(Part: 19 Our Love won) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


As I stepped into my room, I widened my eyes in shock as I saw Mom sitting in my room. A few second ago, she was sleeping in my room and now she was sitting in my room. Then only I recalled about Manik’s word, he had told me that his enemy has the special power to change her appearance.

“Is she his enemy? What she’s doing here?” I wondered, staring at her.

“Nandini, don’t panic, don’t be afraid, you have to be strong, face her with full confidence.” I encouraged myself.

She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back slightly, putting my all fear on side. She stood up and wandered towards me.

“Nandini, from now you will follow my every order without any question, okay.” She instructed, staring into my eyes unblinkingly. I understood that she was trying to hypnotize me because I had read about Vampires, they also have the power to control people by hypnotizing them.

But I was baffled because I didn’t get hypnotised by her.

“Yes, I will follow your every order.” I replied like I got hypnotised because I wanted to see what she was planning to do.

Then with the blink of my eyes, she came into the avatar of a beautiful girl. She was looking pretty, she had long hair, a pretty face and grey eyes. She was wearing a black dress. I felt like I have seen her before also.

“Maybe this is her real look.” I wondered.

She swiftly lifted me over her shoulder and as she jumped down the window, I squeezed my eyes shut in fear.

She was running speedily, holding me over her shoulder. She was taking me somewhere but I wasn’t understanding where she was taking me because everything was blurred around me. I didn’t resist and didn’t even ask anything because I was pretending to be hypnotised.

As finally, she stopped, I widened my eyes in shock to look around my surrounding.

She brought me to Manik’s house.

“What is her plan? Why did she bring me here?” I wondered anxiously. She made me stand on my feet.

“Follow me.” She ordered me and strode into the house. I followed her, my heart was thumping with fright and I could feel Manik’s presence.

He had already attacked me twice today and it was a dreadful experience. I didn’t know what was going to happen now. I was utterly afraid.

“You sit here.” As she instructed me to sit in the hall, I complied by sitting on the sofa. Then she stalked to Manik’s room.

Seriously I was an idiot because after she left, I still didn’t go back home, rather I wandered toward Manik’s room and tried to look at what was happening in the room from the window.

“Manik, I have a surprise for you.” As that girl said to him, he gave her a deadly glare.

“Katrina, just get the fuck out of my house.” He roared at her and as he pushed her away in fury, she hit the wall.

“So she is Katrina, Manik’s enemy.” I immediately understood that she was Manik’s enemy by seeing his anger.

She grinned evilly, walking to him. As he averted his eyes in anger towards the window, I instantly hid and sighed, “thank God, he didn’t see me.”

I looked back again through the window.

“I know, Manik, what is happening to you, you can smell her, right? And you also want her blood badly?” She asked, tracing the tip of her finger down his temple to his chin. He was just glaring at her and fuming in anger.

“Katrina, I’m warning you, just leave right now.” He growled, grasping her one arm tightly and she laughed loudly.

“Manik, Manik, you can’t do anything.” She sassed and removed his hand. She added, “and I can do anything and I am doing my work.” Manik was staring at her like he was thinking something.

“One second, don’t tell me that you are the only one who is controlling my mind and making me crazy for humans’ blood?” He asked, frowning at her. I also waited for her answer.

“Yes,  Manik, it’s my work. One of my friends is a witch, she did black magic and you started to yearn for humans’ blood. You know why I did this, I did this because it will be more fun if you kill your love from your hands.” I widened my eyes in shock.

“Katrina brought me here because she wants Manik to kill me.” I wondered, horrified.

“Katrina, I will kill you, why can’t you leave me alone?” He bawled and pushed her on the glass table with fury. He swiftly reached her and grasped her throat. He made her get up by yanking her hair and hit her head on the wall repeatedly. All the time she was laughing crazily and I was shedding tears seeing Manik’s condition.

At last, she pushed him and her wounds healed instantly. She smirked at him and said, “wait let me bring your surprise.”

I knew that what surprise she was talking about, therefore I hurriedly went to the hall and sat on the sofa.

“You will not leave Manik until he doesn’t kill you.” She ordered me, wondering I was hypnotized.

Thank god, I wasn’t hypnotized or else, Manik would have killed me.

I followed her to Manik’s room. I had a plan in my mind. I was just hoping that it would work.

I knew that Manik wouldn’t leave me when he sees me, but still, I was going to meet him because I had full faith in my love. I was certain that if our love is strong then no power can separate us. I was ready to bear any pain to make our love win as love was my life.

“Here is your surprise, Manik,” Katrina said gleefully as I stepped into his room. I gazed at Manik, my eyes filled with immense love.

“Please, Manik, try to control yourself for our love, I know it is difficult for you because someone is doing black magic on you but you also know that our love is strongest.” I was saying this through my eyes.

Manik tried to run out of the window but Katrina hurriedly came in front of him and blocked his way.

“Katrina, let me go.” Manik shouted and tried to push her away. I was a bit relieved because Manik didn’t attack me, he tried to run because he didn’t want to hurt me.

She grinned devilishly and shook her head. “No, Manik, I won’t let you go. Don’t you want her blood? Aren’t you yearning for her blood? Go to her, am I stopping you? Or is Nandini stopping you? Nobody is stopping you, go and drink her blood.” She was encouraging Manik and I was just gazing at Manik intensely, having so much love for him in my eyes.

“Ahaha…” Manik held his head and shouted crazily. Tears automatically trickled down my eyes, seeing his condition. I wanted to hug him tightly and console my love but I had no choice but to stand quietly.

I hissed in pain as she bit my hand and took out little blood. He looked at my blood, I could vividly see the hunger in his eyes for blood. I was horrified after seeing his intense look, but I still convinced myself and stood there, gazing at him with immense love in my eyes. I had full trust in my love and my plan.

Manik rushed to me and hurriedly pushed Katrina on another side. He was about to attack my neck but before he could, I cupped his face and intensely sucked his lips. I kissed him chastely, my fingers travelled into his silky hair.

I was sure if our love was strong, then this kiss would certainly erase his hunger. I smiled contentedly because he also responded by sucking my lips and after this, our lips moved in rhythm. I looked through the corner of my eyes that the blackness around his eyes vanished. This showed that my plan worked and also proved that our love was strongest, no power, no magic could break our love. The kiss was heaven for me and I knew that for him too. Today our love won from the black magic of Katrina’s witch.

But suddenly Manik pushed me and I fell on the floor far away.

I cried wondering that he again became a monster. I looked at him and saw him fighting with Katrina. “Maybe she tried to bite my neck from behind, therefore Manik’s suddenly pushed me.” I assumed.

“Nandini, run from here.” He asked me to run.

A blissful smile flashed on my face, seeing how he was controlling himself and trying to protect me from the bitch Katrina. I fell in love with him more.

“I love you, Manik.” I confessed merrily before darting out of the house. My happiness had no bond because finally, our love won after so many difficulties.


“Manik, I promise, I will do anything to make you fine. I will never lose hope and stop fighting for our love till my last breath.” I murmured to myself when I was driving back home.

As suddenly someone came in front of my car, I applied the brake immediately. But that person turned into Katrina.

“I am so stupid that I stopped my car.” I chided myself and started the car again.

But before I could start the car, she broke the glass of the window. I shouted, covering my face, a few glass pieces pierced into my skin. She opened the door and yanked me out of the car by grasping my arm.

She bit my neck. It was hurting me a lot, she was sucking my blood and I was becoming weak and weak. I was screaming with pain and she was biting my neck brutally. My whole body was becoming numb with pain, everything was getting blur and then everything went black. The darkness engulfed me and I died.

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  1. Superb update
    I don’t think she will die because cabir has given her blood when manik bite her maybe she will turn vampire
    That what I read in many vampires stories

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