(Part: 65 Realisation) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Master’s P.O.V.

I know, Princess told me a small lie, but the thing is that she lied to me. She could have told me that she isn’t comfortable to use the vibrator in class. She broke my trust. I can’t be her Master anymore because I don’t want her to lie to me again. I’m still shocked that my Princess lied to me.

I’m sitting in the car, clutching the steering. I’m still boiling in anger. I’m not getting relief.

I’m angry and hurt, but I can’t go leaving her alone here. She must be exhausted after our today’s make-out session. I should message her.

Me: I’m waiting for you in the parking area. Come fast.

She replied to me within a second.

Princess: I’m coming.

After a few minutes, the door of the car opened and Princess settled inside. She suddenly hugged me tightly, pulling me to herself, digging her face into my shoulder.

“I know that you won’t go leaving me alone. I love you so much,. Please, forgive me. I know I shouldn’t have lied to you. I promise I’ll never do this again. Please, don’t take away my master from me. Don’t give me such a hard punishment for such a small lie.” She requested, hugging me tightly.

I pulled her away from me by holding her arms. She looked at me guiltily. I won’t lie that my heart isn’t melting seeing her face and listening to her words, but I can’t give her master back.

“We’re going back home, Princess.” I said sternly.

“No, I won’t go home. This time you’re overreacting. I don’t want to use the vibrator, therefore I lied to you,”

I asked, cutting her words. “do you really think that I would have forced you to use the vibrator if you had told me the truth?”

She shook her head. “No, you’re thinking wrong. I know you will never force me for anything. I just,” she stopped as I showed her my hand, glaring at her.

“Please, Princess, don’t talk to me right now, please.” I begged her to be quiet.

I don’t want to talk to her because I don’t want to hurt her with my words in anger. I just lose control over myself when I get angry and she knows about this.

She growled at me. “Fine, as your wish because I’m tired of explaining to you.” She closed her eyes and rested her head against the seat, knitting her brows. I started the car’s engine, turning my face to the road.

She dozed off because of tiredness and I’m driving the car, wondering, “Am I really overreacting? No, she deserves this for breaking my trust. Our Master and Princess relationship can’t stand without trust. But she has always complied with my every order till now. I’m being so hard with her. Should I give her one more chance to prove herself?”

I thought for a moment and murmured, “yes, I’ll give her more chance.” I can’t end everything between us like this. She always understands me, bears my anger and accepts my every punishment without any argument.

I glanced at her, the cold breeze is caressing her face and her few hair stands are coming over her face. I properly tucked them behind her ear with one hand and held the steering with my other hand. I always shout at her because of my anger and she bears my anger without any complaint. I’m so lucky to have her. She doesn’t complain to me about anything. She accepted me the way I am. I can’t give her such a hard punishment for such a small mistake.

I changed the route by taking a U-turn. Before I had planned to drop her at her home, but now we’re going back to my farmhouse. Now I’m not angry anymore. My anger vanished away like magic. Now I want to spend time with my Princess.

Now I’m realising that I really overreacted today. She did wrong, but I shouldn’t have chided her like the way I did.

In my anger, I always do the things which I never want to do. I never want to shout on my Princess.

Why I’m short-tempered?

“Only my Princess can handle a person like me.” I murmured, glimpsing at Princess and a small smile touched my face.

As I applied the brake in front of the farmhouse, she instantly aroused from slumber. She slowly opened her eyes and turned her face to me.

“I’m sorry,” I shushed her by placing my finger over her lips and gazed at her fondly.

“Don’t say sorry, just make me believe that you won’t lie to your master again.” I removed the finger from her lips. She stared at me in utter disbelief.

“Am I dreaming?” As she asked, I smiled and shook my head.

“A few minutes back, you were so angry and ended our master and Princess relationship and now you’re ready to give a chance to me, Did a magic happen when I was sleeping?” She asked, still staring at me incredulously.

“Now I have realised that I overreacted in my anger. You know, your master is short-tempered, Princess. Therefore when I’m angry, I avoid talking to you, but you don’t listen to me.” I explained to her.

“Because I know you will never hurt me, not even in anger. I have utter faith in you.” She said after placing her hand on my face and caressed my stubble, looking at me lovingly.

And I was blaming her for not trusting me. I’m really an idiot.

I apologised, “I’m sorry for shouting at you. I’m taking my words back.”

She smiled. “It’s okay, I can take your anger. But you seriously scared me this time by ending our relationship. I never want to lose my master. I’m madly and deeply in love with my master. I just lied to you because I didn’t want to disobey you, really. And you know after that I felt guilty. I promise I’ll never lie to you.” She explained to me again.

This time I understood her point of you. She lied for me only because she didn’t want to make me upset by denying to use the vibrator. She always thought about me and do whatever I say to her.

“Now I’ll never ask you to use the vibrator in public.” As I stated, she shook her head.

I narrowed my brows confusingly. “I can try this in future. It just that I wasn’t ready at that time.” She told me.

“You really wanna use it publicly in future?” I asked to confirm because I never want to do something which she doesn’t want.

She smiled sheepishly at me and nodded her head. “Yes, Master.”

“Okay, as your wish, Princess.” I kissed her lips chastely by cupping her face.

“I’m so lucky to have you, Princess.” I breathed against her lips and kissed her passionately, grasping her hair.

“I’m blessed to have you, Master. Please, never break our this relationship.” She whispered, panting and gazing at me intensely as we broke the kiss.

“Never.” I shook my head and whispered against her forehead, “no matter what I’ll always remain your master, Princess.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Suddenly she came over my lap and sat astride me. She buried her face in my chest and encircled her arms around me. I smiled blissfully and embraced her in my arms before placing a kiss on her hair. I really feel so lucky to have her. Nobody can say that I was so angry a few minutes back and thinking to end the master and Princess relationship with her.

Unexpected, Did you think in last part that he would forgive her so soon.

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hayeee the update was soo pyaar it contained lots and lots of love between manan even there fight was filled with love…
    Last part mai manik la gussa dekhkar laga nahi ke he will forgive her so soon but nandu ka love and her trust in him made him realise that he is doing wrong by punishing her…
    But finally manik ka gussa gayab hou gaya and they are back to there lovey-dovey manan…

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