Manan Love Story (Part: 131 Hot Morning Surprise)


“Oh shit.” Manik pulled away from Nandini as Aru started crying.

“Aru, couldn’t you wake up after a few minutes?”She cried out in frustration, squeezing her legs together. Her core was throbbing to feel him inside her.

“Now we have to wait, Angel.” He uttered disappointedly, pulling up his jeans and boxer.

She just pouted at him. He was frustrated too, but a smile flashed on his face as he saw his Angel’s cute expression.

“I’m making him quiet, you wear the saree again.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead. She smiled faintly and gave him a slight nod.

Aru was continuously squalling in the cot, moving his hands and kicking his legs. Manik reached to his cot, he instantly stopped crying and his tiny lips curved to a beautiful smile as he saw Manik’s face.

“Now you’re smiling like this after breaking your Mumma and daddy’s romance, my naughty Aru.” Manik leaned down and tapped his nose and his smile grew bigger. Manik beamed at him.

“It’s just the beginning, daddy. Now I’m going to break both of your romance every day. Get habitual of it.” Nandini said in a childish tone on the behave Aru. She was tying up the saree again, standing in front of the mirror and looking at Manik and Aru in the mirror.

Manik chuckled and held Aru out in front of him, just below his chest, his one hand was placed under her bottom and the other one was behind his head.

“Aru, you can do anything, but please don’t break our romance at this point.” Manik leaned in and caressed his nose with his nose.

“Hehe…” He laughed adorably in response and hit his chest by kicking his leg in excitement. Manan smiled broadly, listening to his pleasant voice.

“You’re so adorable, Aru.” Manik kissed his forehead and he caressed his stubble with his tiny hand.

“Aru, please, let us complete our romance at night after the party.” As Nandini requested, Aru turned his head to look at her and instantly looked back at Manik.

“He won’t disturb at night because our Aru is a good boy, right Aru?” As Manik asked, Aru bobbed his head like he was saying yes to him.

“You know you’re so adorable. I feel like to keep looking at your beautiful face.” He caressed his nose with his nose.

On the other side, Muskan was standing in front of the mirror, holding the comb in her hand. She was wearing a pretty green colour gown for the party, the same as her mumma’s gown. Zoya was in the washroom.

“I won’t give you, this is my comb.” She hid the comb behind her back, saying to her reflection. She was playing with herself, standing in front of the mirror.

“Couldn’t we share it, Musu? You know sharing is caring.” Now she said becoming her reflection.

“Okay, you can have it.” She held the comb out to her reflection.

Zoya stepped out of the bathroom and a broad smile flashed on her face, seeing her playing like this for the first time. She found her super cute.

She hurried to her and knelt before her. “You’re so cute, Musu.” She pulled Muskan’s cheeks. She laughed in response.

“Mumma, now comb my hail (hair) fast, Musu is getting late fol (for) the party.” She gave him the comb.

“Okay, I’ll make a bun of you.” As she said, Musu’s eyes shimmered with happiness.

“You’ll make the bun like yours?” She asked, pointing at Zoya’s hair which was tied into a messy bun.

“Yes, this one.” She stood up and lifted Muskan from the floor. She made her sit on the chair which was kept in front of the mirror. She stood behind her and started making the bun of her daughter lovingly.

“Mumma, give me my doll Meghu. I’ll make a bun of my doll like you’re making mine.” She said suddenly.

“Okay.” She brought her doll which was kept on the bed.

“Thank you, Mumma.” Musu thanked her Mumma, taking the doll from her.

“Welcome, my doll.” Zoya leaned down and kissed her hair by holding her chin.

Manan were exhausted after the party. They had enjoyed it a lot. They danced with Aru gleefully. He was laughing, screaming and enjoying with all the family members at the party. He responded to everyone in his language when anybody talked to him.

They stepped into the room with Aru, tired. Aryan was yelling, still fully energetic to play. He was in his father’s arms.

He was shaking the rattle with enthusiasm and shrieking merrily.

“He’s still in a mood to play. You play with him, I’m coming after getting rid of this saree.”

“Okay, Angel.” Manik pecked her lips.

Nandini went to the dressing room after kissing Aru’s cheek. Manik made Aru sit on the bed. He placed more rattles and music toys around him. He lay down on the bed facing him, resting his head on his hand and his legs were on the floor.

Aryan was engrossed in playing with the toys and Manik was admiring him, his eyes filled with immense love.

Nandini stepped out of the dressing room, wearing a pink colour nighty. She was also wearing a shrug over it.

“Aryan, Mumma is back.” As she said, Aryan instantly looked at her after turning his face to her.

“Au… Au…” he cooed and extended his arms to her, asking her to pick him up.

She rushed to him and lifted him in her warm arms. “I love you so much.” She kissed his cheek. Manik sat up and beamed at them.

“Manik, now you go and change.” He nodded and stood up. Then he went to get change after last time glancing at them.

He came back and found his lifelines sleeping. Aryan was sleeping peacefully over his mummy’s tummy. Nandini’s arms were encircled around him. He strolled to them, smiling blissfully. He leaned down, first he placed a soft kiss on his Angel’s forehead and then he kissed Aryan’s head. He covered them with quilt and lay down beside them. He also fell asleep, gazing at them.

The next morning, Manik aroused from slumber when he felt someone’s weight over him.

He widened his eyes in surprise as he saw his Angel lying over him, astride him. Her knees were kept against his waist.

She smiled at him broadly. “Good morning, Mr Perfect.” She wished him before kissing his lips passionately by cupping his face. He kissed her back after grasping her hair with one hand and roamed his other hand all over her back and fondled her butts.

As they broke the kiss, she sat upon his tummy and opened the string of her shrug before pulling it out of her arms sexily. He was just gazing at her, his eyes filled with desires. He became hard as he saw her in the sexy nighty.

“Let’s complete the unfinished work of yesterday.” She held the hem of his shirt and yanked it over his head.

She started kissing all over his chest, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch of her lips. She pulled down his lower while tracing soft kisses down his stomach, his junior sprung out. He groaned, clutching the bed-sheet as she squeezed it. She was driving him crazy by rubbing his manhood.

She stopped her work for a few seconds and yanked down her undies from under the nighty. She placed her hands over his chest and slowly slid him into her.

He grasped her waist and yanked her to himself, going deeper into her, stretching her, filling her. They both felt so complete when he was deep inside her like this.

“This is the best morning surprise.” He whispered, his hands travelled from her waist to her butts. He squeezed them before hitting them slightly. She jumped and moaned in response.

Then he swiftly flipped their position, now she was beneath him, he was still inside her. He eased out of her and again shoved into her without any warning, confessing loudly, “I love you, Angel.”

He yanked her dress over her head and tossed it in the corner of the room, thrusting her hard and fast. He was giving hard strokes to her, squeezing her twins after pulling them out of her bra and nibbling down her neck. She was just moaning loudly with immense pleasure, clutching the bed-sheet with her one hand and clenching his hair with her other hand, her legs were wrapped around his waist. They were screaming, moaning and giggling loudly, forgetting that Aryan was also present in the room. Luckily he was still sleeping peacefully in the crib on his one side, holding a tiny teddy.

Precap: After three months.

I Will post the next part tomorrow.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
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