly as I planned.

Do shower your love for the last time on this story. Review the whole book and share your favourite scene from this story. My personal favourite is their marriage track.

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  1. Beautiful bonding manan love बहुत बधाई इतनी सुंदर कहानी लिखने के लिए।

  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Every women ketna pain sehen karte hai when she brings a new life in this world but nandu was lucky in this case as she had manik with her who was always there to support her and love her…
    Finally manan ke love ka symbol aa gaya iss world mai there lovely daughter who caught her father’s heart as soon as she came she brought so much happiness and completed there family by her presence…
    Feeling very sad ke book khatam hou gaye but everything ends one day so it’s okay…

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