(Part: 24 Who Am I?) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


“Manik, actually, I have been becoming powerful with each passing second from yesterday night.” I told him and he narrowed his brows, baffled, I was equally baffled.

“Wait, let me show you an example.” I stood up and wandered to the table. I picked up the glass and it broke down by putting a little pressure only. He rushed to me and checked my hands anxiously. He sighed with relief because my wounds instantly healed.

Then he looked at me in shock. “How are you doing this? Who are you?” He asked incredulously.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know, what happened to me suddenly and why all of sudden I’m becoming powerful. It seems like God has blessed me this power as a gift to end Katrina.” I assumed and his lips drew down in sadness as I took Katrina’s name.

“Nandini, please don’t take her name and I will never let you fight with her.” He said in a stern tone.

I could completely understand that he was worried for me, he didn’t want to lose me, therefore I didn’t argue with him for now, but I decided that I would fight with her and end her chapter forever from our lives.

She has made us endured enough pain and now she has to die.

“It’s okay, I won’t discuss about her.” I blinked my eyes and placed my hand on his face. He gave me a faint smile.

“Tell me more about your powers. I wanna know.” As he asked, I nodded.

“Manik, I pushed Cabir like this and he,” I pushed him also like I had pushed Cabir. He fell far away from me and hit the wall.

“Oh god, what I did?” I mumbled and hurried to him.

“I am sorry, Manik, I didn’t want to hit you, I was just telling you.” I apologised because by mistake I hurt him. I felt sorry because I never wanted to hurt him. Cabir had told me that he was weak. I helped in standing up by holding his arm.

“Angel, relax, I am fine. I know you are becoming powerful, but don’t forget that I am also a vampire, so just relax. You didn’t hurt me, I am absolutely fine now. You don’t even know, I am feeling like a free bird and it only happened because of you. You are my real angel, Nandini, I don’t want to lose you, never ever.” He genuinely confessed his feelings. I smiled contentedly. I was happy because he was finally coming out of the pain and guilt and listening to his heart.

He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes, feeling blissful. We intensely gazed into each other eyes.

“Manik, you know God gave me the best gift on my birthday by giving you back to me, I love you so much. I can’t live without you, please, never ask me to leave you because it hurts a lot, Manik.” I tried to explain to him my feelings and he just apologised.

“I am sorry,” he was about to say something more but paused suddenly and stared at me in shock as something came into his mind.

“Suddenly, what happened to him?”I wondered, confused.

“How it could be possible?” He murmured in utter disbelief and before I could ask something, he asked me, “Is today your birthday?”

I nodded. “Yes, what happened?” I asked anxiously.

“Nandini, when did you start feeling that you are becoming powerful?” He asked.

“Yesterday night. When I was coming back home, Katrina came in front of my car and after that, she bit me and I pushed her.” I told him and he was just staring at me in utter shock.

“Manik, is everything fine? What happened, do you know why I am getting these powers?” I asked, getting curious to know the reason why I’m becoming powerful all of sudden.

“Nandini, maybe I know who you are but, it is impossible.” He uttered incredulously. I became more curious to know the impossible reality of my life.

“Ever since Manik has entered to my life, my life has become like a mysterious movie, first I came to know he is vampire, then I came to know he has a vampire best friend and then I came to know his best has an evil sister who is a vampire and she is obsessed with my vampire boyfriend, and then I came to know My best friend is a witch and now I don’t know what impossible person, I am. But I’m excited, this life is far better than my earlier boring life.” I was musing about my mysterious life, gazing at him.

“Tell me what are you thinking, who I am? Now I’m going crazy to know the reality.” I asked, becoming desperate.

“You’re a Pari.” As he told, I narrowed my brows confusingly.

“Pari means I am an Angel?” As I asked, he shook his head.

“No doubt, you’re my angel but Pari doesn’t mean angel here. Many years ago, when I was not even born, in the ancient time, there was a group of few women who used to fight for poor people and help them. They were like social workers and very kindhearted, One day God blessed them with some special power by becoming happy from their work. God had made them most powerful, more powerful than vampires, witches and human beings, they were immortals and people started calling them Pari.” It was like I was listening to an interesting story but it was a reality of my life. According to Manik, I was a Pari.

“But how do you know about Pari’s history? How do you come to know that I am Pari and where all the Pari are living now? Why didn’t Cabir tell me about this?” I asked him question after question. I was utterly puzzled.

“Nandini, I’m not sure that you are pari or not because a few years back, all the Pari died.” He said making me more confused.

“Manik, if they were the immortals and most powerful person on this earth, then how did they die?” I asked in shock.

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