(Part: 18 My love is in So much Pain) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


I gained my conscious back, my neck was still hurting like hell but it was better than before.

“Aaa…” when I tried to get up, I cried out in extreme pain, holding my neck.

“Why did he bite me? Why he was behaving like a monster again?” As I wondered, my eyes welled up with tears. It hurt me a lot when he behaved like this with me.

“Thank god, you woke up. How are you feeling now?” As I heard Cabir’s voice, I realised he was also in the room with me. He swiftly reached up to my bed from the couch with the blink of my eyes.

“How I am feeling? Don’t you know, what is my condition? I’m like a crazy person, running after Manik from six months and he, he’s running away from me. He’s not even sharing anything with me and moreover, he is again and again lying and today he had just almost killed me, I could have died because of pain but he didn’t think about me and he did all this because he wants that I should leave him.” I was crying while saying all this in front of Cabir because it was hurting me a lot and I was not in a condition to bear more. Cabir was just looking at me helplessly.

“No, Nandini, you are thinking wrong. Manik didn’t do this to scare you, he lost his control after seeing your blood. In hundred years, he had never behaved like this after seeing the blood, he survived on Animals blood but today it seemed like someone was controlling him.” As he told me, I looked at him in shock.

“So, therefore, he is pushing me away from him because he is losing control over himself and he doesn’t want to hurt me. Like before I again misunderstood him and blamed him thinking that he hurt me intentionally.” I blamed myself and cried closing my eyes.

“Nandini, you don’t even know, what was his condition when you fainted down, he was in guilt, he was blaming himself.” I looked at him with sorrowful eyes, not understanding what to do.


Cabir P.O.V.

You fainted down after Manik’s attack and Manik was standing in shock. He looked at you having so much guilt in his eyes. I immediately sat beside you to check if you’re fine or not.

“Oh god, what I have done? I killed my love with my own hands, Cabir yeh meine kya kar diya (Cabir, what I did?)” Manik cried in agony after grasping my collar, wondering wrong that he killed you.

“I should also die now, this is a great idea.” He darted from there. I checked you first by putting my hand near to your nose, I sighed as you were still breathing. I hurriedly feed you my blood and left to check Manik after putting you on the couch.

“Manik…” I shouted when I found Manik in his room, he was just about to burn himself with the lighter. I immediately rushed to him. I snatched the lighter from his hand and flung it out of the window.

“Cabir, leave me, I want to die, I killed my love, I have no right to live now.” He tried to jump down the window to get back the lighter but before he could jump, I came in front of him and blocked his way.

“Manik, listen to me.” As I pushed him, he hit the opposite wall of the window.

“Manik, she is still alive, your Nandini is still alive, she didn’t die,” I told him the truth and he came back to his senses after listening to my words. He sighed with profound relief.

“Cabir, why did you bring Nandini here without informing me? I attacked Nandini going out of my control. I was afraid to hurt her and this was the only reason, I was staying away from her.” His words were clearly showing that he was in a deep guilt

“Manik, from two months, you have been punishing yourself. You cry all day and night in pain, I thought Nandini is only the one who could explain to you, but I am shocked to see you behaving like this for human blood, you have never behaved like this before. What is wrong with you, why can’t you control yourself like before, what happened to you suddenly?” As I asked, Manik hit his fist on the wall with rage.

“I don’t know, Cabir, I don’t know what is happening to me, I’m craving for human blood, My appetite for human blood is not reducing. I get mad, I lost control over myself when I see a human in front of me, therefore I am keeping her away from me because I don’t want to kill her, this is the only reason I lied to her. That day when I was with her, it was getting very hard for me to control myself. I wasn’t understanding that what happened to me all sudden, then I saw the future that I am biting Nandini’s neck. Then instantly I made a plan so that Nandini would leave me herself, thinking that I am living happily without her, the craving for her love and the craving for human blood is killing me Cabir, what to do?” I felt pain in my heart after hearing this. His condition was same as before when he had become a vampire hundred years ago. From this state, every vampire goes through in the starting years.

“Please, help me, Cabir, please help me, I can’t take this more. I can’t stay away from her, I need her.” He cried in front of me for help like a baby and I just hugged him to console him and to assure him that I am with him.

Flashback Over

“Then I took you to my home. Nandini, we will do something about his problem, but first, we need to know, what is happening with Manik. Please, for some time stay away from him. You have already seen how dangerous he has become. He loves you, Nandini, not even in his dream he wants to hurt you. The day he had accepted you, he was extremely happy, but that day only he started facing this problem and again he had to leave you.” I became numb after listening to this. I had been blaming him from one month, I didn’t know that he would be suffering more than me.

Today I came to know that vampire life is not easy, it is more difficult and painful than humans’ life.

“For him, I can stay away from him, but Cabir, I want to meet him for the last time, please make me meet him for the last time. As I requested him, he freaked out.

“Are you out of your mind? Didn’t you see what Manik did with you? He almost killed you, Nandini after seeing human, he forgets who are they. Nandini, please try to understand.” He tried to explain it to me.

“Cabir, please, I will just see him from far away. I want to see from my eyes that he is fine or not, then only I will able to spend my days without him, please Cabir, for once.” I looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Today, I’m witnessing how strong true love is. Even after knowing that he has become dangerous for you, you still want to meet him. I am speechless.” As Cabir said in disbelief, I gave him a faint smile. He said right, my love is strong for him and no power is stronger in front of my love.

We reached Manik’s house, I won’t lie that I wasn’t afraid at that time. I was weak because of his attack, my neck was still hunting but I knew that I would only get relief after seeing Manik fine from my own eyes.

“Nandini, please stay in the car, don’t come out, I am just coming after checking Manik that where he is?” As Cabir instructed, I nodded my head. He went inside to check Manik.

“Manik.” I murmured as I saw him standing in front of my car and within a second he reached up to my car. My heartbeat accelerated and I looked at him, my eyes were filled with fear.

“Open the door, aaahaa.. ” like a mad person he was shouting and trying to open the door. I flinched in fear and felt stabbing pain in my heart after seeing him in this condition. He was becoming mad for blood and his condition was hurting me more and more.

I hurriedly shifted to the driver seat and started the car’s engine before he could open the door of the car. I wanted to console him but I was certain if I try to do this, like before only he would try to kill me. I had no fear of getting physical pain from him but I was stopping myself from consoling him because I knew after hurting me, he would feel guilty. My love for him was selfless and true.

“I will do anything to make him fine.” I promised myself.

I was driving the car at full speed in the forest because he was running behind the car. As I turned back to see him, my car crashed into the tree and my head hit the steering.

“Aaha..” I cried out in pain.

I tried to start the car’s engine again in hurry but it wasn’t starting. Manik was coming to me.

He opened the door of the car and dragged me out of the car by grasping my hand.

“Manik, I’m your Nandini, I love you so much, come back to your senses, please, stop hurting me and yourself.” I shuttered, his eyes were fixed at my blood. I was horrified.

“Manik, look into my eyes, see how much I love you. Please, come back to your senses, what happened to you?” I was trying my best to convince him, but he was just staring at my forehead which was bleeding. As his canine teeth enlarged, my breath got stuck in my throat, I knew that now what was going to come.

“No, Manik, please.” I cried out as he attacked my already wounded neck. But suddenly he paused there only, I couldn’t feel any movement of him. I instantly stepped back and widened my eyes in shock as I saw him. He froze like snow.

I lifted my hand to touch him, but before I could touch him, Cabir came in front of me.

“Nandini, hurry up, you need to go from here before Manik unfreezes again.” As he said, I was looking at him bemusedly.

“But what happened to him suddenly, Cabir?” I asked, I was anxious for him.

“I have frozen him, I had a special power to freeze people for a few minutes.” As he told me, I nodded my head.

I was gazing at Manik, tears were mechanically tricking down my cheeks because I have to go away from him.

“Nandini, you need to go, please. You have to understand, Manik is craving for human blood, he is not in his senses, he gets mad after seeing a human.” As Cabir said, I last time glanced at Manik and went with him.

I came back home, disheartened. It was night time, I was just wondering about what had happened today. “Cabir said that he would find the reason that what happened to Manik and give me every update about Manik, but I can’t leave without him. I need him badly, but he is not in a condition to meet me. Manik, I miss you so much, I love you so much.”

“Mom will be worried for me, I should check her.” I thought in my mind and strolled to Mom’s room. I found her sleeping. I ambled to her and properly covered her with the quilt. I kissed her forehead and walked out.

As I stepped into my room, I widened my eyes in shock as I saw Mom sitting in my room. A few second ago, she was sleeping in my room and now she was sitting in my room. Then only I recalled about Manik’s word, he had told me that his enemy has the special power to change her appearance.

“Is she his enemy? What she’s doing here?” I wondered, staring at her.

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