(Part: 92 Executing The Plan) Mine (Manan)


Manik stepped into the room with her and laid her down on the bed.

“Wow after so many days, I am back at our home, hello my home.” She squealed and greeted her home by waving her hand like a small baby. He smiled at his cute baby. He stayed happy from inside when he remained with her because she always made him smile and laugh with her acts and talks, her cuteness was his life. She was the only reason for his happiness.

She widened her eyes in shock as suddenly he crawled over and slammed her lips with his lips. He sucked her upper lip and she sucked his lower lip, wrapping her arms around his neck. Their kiss was their survival, kiss gave them strength. They went into their world while kissing each other pouring all their love. They didn’t want to break their kiss but they broke the kiss indeed of oxygen. They both gazed into each other eyes lovingly and she was smiling at him gleefully. After that, he moved down and attacked her neck. He started kissing and licking her neck and she pursed her lips in pleasure. He wanted to love her and her body till infinity. She was just moaning and giggling under him.

Nobody could say that she was so upset because of her legs a few minutes ago. This was the magic of true love that vanished away all the pain.

After feeding her dinner, he went into the corner of the room. He slid his hand into the pocket and took out a small remote. He pressed a button to switch on the camera which was fitted in the room.

He turned to her and said, “Baby, I’m just coming in a minute.”

She moved her eyes from the phone to him and gave him a slight nod. “Okay, Hubby.” He went out after last time smiling at her.

He was standing out of the room and fighting a battle with himself.

“Manik, you have to do this, for her, you have to hurt her for her only.” His mind was encouraging him.

“No, I can’t hurt her, I can’t see her in tears.” He murmured to his mind in a crying tone.

“But If you don’t do this, you have to see her in tears every day, it is better to make her cry today than seeing her tears every day.” His mind was trying hard to convince his heart.

“No, no I will do this, I can’t see her in tears every day.” Finally, his mind made his heart ready to give her pain.

After taking a deep breath, he stepped into the room. As she saw him, she gave him a winsome smile.

“I am sorry, baby.” He murmured before beginning his act.

“Ahaha…” he shrieked in pain, placing his hand on his heart. Her eyes dilated with horror as she saw her Hubby in pain. Her heart almost stopped beating for a few seconds.

“Hubby, what happened to you?” She asked anxiously and tried to get up but realised that she couldn’t move. She cried out.

“Ahaa…. baby.” He was doing his acting perfectly but deep inside his heart was crying because by doing this he was giving pain to his baby.

“Raju uncle, Geeta Aunty, Ramesh uncle.” She started calling maids and butlers but according to the plan, no one was coming. She was trying hard to move out of the bed, but couldn’t. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

Doctor, Mukti and Abhi were watching all this sitting in a van which was standing outside of the house.

“Hubby, what happened to you?” She started crying badly because she was feeling extremely helpless, her heart was crying seeing her love in pain.

“Hubby…” she screamed as in front of her eyes he slumped down on the floor with a thud.

He intentionally fell, facing his back to her because he knew, he would become weak if he sees her in pain and their plan will get flop. He didn’t want his plan to flop at any cost.

“Hubby, I won’t let anything happen to you.” She was trying hard to get up while crying and calling him again and again.

She clutched the bedsheet tightly and tried to get up by applying her all pressure. “Aaahaa..” she cried out helpless as she failed after trying hard.

On the other side, Manik was letting her cry putting the stone on his heart, tears were trickling down his eyes mechanically. Her screams were piercing his heart.

“Please, someone please help, please see what happened to my hubby, what should I do?” She cried after trying hard for two times. Her heart was crying more badly because she was feeling extremely helpless that she couldn’t help him. Her hubby was lying unconscious in pain and she couldn’t do anything. He was also crying silently.

She finally moved her legs, applying her pressure and placed her feet on the floor, her hands tore the bedsheet, this showed how much power she was applying to get up, she did this only for her hubby.

Everybody in the van smiled faintly with tears in their eyes after watching this because finally, she moved her legs.

“Manik, we succeeded.” As he heard Mukti’s word on the AirPods, he felt like finally, he got his break back. All the pain was worth it because his baby could move her legs now.

“Hubby, I coming to you.” She murmured before standing up on her feet.

“Aahaa… ” She screamed because she was feeling immense pain in her legs when she was trying to get up.

As Manik heard her scream, he was about to get up but stopped listening to the Doctor words. “Manik, please, wait just for a few minutes more, for her.” He clutched his fist and stopped himself from not getting up very difficultly.

But later he regretted it because as she stood up, she shrieked loudly in pain and slumped on the floor, unconscious.

Manik became numb as he heard her scream. He immediately got up and his breath got stuck in his throat as he saw her lying unconscious on the floor.

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