(Part: 21 The Witch) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


The whole room caught fire with the blink of my eyes. I was extremely terrified and my breath became heavy. There was no way out. I started coughing badly.

“My end has come.” I wondered, staring at the fire horrifyingly and the next moment within a second the fire disappeared. It was like some magic has happened in front of my eyes, it was unbelievable for me. I was baffled.

Then only Mukti stepped into the room and I looked at her.

“You would be thinking that how this fire disappeared?” She asked, strolling towards me. I nodded my head, staring at her bemusedly. I was confused that why she was not looking shocked.

“So the time has finally come, I have to tell you the truth,” Mukti said in a serious tone.

“Now about which truth, she is talking about?” I thought.

“What truth, Mukti? I am not getting it.” I asked her and waited for the answer with curiosity.

My life had become a thriller movie.

“Nandini, I am a witch and I have some special powers.” My eyes shimmered with happiness and a smile touched my face. I wasn’t shocked, rather I was extremely glad to know the truth about Mukti because we needed a witch who can break the spell of an evil witch of Katrina.

Mukti narrowed her brows bemusedly after seeing my expression. “Nandini, why are you smiling? Aren’t you shocked?” She asked, puzzled.

Now it was my time to confess the truth.

I took a deep breath and said, “Mukti, I also want to tell you a truth about Manik,” Before I could say something more, Mukti cut my words.

“I know that he is a vampire, from the very first day when I saw him. Nandini, I am a witch, I can easily differentiate between vampires and humans.” I made O mouth.

“Mukti, you know I’m so glad to know that you’re a witch.” She narrowed her brows confusingly. I continued, “but I’m angry that why didn’t you tell me earlier about this, I am your best friend.” I said dishearteningly. It hurts when your friend hides the truth from you.

“But the same thing you do always. Every time you hide your pain from me. Neither you share your pain with me and nor with Abhi. Only I know how much it hurts to see you in pain. I feel so helpless when I can’t able to help you. Do you think, we can’t see your pain?” She chided me, her eyes were filled with anger. I moved my eyes down on the floor in guilt.

“I’m sorry, Mukti but I was not in a condition to talk to anybody, I was utterly depressed.” I told everything to her that how I forced Manik to tell me the truth and how a witch did black magic on him and how he tried to kill me. I also told her how much I love Manik and informed her about Katrina and her evil plan.

“Mukti, could you help me in breaking the spell? Could you help, Manik?” I asked, looking at her with hope in my eyes.

She placed her hand on my face and smiled at me. “Of course, anything for you. I’ll surely help you. It will a bit difficult for me, but I will try my best, hope you will get your love, you really deserve it.” She suddenly hugged me. “Happy birthday to my most beautiful Best friend.” She wished me cheerfully and I realised that today is my birthday. I didn’t even know that today is my birthday.

I beamed at her as we broke the hug. “Thank you so much, Mukti, you are truly a best friend. Please, Mukti, make everything fine because now everything is in your hands. I really want to get Manik back, I missed him.”

She blinked her eyes. “Don’t worry, Nandini, I’ll make everything fine.”

“I’m grateful to have a friend like you.” I faintly smiled at her.

“I’m always there for you.”

After that, we walked out of the room. I saw Mom stepping into the house, puzzled. I was sure that Katrina would have compelled mom to throw Kerosene into my room and burn it.

“Are you alright, Mom?” I asked her.

“I don’t know what I was doing out of the house.” She looked at Mukti and asked, “When did you come?”

“Auntie, a few minutes ago.” Mukti answered her.

“You both settled down in the hall. I’m bringing breakfast.”

“Mom, we’re going to college, we’ll eat there and you please stay at home and keep all the doors and windows closed.” I instructed her because I was concerned about her.

We left for Manik’s house. I called up Cabir and informed him about Mukti. I also asked him to meet me at Manik’s house.

We were standing outside of Manik’s house and waiting for Cabir.

“Please, God make everything fine today, I can’t bear this separation more and I can’t see Manik in this condition.” I was constantly praying to God.

Cabir came and climbed out of the car. He strolled to us. We passed a smile.

“Cabir, she is Mukti my friend and Mukti, he is Manik’s friend and my new friend, Cabir.” I introduced them.

“We are so glad Mukti that you are helping Manik in this because by doing this you are putting your life in danger and also Making your new enemy, who is Katrina.” Cabir said and Mukti just smiled.

“I’m never afraid to take risks for my friends, I can happily take any risk for her.” As she said, I hugged her tightly, she really made me speechless with her words. Mukti and Abhi were my true friend and I was extremely grateful to have them in my life.

Precap: When vampires were about to attack Manik and Mukti, I pushed every vampire away from them without thinking twice. Now they glared at me and strode toward me, I was horrified, but I knew that it is not the time to be scared, it is the time to fight back.


Excited for the next part? It is going to be a full action pack.

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