(Part: 22 The Fighter) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


We were strolling to Manik’s room and like always my heart was thumping. As Cabir pushed the door open, I took a deep breath before stepping into the room. I found him lying on the floor in the darkness and as soon as Cabir turned on the light, he immediately stood up and looked at us.

I smiled at him, but as he stared at me with the desire of blood in his eyes, my lips drew down in sadness.

He was striding towards me, but suddenly he started screaming in immense pain by holding his head. “Aaa…” I widened my eyes in shock.

I moved my eyes to Mukti, she was murmuring something, her gaze was fixed at him. I immediately understood, Mukti was doing some magic.

“Mukti, stop doing this, you are hurting him.” I cried out in pain because I couldn’t see him in pain.

He was constantly screaming in pain. I was about to run to him, but stopped as Mukti instructed, “Nandini, don’t go near to him.” I stared at him helplessly, tears welled up in my eyes.

“Cabir, tie him up fast.” She ordered Cabir and tears trickled down my cheeks. I couldn’t see him in pain.

Cabir dashed out of the room to bring the ropes and Mukti was making a circle on the floor with red powder. I was just standing there helplessly. Cabir came back and started typing his limbs. Manik was shrieking in agony and I wasn’t able to do anything. I had never felt so helpless before in my life. I cried and bit my lower lip.

“Bring him in this circle and after that, I will start the process and Manik shouldn’t go out of this circle.” Mukti instructed us and we nodded our heads, understanding him. Cabir dragged him to the circle and made him sit in the middle of the circle. Mukti started enchanting a mantra.

Suddenly the strong wind blew and all the windows of the room opened automatically. My heart was pounding with fright.

I looked at Cabir anxiously. He placed his hand on my shoulder and blinked his eyes. “Everything will be fine.” He reassured me, squeezing my shoulder slightly.

But how could everything go so smoothly?

Five six unknown men appeared in the room all of sudden. Maybe they came in through windows.

I looked at Cabir confusingly. “They are evil vampires sent by Katrina. Don’t worry, I will handle them.” He assured me. I saw them standing close to Manik and Mukti.

My brows creased as Cabir informed me, appalled. “Nandini, they are wearing special rings, therefore my special power is not working on them. I can’t freeze them.”

When vampires were about to attack Manik and Mukti, I hurried to them and pushed every vampire away from them without thinking twice. Now they glared at me and strode toward me, I was horrified, but I knew that it is not the time to be scared, it is the time to fight back.

Cabir started fighting with vampires and I also tried to fight back, when two vampires were about to attack my neck, I grasped the neck of the first vampire with one hand and I pushed the second vampire with my other hand. After that, I fervently clutched his neck and the vampire died in front of my eyes. I was stunned because of my power, it amazed me.

After that, it wasn’t difficult for me to kill all the vampires. I fought with the vampires fearlessly with full confidence. When I saw a Vampire was about to attack Manik, I twisted his hand behind his back and hit his head against the wall before kill him by grasping his neck.

As I saw the last remaining vampire was about to kill Cabir by clutching his neck, I scurried to them and pulled the vampire away from Cabir by grasping his hair and neck from behind. I pushed him away in fury and he flew out of the window.

Cabir looked at me in astonishment. I never thought that one day I would fight like this. Even I was astounded with me.

“Thank you.” He murmured and I smiled at him.

After that, I saw Manik, he was lying unconsciously on the floor.

“It’s done, now no one can control his mind and even no one can do any magic on him again.” As Mukti stated, I sighed with profound relief and smiled widely at her. My happiness had no bound because finally, I got my Manik back.

I rushed to him and unbound him hurriedly, tears of joy were streaming down my eyes constantly and my lips were drawn up to a beatific smile.

I was kissing every inch of his face and murmuring, ‘I love you, Manik’ after every kiss. I hugged him tightly, I wanted to bury him in my arms forever.

“When will he regain his conscious?” I asked from Mukti anxiously.

“Don’t worry, he will be fine within a few minutes.” As Mukti said, I sighed with relief after closing my eyes.

Cabir laid him down on the bed and I was just gazing at his face.

“We are outside” Mukti said and they both went out after glancing at me for the last time.

I sat beside him and caressed his dark stubble with my thumbs before kissing his forehead. “Whenever I see you I feel like I know you from ages, there is some connection between us, I don’t know why but I love you so much,” I murmured, moving my hand through his silky hair and moved closer to his face to kiss his lips. As his breath caressed my face, I shivered but before I could kiss him, he opened his eyes.

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