(Part: 61 Teasing her at the dinner) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I stopped the car in front of her home and opened the door. I’m still thinking about what punishment I should give to her.

She held my hand when I was about to step out of the car. “Are you angry with me?” She asked as I turn to her.

“Yes, I’m very angry,” I uttered in a serious tone.

“I was just arousing you because I wanted you to take me to your some private place and you know.” She blushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“You could have told me, but you were enjoying teasing your master. Now nobody can save you from my punishment.” I uttered after moving closer to her face and gazed into her eyes intensely.

“I’m ready for the punishment, but don’t make me wait.” I grinned devilishly because she herself gave me the idea of her punishment. Now I’ll make her wait as much as possible. I’ll tease her and arouse her until she begs me to come inside her.

“Just enjoy your punishment as you do.” I smirked at her before stepping out of the car and shutting the door.

She came out of the car and closed the door. “At least you can tell me, what you’re planning to do?” She asked, following me to the door of the home.

I turned my face to her and shook my head. “No, you will see.” I pressed the button of the bell.

As she opened her mouth to speak something, I said, “now you just follow my order without any argument, understand?” As I said sternly, she closed her mouth and nodded her head meekly. Now she’s coming on the track.

I won’t lie that I like it when sometimes she behaves naughtily because I like everything about her, but naughty girls deserve punishment also.

We’re having dinner at the dining table. Mom is sitting in front of us. Dad has gone out with his old friends. Mom has made Rajma rice and white sauce pasta. It’s yummy, her hands have some magic.

“I just come.” Mom went to refill the bowl of Rajma. I grinned as an idea popped up into my mind to tease my Princess.

I slip my hand into her long skirt without wasting a single second and she glared at me. I leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Now it’s my turn, stay quiet.” I started making circle on her clit with my index over the fabric of her undies. She pursued her lips and clutched the spoon, pleading me to stop through her eyes.

I rubbed her vigorously with my hand and she clutched my shirt. “Stop… please…” she beseeched me to stop, staring at me pleadingly. I shook my head, smiling evilly and kept rubbing her as much fast as possible because I want to bring her on the edges before Mom comes back.

I squeezed one of her twins with my free hand and she cried out.

“Enjoy it, Princess,” I whispered, massaging her twin and rubbing her clit over the fabric.

Now I’m enjoying it, the way she’s controlling her moans by pressing her lips together and imploring me to stop when deep inside she doesn’t want me to stop. She is just afraid of Mom.

And, it’s just the beginning of the fun. I’m going to tease her more and more.

As Mom stepped out of the kitchen, I immediately took my hand out of her skirt.

She squeezed her thighs together and sighed deeply, resting her head against the chair. I looked at her through the corner of my eyes and smirked.

Mom kept the bowl of Rajma on the table, I praised her. “Mom, the food is so yummy.” She smiled at me in response.

She was about to sit down but stopped as her phone rang up which is kept in her room. “I just come.” She again went to answer the call.

Wow, today god is with me.

I turned my face to Princess and grinned devilishly. I slid my hand into the pocket of my jeans to take out something.

She widened her eyes in shock as she looked at the small bullet vibrator in my hand. I kept my hand under the table only because I don’t want Mom to see this. I had planned to use this earlier at the college terrace but forgot.

“Are you going to use this now?” She asked, staring at me incredulously.

“No, you will use this on yourself.” I slip the vibrator into the pocket of her long skirt. “And I’m going back to the farmhouse.”

“What! You’re not staying here tonight?” She asked instantly.

“Nope.” I shook my head.


“Because I want to make you crave for me and you know if I stay here, I won’t able to control myself, therefore I’m not staying with you. You’ll have to be my good girl and follow my every order to get me. This is your punishment. If you don’t follow any of my orders, I’ll increase your punishment.” I told her in low voice, she pouted sadly.

“I wanted you to stay with me.” She uttered, upset.

Now my heart is melting seeing her upset. I can’t see her like this and tonight I can’t even stay with her.

“You should have thought about this before teasing me.” I again started eating.

“I’m sorry. Please, don’t go.” She implored, holding my hand.

“Nothing will work today, so stop wasting your time,” I said sternly, looking at her. She curled her lip and left my hand.

Mom came back and we finished our meal.

“Mom, now I have to leave,” I said, cleaning my hands with the tissue paper.

“Why? Aren’t you staying here?” She asked, disappointed.

“Mom, I have an early morning meeting at Pune tomorrow and I have to leave within a few hours.” I lied to mom.

“Oh. When you will come back?” She asked.

“Tomorrow only.” I answered.

“See you tomorrow, Princess,” I said and hugged her. “Be prepare for tomorrow,” I whispered in my ear before breaking the hug.

I stood up, she’s staring at me, still upset.

As I settled into my car, my phone beeped up in my pocket. I took out. As expected, I received the message from Princess.

My Princess: I’m already missing you.

Me: Now will you tease your master?

I’m desperately waiting for the answer, she’s typing.

My Princess: Can’t I tease you sometime?

Me: You can sometimes, but within the limit. I was asking you to stop, but you didn’t listen to me.

My Princess: I’m sorry. I need you badly. I’m so aroused after what you did to me at dinner.

Me: It’s just the beginning of punishment. I’ll arouse you more and you have to wait more.

My Princess: This is really a punishment. You’re evil.

I grinned after reading her message.

Me: And what you did in the car, what was that? Aren’t you evil, Princess?

My Princess: Okay, I’m accepting my punishment.

I texting her with a constant smile on my face.

Me: That’s like my good Princess.

Me: Come to college with vibrator tomorrow.

My Princess: What are you planning, Master? I’m excited.

Me: Just planning to arouse you more.

My Princess: My Evil Master.

I chuckled after reading her message.

Me: Now good night and sleep well tonight. Tomorrow you have a long day.

My Princess: Good night, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 61 Teasing her at the dinner) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu manik ne bola tha not to tease him consequences ache nahi honge but no usko sunna nahi tha now dekho kya hou gaya..
    God also wanted to punish nandu that’s why he was sending nandu’s mom away again and again so manik could tease him…
    Aww they are so cute unke last wale convo was so lovely which just shows the bond they share and the love they have for each other..

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