(Part: 13 Slow Romance) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


I stepped into the classroom, smiling, lost in the thoughts of my Vampire, yes, he was mine now. I was wondering about his superpower. He could see the future, that’s unbelievable and mind-blowing.

Then my eyes fell over my friends who were already looking at me in surprise. I was seeing them after a month. I just rushed to them, first I hugged Mukti and than Abhi. Friends are a very important part of our life, life is incomplete without friends.

“Nandu, we’re so happy to see you at college after such a long time, but we’re so sorry to hear about your father.” Mukti uttered, feeling sorry for me.

“Don’t be sorry because I’m happy.” As I said and smiled broadly, they looked at me in shock by raising their eyebrows.

Then I told them everything that he wasn’t my real father and how he used to keep my mom away from me. They were so shocked after knowing this.

“Guys, I am happy now, I got my mother back and she loves me, she cares about me and today she asked me to invite you both to dinner. You both are coming, okay?” As I invited them for the dinner and they both nodded their head meekly. I wanted to tell them about Manik also but I couldn’t because it wasn’t safe.

I wish I could tell them.

“We’re extremely happy to see you happy, Nandini. For the first time, we both are seeing you so much happy, hope you always keep smiling like this.” As Abhi said and pulled me into the hug, I felt a sudden urge to tell them about the real reason for my happiness. I pouted sadly.

Then I saw Manik stepping into the classroom and a bright smile spread across my face automatically. I moved my eyes to Mukti and Abhi, they were shocked to see Manik in class after a month.

As they both looked at me, I blinked my eyes. “I’m fine.” They smiled at me slightly.

We all settled down on the desk. Manik sat on the first bench as usual.

I pouted at him, a bit upset. I wondered, “I just hope, that enemy dies soon, so after that, I can sit with Manik and I can tell everything to them.”

He turned his face and glanced at me over his shoulder. I was sitting in the middle besides his row.

As my phone beeped up, I received a message from an unknown number. I opened the message.

Unknown Number: Why my Angel is upset?

I smiled and instantly understood after reading the message who had sent me the message.

Me: No, I’m not upset. I was just thinking about your enemy.

I replied to him and saved his number with My Vampire.

My Vampire: Don’t think about her. I’ll handle everything.

Me: I know. I love you.

My Vampire: I love you more, Angel.

I kept my phone in my bag as the teacher came.

The day passed with a blur and I came back home with Mukti and Abhi. I had lunch with Mom and then I took a nap, not before talking to My Vampire for a few minutes on the call.

I was getting ready for dinner in the evening. I was combing my hair, standing in front of the mirror and wondering, “I wish Manik could also join us over dinner. I know it isn’t possible for now but next time it could be.” I was wearing a black dress with a red blazer over it and longboats. I applied mascara, Kajal and a light shade of lipstick.

I was missing Manik like hell. At college also we didn’t sit with each other and after college, I directly came back home with Mukti and Abhi. After last time glancing at myself in the mirror, I stepped out of the room.

Dinner with my friends and Mom went pretty well, but I won’t lie that I had been missing Manik a lot all the time during the dinner.

I strolled into my room after dinner. My eyes twinkled and my lips curved into a cheerful smile as I saw Manik sitting on the bed. I rushed to him gleefully and sat on his lap, hanging my both legs on one side.

We both deeply gazed into each other eyes, smiling contentedly. Our eyes talked more than us, his eyes stored a lot of pain which I wanted to know, but he had said he would tell me everything when the right time comes. I was waiting for that right time desperately.

“So, did my angel missed me? Because her vampire boyfriend missed her a lot.” He asked cutely after breaking the silence.

I found him so adorable and smiled broadly at him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I missed you so much, I can’t even express it in words.” I kissed his cheek. He clasped my face and kissed my lips like he had been hungry for ages. I tried to match up the speed of vampire, but couldn’t.

“Your lips taste so delicious, Angel. You have no idea how much I have craved to taste them.” He breathed, touching our forehead as we pulled apart. I was panting, my eyes are still closed.

“You can have them whenever you want.” I murmured smiled shyly and blushed hard.

I stood up and strolled to the mirror. He swiftly reached behind me using his vampire skill. I widened my eyes in amazement. He always stunned me with his vampire’s skills. We looked at each other through the mirror and beamed merrily. He pulled off my blazer, gazing at me and tossed it on the sofa.

He placed my hair over my side of my shoulder and started kissing all over my back, I held the chair tightly in response. He was placing soft kisses on my neck and back from behind and I was going crazy, my body was burning with desires. The kisses were turning me on. His love was something very special for me.

As he swiftly turned me to himself, I moved my eyes down, blushing. He held my chin with his thumb and finger and pulled my chin up. I looked at him smiling shyly. He moved closer to my face and as our lips touched, he sucked my upper lip and I sucked his lower lip, the slow kiss was turning me on.

After that, he pinned me against the wall and the slow kiss turned wild and passionate. I loved his wild kisses. He slid his hands into my dress, Electricity of excitement rushed down my spine as his cold hands touched my skin which was burning with desires. His hands were travelling up from thighs to my waist, from my waist to my tummy and then he clasped my twins over the fabric of the bra. He was kissing me passionately and perfectly massaging my twins with his hands. I was moaning in his mouth, my body was on fire. I was feeling incredible. His touch was heaven on the earth for me. I never thought that the twins’ massage would ever turn me on like this. His hands were doing some kind of magic on me, I loved this man in every way.

As we broke the kiss, he scooped me into his arms in bridal style and led me to the bed. He laid me down on the bed and crawled over me. He kissed my forehead and as I closed my eyes, he placed kisses on my both eyelids. I felt so good. He pulled the strap of my dress down my shoulder and kissed my shoulder. After that, he moved down. He held the hem of my dress and pulled it up. He gazed at me before kissing my thigh and I was shivering with his every kiss. He pulled my dress more up and kissed all over my waist and tummy. I clutched the bed-sheet as he licked my belly button. I was literally trembling. His touch was driving me crazy and arising goosebumps all over my body. It was so mind-blowing.

He pulled my dress up to reveal my twins and I shyly closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt no weight over me and I instantly opened my eyes.

I found him sitting on the couch, holding his head.

“Suddenly, what happened to him?” I asked myself. His sudden act made me extremely anxious. Everything was fine a few minutes back, then suddenly what had happened to him. I could sense some danger after seeing the look on his face.

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