Manan Love Story (Part: 132 After four Months)


Manan didn’t come to know how four months passed with Aryan. He was now nine months, growing rapidly, learning new things every day. He crawled and stood up with the support of furniture. He was a happy baby, just became cranky when he needed food and sleep. Manan were giving their full time to him, enjoying every moment with their little boy who was growing so fast in front of their eyes. They were cherishing her. He was their lifeline and happiness.

In the Morning, Manan were sleeping peacefully in each other arms. Aryan had been playing with the toys, sitting in the cot for a few minutes, it seemed like he didn’t want to disturb his Mumma and Daddy.

But after a few minutes only when he got bored, he stood up by holding the railing of the cot and started screaming, looking at Manan.

“Manik, see him.” Nandini said in a sleepy tone, shaking Manik.

He woke up, rubbing his eyes and a broad smile flashed on his face as he saw his little baby. He looked at the time at the wall clock, it was seven in the morning. He smiled at his sleeping Angel and pulled the quilt over her properly. As he placed a kiss on her forehead, she smiled in response in half-sleep.

He sat up, smiling at Aru. He gave his daddy an adorable smile and extended his arms towards him, asking him to pick him up.

“Aww, you want to daddy pick you up?” He asked and picked him up from the cot which was kept beside the bed of his side. He made him sit on his lap.

“Da… Da…” he gurgled, placing his head on his chest. Manik was amazed by seeing his sweet gesture of affection.

“Haye, Daddy loves you so much, Aru.” He wrapped the little Aru in his protective arms and kissed his head.

He snuggled closer to his father and cooed, “Gu…Ga…”

“Is my Aru is hungry or he wants to play with daddy?” He asked by raising his brows.

Aru was just adorably smiling at his father and blabbering in his own language which Manik wasn’t understanding, but he was loving the contented sound which was coming out of his tiny mouth.

“I think, he wants to talk to his daddy.” He made him sit in front of him.

“You know what is this Aru, these are my hands.” He showed him his hands and Aryan tried to grabbed his hands. “And I play peekaboo with my little champ through these hands.” Aryan smiled widely and cutely as Manik hid his face behind his hands. He knew what was coming up because Manik played this game with him daily and it was his favourite game, he enjoyed and laughed a lot.

He removed his hands and whooped, “peekaboo.” Aryan moved his hands and laughed loudly in response.

As Manik again hid his face behind his hands, Aryan excitedly waited for him to remove his hands. “Boo…” he removed his hands and Aryan chortled delightfully. Manik beamed at him and kissed his forehead. He continued the game.

Nandini woke up, listening to their laugh. She gazed at them fondly, her lips curved into a blissful smile.

“Good morning, my boys.” Nandini wished them and they both instantly looked at her.

“Good morning, Angel.” Manik wished her back and little Aru hurriedly and excitedly crawled towards his Mumma. He lay down beside her and sucked her chin. He used to do this every time he saw his Mumma after a long time.

Nandini giggled and kissed every inch of his face. “Aww… my baby.”

“Hw… as Mumma woke up, you forgot daddy, very bad, Aru,” Manik complained like a baby to his baby. Nandini chuckled and Aryan was still busy sucking her face.

“Accept it, Aru loves his Mumma more.” As Nandini teased him, he pouted angrily at her like a baby.

“Mr Perfect, now you’re a father of nine months baby, at least stop behaving like a baby now.”

“Do you really want me to stop behaving like a baby, Angel?” He asked after coming close to her face.

She shook her head and breathed, “Never.” They both were deeply gazing into each other eyes and Aru was now sucking his thumb adorably, sitting between them.

Manik moved closer to her and captured her delicious lips. He kissed her chastely, holding her neck. She grasped his hair and kissed him deeply and passionately.

As Aru’s eyes fell over them, he whimpered loudly, getting jealous. They instantly broke the kiss and laughed loudly at him. Now he was looking at them silently, his tiny eyes were filled with innocence. He crawled between them and lay down. Manan smiled at him and together kissed his chubby cheeks. Now he smiled widely after getting their parents attention.

Manik climbed down the bed and said, “Daddy is just coming.”

As Manik went to the bathroom, Nandini picked up Aru and made him sit on her tummy. She was making adorable faces, trying to make him laugh. He was just smiling at his Mumma cutely. He suddenly lay on her front over Nandini and beamed at his Mumma after raising his head. She raised her head from the bed and caressed her nose with his tiny nose before wrapping him into her warm arms.

“Aru, you peed on your Mumma.” She cried out as he drenched her clothes with his pee. As he giggled, moving his legs, she smiled widely at him.

“Daddy and Son both peed at the same, what a connection.” She murmured to herself and chuckled while removing the wet lower of Aryan.

She climbed down the bed, holding him. “You sit here, Mumma is taking out your lower.” As Nandini made him sit in the cot, he cried out, extending his arms towards her. “Ae…Ae….”

He couldn’t see anybody standing in front of his eyes, he cried out like this, asking the person to pick him up.

“Aru, wait for only two minutes.” Nandini wandered to his cupboard after showing him her two fingers.

He swiftly stood up by grasping the railing with his tiny hands and whimpered, looking at his Mumma with his innocent eyes which were brimmed with tears.

“Mumma is just coming, baby.” She said, opening the cupboard. Aru was constantly calling her by screaming. She hastily took out one of his lower. She narrowed her brows suspiciously as suddenly he stopped crying. She closed the cupboard and swiftly turned around to see him.

“I knew it.” She murmured after seeing Aryan. He was sucking the railing of the cot and his hand.

She marched to him and scolded him, “Aru, no… bad manners.” He innocently looked at his Mumma.

As he left the railing to extend his arms towards her, he fell on his tiny butts in the cot with a thud. He made a sad face like he would start crying the next moment.

She hurriedly carried him and shook him. “My Aru is a strong boy, he doesn’t cry on small things.”

Aryan didn’t cry, he again started sucking his Mumma’s chin and held her nuptial chain.

“Aru, I think you plan to eat Mumma today.” She chuckled. Manik stepped out of the bathroom and heard her.

“What we can do, Angel? You’re so delicious and sweet that we both want to eat you every time.” Manik complimented her, strolling to them. Nandini shook her head at his cheesy compliment.

“Oahu…” Aryan squealed delightfully and moved his whole body in enthusiasm like he was responding to Manik. Manan beamed at him.

“Now I also want to eat you.” Manik moved closer to her to kiss her.

She stepped back. “Mr Perfect, don’t kiss me in front of Aru, you know he cries seeing us and I don’t like it when he cries.” She denied him to kiss her.

Manik pouted sadly and asked, “Aru remains with us twenty-four hours, then when I’ll able kiss you, Angel?”

“When Aru sleeps and spends time with other family members, then you can kiss me, so simple.” She told him the solution but Manik was still upset while Aryan was blabbering to himself in his language, playing with Nandini’s nuptial chain.

“Aru, why are you so jealous of Mumma and daddy?” As Manik asked him, he passed him an adorable smile. Nandini chuckled.

Suddenly she moved closer to him and sucked his lips chastely. He was taken aback, but without wasting a single second, he responded to her instantly by clasping her face. After kissing each other quickly and lovingly, they pulled apart. Aryan didn’t notice them, he was busy playing with his mumma’s nuptial chain.

“You can’t kiss me, but I can.” She winked at him and pecked his lips.

“I love you so much, Angel.” He murmured, gazing into her eyes intensely.

“I love you more, Mr Perfect.” They beamed ear to ear.

“Now hold him and make him wear the lower. I’m going to take bath because naughty Aru peed on me.” She gave Aryan to Manik and lower also.

“He peed on you again.” He chuckled loudly.

“Don’t laugh so much, when he pees on you, then you will come to know.”

“Aryan never pees on his daddy,” Manik said confidently and at that moment only he peed on him.

Manik squeezed his eyes shut. Nandini clapped her hands and laughed loudly, throwing her head back.

“Aryan, what kind of behaviour is this?” Manik asked him annoyingly and Nandini was still laughing insanely, holding her stomach. Aryan also started laughing adorably, shaking his whole body after seeing his Mumma. Manik smiled broadly, seeing them laughing.

After the laughing session, Manik asked Nandini, “why don’t we all bath together, today?”

She squealed, “great Idea, Mr Perfect. I was really missing to have a bath with you.”

“So let’s go.” He whooped and Aryan laughed.

“Wait, first let me feed him some milk. He must be hungry.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“I just come.” She hurried out of the room to bring milk for Aru.

“You know, today Mumma, Daddy and Aru, we all will take a bath together.” Manik started talking to Aryan as she left.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww manan ke life ketne beautiful hou gaye hai aryan ke aa jane ke baad ase bolte hai na ke a child is link between his/her parents its same with aru bhale he woh manan ka apna blood na hou…
    His smile, his laught and his cute face is all manan wants to see everyday and aru bhi kaam demanding nahi hai he just wants his parents to pay attention to him no one else bot even each other hehe…

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