(Part: 88) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth was kissing her lips and his hands were massaging her soft twins. They forgot that they were in the hospital because after a week, they were feeling their body rubbing against each other, one week was like one year for them, they were dying to love each other and finally, the day came and they got the chance to show their love but their romance got disturbed by the knock on the door.

“Hubby, someone is on the door, fast make me wear my gown.” She said after pushing him away. He groaned annoyingly, he wanted to kill that person who was at the door.

He was continuously knocking on the door, making him angrier. He stood up and hurriedly made her wear the gown while Sana was saying like a baby, “fast fast.”

“Hubby, stop.” She suddenly shouted when Sidharth was about to unlock the door. He instantly turned to her. ” Hubby, you made me wear the gown in the wrong way.” She pulled her both hands out, showing him that he made her wear the gown topsy-turvy (Ulta).

“Baby, cover yourself with the blanket, okay.” He instructed her and after that he turned to open the door while she hurriedly covered herself with the blanket properly, making cute faces.

As Sidharth opened the door, Mukti, Khushi, Abhi and Arnav rushed into the room, holding gifts for her. Cabir was with Navya, he was still unaware that because of donating blood, Sana legs got paralysed. They were sad for her from inside but they all were smiling for her. They all hugged her one by one and told her how much they missed her. Their acts and gestures were clearly showing how important she was to them and how much they loved her. She was their life, she was the only one, who brought happiness in their life. She filled their life with joy. They were blessed to have her in their life.

“Look, what we brought for you.” As Mukti showed the box of chocolates, Sana’s eyes shimmered, her mouth became watery and she adorably licked her lower lip. Sidharth was just admiring her and smiling gleefully seeing his baby doll happy. He never wished anything except her happiness. He always wanted to see his baby smiling, he didn’t know how he would see her in a paralysed state.

Forgetting that she couldn’t move, she tried to get up because she wanted to grab the box of chocolate. “Ahaaa…” as she whined like a small baby, they all looked at each other sadly.

“Sana, no need to cry, we will make you eat chocolate from our own hands.” Khushi tried to cheer up her.

“And you Sidharth, dare if you try to stop us from making her eat chocolate,” Abhi warned Sidharth when he was lost in thought looking at her legs, it was visible that he was tensed for her legs. With everyone, Sana also noticed this.

“Hubby, could I eat chocolate? Please.” She cutely requested like a baby in an extra-sugary voice so that no one could deny her. All were awed seeing her cuteness like always and she succeeded in her plan because Sidharth was smiling now forgetting about her legs. Only she had the power to make him smile in any situation, that power is called the power of love.

“Okay, baby today is your day, I won’t stop you.” He permitted her and smiled at her.

“Aww, thank you so much, hubby.” She again tried to get up because she wanted to hug him, but this time she didn’t cry and not even became sad because she knew, her sadness would make him upset and she didn’t want to make him sad, therefore she did something else.

“Hubby.” She called him by opening her arms, she was asking him to hug her. He beamed at her after understanding what she wanted. He leaned and hugged her tightly.

“I love you so much, baby.” He was hugging her more and more tightly.

“I love you more than you.” She said after breaking the hug and he kissed her nose, everybody witnessed their true love.

“I think, we should go outside and give some alone time to our love birds.” When Arnav suggested, they all nodded their heads agreeing to him, because they all knew why the door was opened late by Sidharth. They had already distributed their romance and being their true friend, they must support their friends and let them spend some alone time. Sidnaaz also nodded their heads and didn’t stop them because it was true that they wanted to spend some alone time with each other.

“Sidharth, please this time, don’t forget to put the board of do not disturb.” Abhi whispered this in Sidharth’s ear before walking out. Sidharth showed him his eyes and Abhi dashed out while laughing.

“What did Abhi jiju whisper in your ear?” She asked innocently, her eyes twinkled like a small kid, she wanted to know everything.

“He asked me to put the board of do not disturb.” He told her irritably and she smiled.

“So, why are you giving this type of looks, hubby? He said right, you should put that board, so that next time, no one will able to disturb us.” Sidharth chucked after hearing her words.

“Baby, we are in hospital, not in the hotel where we can put, do not disturb board.” He explained to her and she gave him I don’t care looks.

“I want to do romance with you here without any disturbance, hubby.” She said as a stubborn kid and Sidharth smiled.

“We will do romance at home, I won’t stop you until you ask me to stop, okay?” He tried to change her mood but she was still sitting sadly.

Suddenly an idea came into his mind to divert her mind from romance, but on the other side only he knew, how he was controlling himself because he was dying to claim her.

“Uhmm, I think someone has forgotten about chocolates.” He said, picking up the box of chocolate and seeing chocolate, her eyes shimmered again and she licked her lower lip, showing how desperate she was to eat the chocolate. Sidharth found this act so cute and he pecked her lips and also he succeeded in diverting her mind.

She pointed her finger at her lap, asking him in a gesture to put the box of chocolate on her lap. He did what she asked and after that, she picked up one chocolate and tried to tear the wrapper of chocolate but couldn’t. She made an irritated face, trying and trying again. Sidharth was just smiling and enjoying the show of his cute baby.

“Hubby, could you please open this for me?” She asked cutely and held the chocolate out to him. He just smiled at her.

“Why not, my baby.” He took the chocolate. When he was tearing the wrapper of chocolate, she was gazing at chocolate cutely, taking her tongue out. It was visible that she loved chocolate a lot.

“Uhmm.., yummy,” As she took the first bite of chocolate, she said after closing her eyes, getting utterly lost in the taste of chocolate. She was loving how chocolate was melting in the mouth.

He shook his head in disbelief wondering, how could a person be so cute all the time.

For twenty minutes, she had been munching chocolates and Sidharth was not even stopping her because he had promised her that he wouldn’t stop here today. He was enjoying, seeing her happy and for her happiness, he could do anything, so making her eat unlimited chocolate for once was nothing big for him.

“I am done.” She uttered cutely after giving the box of chocolate back to him. He took the box, staring at her face, neck and hands, which she had made dirty with chocolate. He put the box of chocolate on the table and as he came close to her face, holding the tissue paper, she stopped him by holding his hand and nodded her head negatively. He narrowed his brows confusingly.

“Don’t you want me to clean you?” As he asked, this time she bobbed her head in yes. “Then why did you stop me?” As he asked, she grinned naughtily.

“I want you to clean me but not with this, “she pointed her finger at tissue paper. “Open your mouth.” As she suddenly asked him to open his mouth, he looked at her, puzzled.

“Hubby, please open your mouth.” As she implored, at last, she opened his mouth.

“I want you to clean me with this.” She murmured, pointing at his tongue. He stared at her in amazement, he didn’t think that she would ask him to do this at the hospital.

“You know what I made myself dirty intentionally so that you can clean me with your tongue and lick all the chocolate.” She told him, tracing her hand down her face to neck sexily. Her bold acts were driving him crazy and he was stunned to see his bold baby. He never thought that one day his classes would make his baby bold like this.

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