(Part: 62 Doubling her Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Last night as soon as I lay on the bed, I fell asleep because I was tired. I didn’t even change my clothes.

The next morning, I aroused from my deep slumber, rubbing my eyes. The sun raises are trying to peek from behind the curtains. I picked up the phone and messaged Princess before climbing down the bed.

Me: Good Morning, can’t wait to see you at college and have fun with you.

I kept the phone on the table and lazily walked to the bathroom to get fresh and to have a bath. I hurriedly got ready for college because I’m so eager to see my Princess and punish her. Today I wore a white t-shirt with a blue denim shirt, black trousers and white shoes.

“I’m looking cool today.” I murmured to myself after glancing at my reflection in the mirror.

As I picked up the phone, my phone beeped and I received Princess’s message. I immediately tapped open the message, smiling.

Princess: I just woke up now. Maybe I won’t able to attend your lecture.

My smile faded into a frown after reading her message.

Seriously! She won’t attend the lecture.

Me: I don’t want to listen to anything. You have to attend my lecture today at any cost. Now get your ass out of your bed and get ready fast.

Princess: I’ll try my best to come. Please, permit me to enter the class if I get a few minutes late.

Me: Yeah, of course, after all, you should get some advantage of being Professor’s girlfriend.

Princess: Thank you so much.

I’m typing the message, smirking.

Me: but you’ll be punished later on by your professor in extra class after college.

I sent the winked emoji.

Princess: I’m taking my thank you back.

I chuckled and sent the laughing emoji.

Me: Now put your phone down and get ready fast. If you don’t attend today’s lecture, then you will have to wait for me for one day more and spend one more night without me.

Princess: You’re becoming eviler with each passing day.

I grinned as I read her message.

Me: Because you’re becoming naughtier, Princess. I’m gonna make you beg for me.

Me: Now see you at the college. I’m sending the car for you.

Princess: Thank you, but I’ll reach college sooner by my Scooty.

Me: Okay, drive safe. I love you.

Princess: Love you more.

I slipped the phone into my pocket and went to the playroom to pick up a small tool for my Princess. Today I’m sure, she’s going to be late, so I’ll use this to punish her after college. I just enjoy punishing her. I don’t punish her to hurt her, I just punish her to make her arouse for me more. The more she begs for me and the wetter she becomes for me, the harder I become for her. I avoid to punish her in anger because I never want to hurt her.

I stepped into the classroom, my eyes searching for Princess like always, but as I expected she’s late. Anushka is sitting alone and using the phone.

I assumed, she is messaging Princess.

The class wished me, I wished them back with a smile on my face. I started the class.

“May I come in, sir?” After five minutes, as I heard Princess’s voice, I turned my face to her. She’s breathing heavily, standing at the door. There are beads of sweat all over her forehead. She came to the classroom running, but still, she’s ten minutes late. She’s wearing a blue crop top and black knee cut jeans, she kept her hair open. She looks stunning and tempting in casual clothes also. I just can’t take off my eyes from her.

“You’re late, Pri,” She widened her eyes a bit in shock as I was just about to call her Princess in front of the whole class, but stopped myself at right time.

“You can come, but be on time from next time.” I permitted her to come.

She sauntered to her desk and sat with Anu. We passed a smile to each other.

As soon as I get time, I messaged Princess.

Me: Now ask me to go to the washroom and come back after putting the vibrator in your undies which I gave you tomorrow. This is your punishment for teasing me yesterday.

I’m going to control the speed of the vibrator through my phone. I’m so excited to see how she’ll control her moans in front of the whole class. It will be so much fun.

I smirked, looking at her through the corner of my eyes, she’s reading the message. I’m comfortably sitting on my chair.

Her eyes dilated with horror after reading my message and she typed the message. I narrowed my brows bemusedly after seeing her unexpected expression.

She looked at me guilty with a pout after sending the message.

There is something fishy.

I darted down my eyes to phone immediately to read her reply.

Princess: I forgot to bring the vibrator in hurry. I’m sorry.

I frowned after reading her message.


Why she’s increasing her punishment by making me angry. I was so excited. She spoiled everything.

How could she forget to keep it?

I moved my eyes up at her and scowled at her, she made a puppy dog face.

Princess: I was getting late today as you know, therefore I forgot it.

I shook my head slightly and typed the message.

Me: You’re just increasing your punishment. Your master is so angry.

Princess: I’m ready to do anything to please my Master.

Me: Anything?

Princess: Yes, Anything.

Me: We’ll see at home. First, be ready for the punishment for coming late today. You have an extra class with your professor today after college.

Princess: Now my Professor wants to punish me too.

Me: Yes, at college you will be punished by your professor and at home by your master.

Princess: I’m accepting it without any argument because I know it’s my fault.

Me: That’s like my good Princess.

So, are you excited for their classroom punishment session, I planned something different.

Love Mehak

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 62 Doubling her Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik seriously can’t stay without nandu even for one day thats why he texted her first thing in the morning and then there convo was funny..
    Poor nandu usne firse apne master ko gussa dila deya by forgetting to bring the vibrator to clg..
    Aab manik kya naye punishment usko dega waiting…

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