(Part: 87) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I can’t move my legs.” She cried more badly after saying this and Sidharth looked at her horrifyingly.

“Baby, it is just because of weakness, stop crying.” By saying this he tried to convince Sana and himself too that she couldn’t move her legs because of weakness only but deep inside he was hell scared.

“Hubby, I am scared, please do something.” She said in a crying tone by holding his hand. His heart cried more seeing her condition, he difficultly controlled his tears.

“I will be there for you always, don’t worry, you trust me, right?” As he asked after clasping her face, she nodded her head positively.

“Doctor…” Sidharth rushed out, shouting for Doctor. Khushi and Mukti stared at him worriedly.

“Bhai, what happened?” Mukti asked worriedly from him.

“Just call the Doctor,” Sidharth yelled making them more worried. After that Khushi immediately went to call Doctor and Mukti and Sidharth dashed into the room. They found Sana crying and trying hard to get up.

“Hubby, please do something fast, I can’t even move.” She cried as she looked at Sidharth. Mukti was shocked after hearing her words. Sidharth hurried to her.

“Why can’t she move her legs?” Sidharth asked the doctor in anger as she entered inside with Khushi and a nurse. At that time Sana was just crying, holding his hand.

She walked to them and placed her hand over his shoulder. “Mr Shukla, just be relax, let me check her.”

“Tell me, what is happening to you?” Doctor asked from Sana while she cried looking at Sidharth. She wasn’t in a condition to say anything.

“Why are you asking questions, just check and tell me what happened to her?” Sidharth again shouted at the doctor, seeing Sana’s condition.

“Please, Doctor, please tell me why I can’t able to move my legs, I am trying to get up but,” she cried badly after saying this and tears trickled down his eyes too. Mukti and Khushi were standing anxiously.

“Be relax and stop crying.” She said to Sana, then moved her eyes to Sidharth. “You too, please?” she said to him.

“She can’t able to move her legs and you are asking me to relax, how can I relax when she is in so much pain?” He asked in a crying tone looking at Doctor. Sana cried more looking at Sidharth. Like always his words were clearly showing how much he cared for her.

“Hubby, I will be fine, don’t worry.” She reassured him, wiping her tears after seeing Sidharth’s condition that he was so worried for her, now she tried to be strong for him. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. He wanted to make everything fine and wanted to give all the happiness of the world.

The doctor slightly hit the stick on her foot and asked, “Do you feel anything?” She nodded her head negatively and grasped Sidharth’s hand tightly. His heartbeat accelerated, he wasn’t understanding, why all this happening to his baby.

Then Doctor hit the stick slightly on her ankle and she again nodded.

” Ahaa…” she hissed in pain, digging her nails in Sidharth’s hand as Doctor hit the stick on her knees.

“The below part of her knees got paralysed. Because of donating blood in weakness, there is no blood circulation in her legs.” As Doctor told the problem, everybody gaped with shock and Sidharth lost his balance and got hit with the bed of Sana.

“But why did you take her blood in weakness?” Mukti asked in anger from the Doctor not knowing that Sana had forced the doctor.

“Because she requested me because the other patient needed the blood urgently.” As Doctor told, Sana closed her eyes dejectedly because she wasn’t understanding that she had done right or wrong.

“This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have left you alone, I should have asked from Doctor about your health.”Sidharth started blaming himself and Sana cried more seeing him blaming himself for her mistake.

“Hubby, I will be fine in a few days.” She assured him, holding his hand. He was standing in shock, looking straight without blinking his eyes.

“Doctor, tell him that I will be fine,” Sana said looking at Doctor. “I will be fine na?” she asked from Doctor in a crying tone and all waited for her answer worriedly.

“Yes, this is temporary, you will be fine in a month but for that, you have to take a proper diet.” All sighed with relief. Sana closed her eyes and sighed deeply, but Sidharth was standing still upset.

“See, I told you, Hubby that I will be fine, now please don’t worry.” She said, holding his hands and pulled him down to herself. He looked at her, his eyes filled with pain.

“I know, hubby, you’re in extreme pain after seeing me lying like this. I’m so stupid because first without informing you I gave blood in weakness and second by crying, I am giving you more pain, I won’t cry hubby, I promise.” She thought in her mind and her thinking was showing that the innocent Sana was growing up.

The doctor in a gesture asked Mukti and Khushi to come with her, her face was showing that she was hiding something. After that, they all walked outside leaving Sidnaaz alone.

Sidharth was about to say something but before him, Sana uttered, “hubby, please now I don’t want to talk about anything which happened in past. I’m not taking any tension because I know you are with me and I will be fine very soon.” She tried to give strength to Sidharth.

“Now go and close the door first.” As she ordered him, he stared at her confusingly, thinking why suddenly she was asking him to close the door. “Hubby, please.” As she requested cutely, he nodded and went to close the door. After that, she asked him to close the window and put on the curtains.

Sidharth stood beside her after doing everything, then in a gesture of her eyes, she asked him to lie down beside her on the hospital bed. Sidharth without saying anything lay down beside her.

“Hubby, now kiss me, I have been craving to feel your lips over mine for six days, now I can’t wait for more. Kiss me, please.” She whispered, brushing his lower with her thumb, gazing in his eyes deeply.

After that Sidharth didn’t bother to answer and captured her lips without giving warning after coming over her, astride her. His act clearly showed that like her, he was also dying to kiss her. He sucked her lower lip and she sucked his upper lip, both of their lips moved in rhythm, they were kissing each other forgetting that they were in the hospital. Her hands were wrapped around his neck and his hand were squeezing her soft twins. She was moaning inside his mouth. She felt the wetness between her thighs, the kiss was turning her on. After six days they were kissing each other which were like six ages for them, this was the real heaven for them. They wanted to love each other till their last breath.

She tried to push him in the middle of the kiss, but she was weak to push him. He also didn’t notice because he was utterly lost in the kiss, therefore she pinched his back to catch his attention.

“Ahaaa… baby, why you suddenly pinched me?” He asked after breaking the kiss and she was looking at him sadly like in the next moment she would start crying.

Sidharth always wondered, “why in a romance she always kick, push and pinch him?”

“You know how much hurt I am.” She started crying like a small baby saying this. She was crying cutely and he was getting his breath back after getting back his cute baby. He was sure there would be a silly reason like always.

“But why are you hurt, baby?” He asked.

“Because I was pushing you and you were not listening to me.” She told him and he chuckled.

“But why you were pushing me when we were kissing each other?” He asked and she made a sad pout like a small baby.

“Because I wanted you to remove this,” she said, pointing her finger at her hospital gown, her eyes fixed at his face. She continued, “because this is disturbing me, I want you to massage this,” she pointed at her twins, “after removing my gown and inner wear because this dress is irritating and I want to feel your hand on my naked body because it feels incredible.” She told him innocently whatever she wanted.

Sidharth just smiled seeing her bold baby. “So this was the reason, but baby if you have forgotten, then let me remind you that we are in hospital.” He reminded her.

“And hubby if you have forgotten, let me remind you that I asked you to close the door and window.” She smiled gleefully and he was shocked after seeing her innocent baby becoming smart.

After that without wasting any single second, he hastily pulled her hospital gown out of her head and started kissing all over her body then…

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