(Part: 63C The Class Room Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I bent over the desk and raised butts in the air, my face is hanging in the air. I held the back of the desk. The balls are still inside me, but they aren’t vibrating. I’m early waiting for him. I turned my face back to look at him. He’s picking up the duster from the table, his lips are curved to a sexy smirk. My heart is racing with excitement. For the time he’s going to spank my butts with something else other than his hands. I’m a bit nervous too, but I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy it because spanking arouses me.

He ambled to me with the duster, smirking at me.

He stood behind me and ground his hardness against my butts. “You look so hot and attractive when you bend like this over the desk. I’m so hard for you.” As he uttered hoarsely, my core literally throbbed for him after listening to his word.

“But I can’t thrust you now because today I want to make you beg for me.” He’s grinding himself against me, arousing me more and more.

He pulled away from me and suddenly turned on the vibrating balls at the minimum speed. I closed my eyes and moaned.

“How many minutes were you late today, Princess?” He asked, caressing the duster down my back to my butt.

“Ten minutes, Mas,”

He cut me off, “Don’t call me Master, I’m your professor in the classroom. Call me Professor.”

“Okay, Professor.”

“So you were ten minutes late, I’ll give five spanks on your butts and five spanks here.” He said, cupping my pelvis.

Oh God, I’m so aroused and excited.

“Now count.” He suddenly smacks one of my butts with the duster.

“Oh fuck…” I yelled, clutching the desk and jumped up in response and the balls moved inside me.

“Count, Princess.” He reminded me.

“One, Professor.”

Smack. He hit my other butt. It’s turning me on more.

I moaned, “Oh… two.”

He spanked my butts three more times, I jumped and counted in response. It didn’t hurt me, rather it aroused me more. I’m feeling a burning sensation there.

He bent down and placed a few soft kisses all over my hips, gliding his hands up into my crop top, fondling my back.

“Do you enjoy it, Princess?” He asked in my ear after bending over me.

“I enjoyed it,” He shushed me by kissing my lips after grasping my hair. He kissed me passionately and turned on the vibrator at the highest speed. I moaned in his mouth and kissed him back with passion.

He stood up and lowered the speed of the vibrator. He stated, “Now five more spanks to go.”

“Stand up, facing me.” As he ordered, I complied by standing up instantly and turned towards him.

“Now sit on the edge of the desk’s table and widened your legs as much as you can.” He instructed and I complied like always. I placed my butts on the table and splayed my legs, utterly exposing myself to him. I’m not ashamed to stand in front of him like this because he has full right on my body. What belongs to me is his too.

We deeply gazed into each other eyes. “Hands up in the air.” He ordered suddenly.

As I raised my hands, he grasped the hem of my top and hastily yanked it over my head. I’m wearing a white lace bra today. He squeezed my twins over the bra and attacked my neck. I arched my back to give him complete access to my neck. He’s nibbling down my neck, I’m moving my hands in his hair, moaning.

I screamed, clutching his hair as suddenly he hit my clit with the duster. I was so lost in him that I didn’t come to know when he picked up the duster. I felt such an intense sensation with one spank only. I felt a sudden urge to get more spank. Seriously, he’s driving me crazy with all these new things. Not even my wildest dream, I thought about all this before meeting him.

He took out one of my twins from the bra and sucked the nipple, grasping the twin with his hand. I’m so lost in the pleasure and suddenly he stroke my clit again with the duster and again and again nonstop.

“Oh, God.” I moaned loudly with immense pleasure, clenching his hair and throwing my head back after each spank. It’s mind-blowing and very intense. Now I have become so sensitive.

He pressed the duster over there before giving the other spank and pressed it again. He looked up at me and asked, “Do you want more, Princess?” He’s now rubbing me with the duster.

“Yes, Professor.” As I answered, he hit my most sensitive spot six times nonstop. I’m so sore and now I just want him inside me.

“Today I’m going to fuck you very hard because I’m so aroused.” As he uttered, dropping the duster on the floor, my eyes twinkled with excitement because right now I want this only.

But my lips drew down as he said, “but you’re not allowed to cum without my permission.”

It’s so hard to hold myself back.

He smiled devilishly at me and yanked the vibrating balls out of me in one go by grasping the removal string. I gasped and clutched my hands in response.

He hastily undid his jeans button and yanked his jeans and boxer down his legs. His hard junior sprung out. I gazed at his junior, my eyes are filled with desires. He smirked at me as I swept my eyes to his face.

He grasped my waist and shoved deep into me in one go, I screamed and dug my nails into his shoulder. He eased out and pushed into me again, giving me a hard stroke. He is also moaning with pleasure. He brought me to the edges with his two strokes only.

“Can I cum?” I screamed as he rammed into me. He didn’t respond, just kept thrusting me hard and fast.

Oh God, I can’t hold it. I’m so close.

“Could I cum, please?” I begged.

He eased out of me and shook his head. “No.” He denied, staring at me darkly and as he rammed into me again, I exploded.

“Very bad, Princess, you disobeyed your master.” He said after coming out of me. I’m trying to catch my breath back after the intense orgasm.

“I couldn’t control it.” I’m panting.

“Now I won’t control myself from making you cum again and again.” He stated and pushed into me so deep. He held the removal string of vibrating balls and placed one of the balls on my clit. They are turned on at maximum speed. Oh God, it’s so intense. He kept thrusting me hard and fast, and within a few minutes, I exploded again.

He still didn’t stop. He swiftly turned me around, bent me down over the desk and rammed into me from behind by grasping my hands with one hand and yanking my hair with his other hand.

He leaned over me, going deeper into me. He murmured against my back. “You drive me crazy, Princess. I love you so much.” He thrust me again and this time we exploded together.

I’m not in a condition to speak a word. I’m so exhausted after so many intense and mind-blowing orgasm, but I won’t lie that I want more.

So finally, here is the final part of the classroom Punishment.

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 63C The Class Room Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Shit the whole update way to hot and intense🔥🔥
    Manik and nandu’s romance is any form is really on another level even when they have there master and princesses sessions there loves just pools out of them…
    There class romance, nandu’s punishment and then there love making was super duper sexy and filled with hotness…

  2. Erotic but I want Master’s Pov also can you add both of them it will be more interesting

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