(Part: 67 A Invitation to the Party) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Princess P.O.V.

I woke up from slumber after sleeping for a few hours. Manik wasn’t with me. It is dark outside. I saw the time on the phone, it’s eight O’clock. My stomach growled, I’m starving. I haven’t eaten anything from so many hours.

I’m lying naked in the quilt. I slept naked, hugging him a few hours back. My lips drew up to a broad smile as I saw my handsome master, stepping into the room with the plate of tasty food, he’s shirtless, only in his short. His tempting body made me more hungry, I licked my lower lip and sat on the bed, holding the quilt.

He sat in front of me, smiling. I snatched the plate of fried rice from his hand and started gobbling it with the spoon like I have been starving from hundred years.

“Oh Madam, I’m hungry too. Who will make me eat?” He asked, raising his brows.

“Bring one more plate, I’m not going to share mine.” I teased him, moving the plate away from him and showed him my tongue.

“No, problem, I’ll have these in my dinner.” He suddenly clasped my twins and squeezed them. I moaned, realising that I’m sitting naked in front of him.

Now I’m comfortable to sit naked with him.

“We need food also to survive, Mr Manik Malhotra.” I put the spoon of fried rice into his mouth.

“But the way I had a great snack in the evening.” I glanced at his crotch and winked at him. He chuckled.

He moved closer to my face and asked, “did you like the snack?”

“I just love it.” I murmured before kissing his lips softly.

Then we had our dinner with naughty talks, he sucked and pinched my nipples, nuzzled my neck and hair, I pressed his junior over the short, kissed his chest, we moaned, laughed and giggled. That’s how we had our dinner.

“Now I’m going to get fresh.” I stood up from the bed utterly naked and strolled to the washroom. I know he must be gazing at my bare buttocks.

I walked out of the bathroom, wearing his navy blue hoodie, falling from one side of my shoulder because it’s loose to me. I just love to wear his clothes. The full sleeves of his hoodie are rolled up to my elbow and my hair is tied up in a messy bun.

My brows creased as I saw Manik at the balcony, he is talking to someone over the phone in anger. I ambled to the balcony.

As he saw me, he disconnected the call after saying, “I’m not coming.”

“What happened?” I asked anxiously.

“My Dad is calling me again and again, he wants me to attend his party.” He told me.

“Why you aren’t going?” I asked.

He frowned and answered me in fury. “Because I don’t want to take his orders. He means nothing to me.”

“Manik, he’s your father. You should listen to him.” I tried to explain to him by placing my hand over his shoulder.

“You know everything about him, then also you’re asking me to listen to him. He never cared about me, Nandini, I endured so much pain in my childhood because of his carelessness. I really don’t want to meet him and attend his any party, Princess.” He looked at me with his sorrowful eyes.

“I can understand you, Manik.” I clasped his face and caressed his stubble. “If he did wrong with you in childhood, it doesn’t mean you will also do the same thing with him. You should fulfil the duty of a son. Listen to him, be a good son.” I tried to explain to him.

“Will you go?” As I asked, he nodded.

“Would you come with me? I can’t handle him alone.”

“Anything for you, Manik. I want to be your support system.” I instantly agreed by clasping his hand. He smiled at me blissfully and kissed my forehead.

“Let’s get ready.” I uttered.


“Manik, it would be a big party, What I should wear?” I asked, standing in front of the cupboard in the dressing room. I’m not understanding what I should wear because I have never attended such a huge party before and it’s a huge day for me because, for the first time, I’m going to meet his father.

“Wear anything, you will look heavenly beautiful.” Manik answered, buttoning his black shirt. He’s standing in front of the mirror.

I picked up a sexy strapless short dress. “So I’m wearing this, how is it?” As he saw the dress, he frowned. I stifled a giggle seeing his expression.

“Seriously, you’re planning to wear this dress, Princess?” He asked in disbelief.

I nodded, trying hard not to smile.

He snatched the dress from my hand and hung it back in the cupboard. He’s now selecting the dress for me.

“You were only saying that wear anything. So what happened?” As I asked, he roughly grasped my chin and moved dangerously close to my face. “Because I don’t want anybody to leer at my Princess.” He said sternly.

“I was just teasing you, Manik. Relax.” As I uttered, he left my chin. I know his mood is like this because of his father.

Am I doing right by making him meet his father?

Then he selected a black fitted gown for me.

“Wear this.” He gave the dress to me.

“Are you fine, Manik?” I asked by holding his hand.

“Until you’re with me, I’m great.” He smiled broadly and kissed my hand. I beamed at him.

Then he turned towards the mirror and I pulled the hoodie over my head. I slip the gown down my body. It perfectly fitted my body.

“You look stunning, Princess.” He complimented me, looking at me through the mirror. I smiled at him and stood beside him.

He suddenly grasped my waist and pinned me against the mirror. “I don’t want to spoil your lipstick, Princess. Therefore kissing you before applying it and you’re looking so hot.” He whispered against my lips before capturing them. I encircled my arms around his neck and placed one of my knees over his waist. His tongue is exploring my mouth, his lips are exploring my lips and his hands are roughly squeezing one of my twin and one of my butt. I’m utterly lost in his rough and passionate kiss.

So what do you think, what is going to happen at the party?

Love Mehak

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 67 A Invitation to the Party) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hayee yeh manan la romance kabhi khatam he nahi hote they never get enough of each other that’s why they love to tease and arouse the other whenever they find a chance to do soo…
    Poor manik uska childhood itna bura tha and his father never did anything to improve it but is now trying to talk to him that is not right but after manik is his son so he has to try acc to nandu…
    Uff manik ketna possessive hai nandu ko lekar…

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