(Part: 89 CHOCOLATE ROMANCE) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“I think, you won’t get relief until I give you pleasure, right my naughty baby?” As he asked having a smirk on his face, Sana nodded her head cutely, blushing.

After that, he locked the doors and windows. Sana was staring at him in anticipation. Then he crawled over her and started licking the chocolate from her neck. She closed her eyes in response, enjoying his touch and she placed her hands on his shoulder. Licking chocolate from her neck, he came toward her jaw. He didn’t like chocolate but whenever he used to lick the chocolate from her body, Chocolate became his favourite sweet because his baby was sweetest.

He was making her crazy by licking the chocolate from the corner of her lips but he was not licking her lips and she was becoming insane to feel his lips over her lips. He loved to tease her and also loved to make her crazy for a kiss because he enjoyed it a lot when she cutely asked for a kiss from him.

But this time Sana didn’t ask for the kiss, she captured his lips by grasping his shoulders. Sidharth widened his eyes in shock with her sudden kiss.

She sucked his upper lip, he sucked her lower lip, then she sucked his lower lip and he sucked her upper lips, like this, their lips started moving in rhythm and inside their mouth, their tongue was dancing with each other and they tasting each other saliva. They were becoming breathless but like always they didn’t want to break the kiss because their kiss gave them the strength to survive, they wanted to kiss each other till infinity. For him, her lips were his heaven and for her, his lips were her heaven. But indeed of oxygen unwillingly they broke the kiss and gazed deeply into each other eyes, they found so much love in each other eyes.

“Now my baby will tell me, what she wants me to do next, will she tell me?” He politely asked, tucking a few hair strands behind her ear, she was just smiling gleefully at him. Her smile was proving that love can make you forget every pain, her legs got paralysed but she was still happy, because of her lover, Sidharth.

“I want you to first remove my gown.” As she uttered sheepishly.

“As you say, my baby.” He kissed her cheek and pulled her gown over her head and waited for her next order.

“Now I want you to remove this.” She pointed at her bra, blushing.

Sidharth was smirking because he was enjoying the way she was giving him instruction. He first pulled the straps of her bra down her shoulder and out of her hands and then he unhooked her bra and put it on the table where he had kept her gown. He stared at her naked upper body, his eyes filled with desires and she was smiling at him in excitement.

“I want you to,” she was about to say something more but stopped in the middle. He narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“Come here, hubby, because even walls have ears.” She pointed at the wall and asked him to come close to her face. He shook his head unbelievably after listening to her words and he moved closer to her face.

“Hubby, now I want you to apply chocolate here and lick it,” she whispered in his ear and placed his hands on her twins. As he cupped her twins, she closed her eyes in response. He took melted chocolate and started dropping it down all over twins. She was lying with her eyes closed, desperately waiting for him to lick it. Before licking the chocolate, he looked at Sana, having a smile on his face and kissed her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“Are you ready for the real fun, baby?” He asked, moving down but his intense gaze was fixed at her.

“Hubby, don’t ask, just do it fast.” Like always she said as a desperate soul and Sidharth chuckled.

As he started licking all the chocolate, she moaned, placing her hands on his shoulder. His one hand was massaging her one twin and his other hand was at her waist.

“Oh.. hubby, you are amazing.” She was moaning when he was giving her immense pleasure by sucking one of her twins.

“Aaa,” she moaned a little louder when he lightly bit her nipple. He never gave her a hickey there because he didn’t want to hurt his baby in any manner, in love also he never wanted to hurt her.

After a few minutes, he was placing wet kisses all over her tummy. Then he again came toward her face and pecked her lips.

“I love you,” She opened her eyes as he confessed love after clasping her face. She also smiled cutely and pecked his lips.

“Hubby,” she called him cutely and he just hummed because he was lost in her eyes.

“I want one thing more,” as she uttered, Sidharth looked at her in surprise.

He wondered, “now what she wants?”

“I want, you to give me pleasure by rubbing there.” She flushed and pointed her finger at her middle of thighs. She always told him everything directly because he never made her feel uncomfortable.

“Baby, I also want to give you pleasure. Even I am dying to mark you as mine, I mean to make love with you but you are weak now, we need to wait or else your condition will get worse.” He was explaining to her perfectly like the mother explains her kid.

“Are you understanding me?” He asked because she made a sad pout.

“First, fake police arrested you, then I got kidnapped, now this. Hubby, when our wait will get over ?” she asked sadly and he felt hurt seeing her sad but he smiled for her.

“Sana, didn’t you notice one thing in all this?” He asked having a smile on his face.

“What?” She raised her brows.

“That we are still together and our love became stronger. This proved that nothing can separate us from each other because our power of love is strongest.” She was listening to his words keenly.

She nodded her head. “You’re right, hubby, our love is strongest, no one can come in between us, no villain. In future also if some other villain comes, I know as a hero, you will kill him. From the day I met you, you have taken my all worries because I know you are my hero, hubby. You will always protect me from every danger.”’ She said everything from the core of her heart, she always said what she felt, she never lied. He was speechless after hearing her words, he just gave a forehead kiss.

After some time, Sidharth was feeding his baby with his hand and she was taking their selfies.

“Baby, first eat then we will take lot of selfies.” He snatched the phone from her hand. Forgetting she couldn’t move, she tried to move forward because she wanted to take the phone from his hand. She felt sad from inside but controlled her emotions because she didn’t want to make her love sad by crying. He already suffered a lot because of her. Like he couldn’t see her pain, she also couldn’t see his pain.

She didn’t ask for the phone after that, just like a sincere kid, she ate the food, wondering about her legs. She didn’t know when a tear escaped out of her eyes and fell on his hand. After seeing tears in her eyes, like always his heart broke down into millions of pieces. He was about to ask but before that Sana started her acting.

“Ahaaa.., hubby, something went in my eyes, it’s hurting.” Nothing had gone in her eyes, she was doing acting so that Sidharth shouldn’t come to know that she was crying.

He moved closer to her face and blew air in her eyes worriedly. She was just gazing at him and found so much love for her in his eyes, she was feeling so lucky and great that she got a man like Sidharth, who loved her more than anything in the world.

“Now okay?” He asked after a second and she just nodded her head, having a smile on her face.

Then in a gesture, she asked him to come close to her. He immediately moved close to her and she cutely pecked his cheek and said, “I love you, my hubby.”

He sucked her upper lips in response and then it turned into a lingering kiss. After moving apart from each other, they both smiled, gazing into each other eyes.

“Hubby, where is Cabir Bhai and how is Navya? Go and check.” Sana asked when Sidharth was covering her with the quilt properly after feeding her food completely.

“Baby, you wait, I just come after talking to Doctor about Navya’s health.” Sana nodded her head and he left after smiling at her.

Sidharth stepped out of her wardroom and found Mukti sitting there.

“Bhai, I need to talk about Sana.” Mukti said dejectedly after standing up.

“What ?” He asked anxiously.

“Doctor told me that it is not confirmed that when Sana can walk, maybe she can walk tomorrow or maybe never.” His heart stopped beating as he listened to her words. He lost his balance and as he moved backwards, his back hit the wall.

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