(Part: 17 His Brutal Bite) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


“He is not even telling to me that why he lied to you, but he really loves you, Nandini. He has been living like a dead soul from two months, he needs you, only you can help her.” Cabir told me about Manik and I was shocked to hear this.

“Why didn’t I think about Manik? I am so selfish that I was blaming him and hating him for leaving me and lying to me. I never tried to reach him and asked him why he left me.” I scolded myself in my mind because Manik was suffering more than me and it was all my fault.

“Cabir, I want to meet him, please, take me to him.” I requested him. I was dying to meet Manik. I didn’t see him for two months. Living without him for me was like living a life without a heart.

My heartbeat accelerated as Cabir parked the car in front of Manik’s house. His house was in the middle of the jungle. We walked stepped into the house, I could feel his presence as always. Finally, after two months which were like two ages for me, I was going to meet him, but I was anxious for him and even scared too because I didn’t know whether he would accept me or not.

Cabir pointed his finger at Manik’s room which was upstairs. I moved my eyes to the door of his room which was closed. My heartbeat was accelerating with each passing second.

I ambled to the stairs. “All the best, Nandini.” As Cabir said, I turned my head. “I hope you will able to convince Manik.” I gave him a faint smile and hurried upstairs because the wait was killing me.

I held the knob of the door and took a deep breath before opening the door. I was breathing heavily. His room was dark and utterly messed up. My eyes were desperately searching for him only and finally, my eyes fell on him, but I felt a stabbing pain in my heart and tears welled up in my eyes as I saw his condition. He was lying like a lifeless soul on the floor.

I turned and switched on the light. “Why you came here?” As I heard his voice, I instantly turned around.

As I saw him in light, my heart almost stopped beating. His condition was worst, his whole body was red. His condition wrung my heart. Tears started trickling down my eyes mechanically.

“Why? Why he is doing this to himself?” I wondered, staring at him anxiously.

He was still lying on the floor and his eyes were closed. I toiled toward him, shedding silent tears. I was seeing him after two months and his condition was worst. My heart was crying like hell after seeing him in pain. I just wanted to take away all his pain.

“Just go from here.” He said in a low voice as I bent down to touch him. He was lying, covering his face with his hand. His words hurt me, he was still asking me to go without even seeing me.

I didn’t know why he was doing this with me but I had also decided that I won’t go before knowing the truth.

As I touched his burning hot body which was completely red, I cried hysterically and loudly because I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. He was a vampire and he was burning hot instead of cold. My heart was aching painfully.

“Just go away, Nandini just go away.” Suddenly he bawled with outrage at me by grasping my arms after getting up. I flinched in fear, he had shouted at me before also but never like this. He dragged me to the door within a second before I could say something.

I looked at him with my sorrowful eyes. His eyes were burning red, the area around his eyes was black, and his canine teeth were enlarged. I could vividly see immense anger in his eyes. I didn’t know why after our breakup night, I wasn’t able to see real emotions in his eyes. His eyes had never lied to me, but now they were also lying to me like him. I was certain that he was just scaring me like before.

“I won’t go until you tell me the real truth.” I confronted him with full confidence.

“Just go… fucking out of here now.” He threw me out of his room and shut the door. I fell and my forehead hit the floor. More than the physical pain, his behaviour was hurting me. I didn’t know why again he started behaving like a Monster. I stared at the door of his room with sorrowful eyes which were brimmed with tears. I touched my forehead, it was bleeding.

I started crying, looking at the door of his room. Cabir helped me in getting up. “Why he is doing this with me and to himself ?” I asked him while crying badly.

“Nandini, he shocked me too. In a hundred years he never behaved like this before with anyone, there is certainly something very big which he is hiding from us.” When Cabir said, we both heard the noises from his room, he was banging the door. We both glanced at each other in shock. We both darted to the door.

“Manik, what happened? Open the door.” Cabir said, trying to open the door and I was crying anxiously. I was becoming weak because I was shocked, worried, heartbroken, confused and in immense pain.

Suddenly the door burst open and he glared at my forehead, his cold look scared me a bit, I didn’t move an inch. I was just looking into the eyes.

“Manik, no.” As Cabir shouted at Manik, I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“Nandini, why are you not understanding, I am asking you to go, I don’t want to hurt you.” He again shouted, but this time closing his eyes.

“Manik, please, don’t push me, I love you and I know you also love me, please tell me why are you doing this? We will it fight together, what you are doing, that is only giving you pain and me too, it is wrong.” I hugged him and cried in agony. I was trying to convince him to share everything with me.

But next, what happened made me shocked. I felt his teeth near to my neck, he was about to bite me.

But before he could bite me, Cabir pushed him away from me with full force and hit with the wall.

“Manik…” I screamed and rushed to him.

Cabir stopped me by grasping my hand and warned me, “Nandini, he is not in his senses, you should go from here or else he can hurt you.”

“No, Cabir, I’m sure, he will never hurt me, he is just scaring me.” I said with full confidence, looking at Cabir, I was sure that like before he was just scaring me.

And the very next moment, I felt extreme pain in my neck, he bit my neck from behind, it was more painful than before. He was sucking my blood and I was feeling I would die with pain. Everything in front of my eyes was becoming blurry. I saw Cabir was trying to push Manik away, but he was not ready to leave me and bitting me even more brutally. My body was becoming numb with pain, the pain was getting unbearable. I was not in a condition to think or do anything, Then everything became black.

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