(Part: 9) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)


“You don’t need to cry for him, Nandini. He was a monster, today a monster has died, we should be happy, stop crying for that bastard, Nandini.” As Mom uttered, I sat up in shock and stared at her incredulously.

“What are you saying, mom?” I asked, puzzled. A lone tear streamed down her cheek. Now I saw the pain in her eyes.

“Nandini, he was your step father. Your biological father had died in a car accident when you were two years old, you were his princess. I married Raj Kapoor for survival as I had no money left with me, he put a condition in front me that if after our marriage I ever try to meet you and love you, he would give divorce to me. I had no other option rather than agreeing to his condition. After a year of marriage, he started torturing me, he loved to see me in pain but I never let him touch you. Whenever I tried to talk with you, he always stopped me and recalled me about his condition. I always looked at you from far away whenever you used to cry for me. He was a monster, Nandini, he had been torturing me from last seventeen tears.”

She clasped my face, her lips curved in contented smile. I’m just staring at her incredulously. “Today we got freedom, Nandini, we should be happy. Now I can love my princess how much I want.”

Mom told me an unbelievable story of her life, I was beyond shocked. So this was the reason, my mom never loved me. From childhood I had craved for parents’ love and their concern. I had never thought that this would be the reason, I was not getting their love.

“I know, Nandini, it’s not easy for you to accept the truth but this is the truth and you have to accept the truth. From today I’m here for you my child.” As she kissed my forehead, tears of happiness trickled down my cheeks. My all pain faded away at that time, I felt contended to get my mom. I just hugged her tightly, smiling blissfully. I was the happiest soul as I got my mom. I felt so safe and warm in her arms. Tears were mechanically rolling down my cheeks.

As we broke the hug, she caressed my hair with her both hands, gazing at me lovingly. “I love you so much, Nandini. You don’t know how much happy I am today after getting my daughter back. Now I can love you how much I want.” She kissed every inch of my face. There was a beatific smile on my face and my heart was dancing with joy inside.

I clasped my mom’s face and wiped her tears. I squealed gleefully. “I love you too, mom and I’m also happy that I got you.” We both were beaming at each other, our eyes shimmering with happiness. We got something which we both had been craving for ages, our happiness had no bound.

“I’m sorry, my child that I never loved you when you used to cry. I’m sorry that I let you cry and I was not there when you needed me the most, I saw you taking anti-depression pills then also I never stopped you, I am sorry.” Mom cried in guilt and I shook my head, wiping her tears from her cheeks.

“Mom, it wasn’t your fault and I am not angry with you, mom. I was angry with you till yesterday but today I am no more angry with you, I’m feeling sorry for you. I’m sorry that I never see your pain and always blamed you for everything.” I asked for forgiveness from my mom because I was guilty too that I didn’t see her pain and didn’t even help her out.

“I think we should move on forgetting about the past as now everything is fine, there was no one fault in this, it was god’s wish.” I said, holding her face. She smiled blissfully and placed her hand on my face. I moved closer to her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Today, I will prepare lunch for you with my own hands and will feed you. I am so happy Nandini, I love you so much.” Mom said cheerfully and pulled me into her warm arms. I smiled hiding in her arms. It was the happiest day of my life.

After that, we both stood up, smiling contentedly.

“I just come.” Mom walked out to prepare lunch for me after giving a peck on my cheek. I was excited to eat food from my mom’s hands.

The person who was the reason of our smile was Manik. He must knew that dad was a monster, therefore he killed him. Now I felt guilty because I distrusted my love, I scolded him and asked him to never show his face to me.

“Oh god, what I did? Now Manik is gone and it’s all my fault. Why did I believe him? Why did I let him go? Now what I will do? He will never come back, he won today. Oh god, I did a big mistake, I want him back at any cost, I want to thank him for giving me the biggest happiness of my life, I will get him back at any cost, I need to think.” I sat on the bed, wondering how to call him back.

My eyes sparkled as an idea popped into my mind. “Yes, this is a good idea.”I squealed, standing up and smiled gleefully.

“Tonight I will execute my plan and if he really loves me, he will come. Then I will apologise and thank him for giving my mom. No matter what today I will persuade him to accept that he also loves me and never let him go tonight.” I was thinking all this having full trust on my love. I knew his weakness and this was the main part of my plan.

Mom and I were sitting on the bed. I was shedding silent tears of happiness when mom was feeding me with her own hands. I was gazing in her eyes which were filled immense love. For the first time, she was feeding me and for the first time, I was finding the food very tasty. There was some kind of magic in her hands.

“Mom, I love you so much.” I just hugged her tightly, she hugged me back tighter and placed a kiss on my hair. We both broke the hug and now I fed her.

“God bless you.” She kissed my forehead, having a smile on her face.

After the dinner, I lay down in her arms. She shared so many things with me. She had endured a lot of pain in her life, that bastard had tortured my mom for seventeen years. She kept quiet and never fought back. Now it was my duty to take care of her.

Now it was late night, mom had fallen asleep in my room.  For the first time, I ate two times a day, before I used to eat one time in a day for survival and most of days I didn’t even eat anything because no one was there at home for me to ask that I took my meal or not.

After putting all these thoughts on my side, I climbed down the bed and tugged Mom in the quilt properly. I kissed her forehead and mouthed, “I am sorry.” I was so sorry that I was not there for her.

I decided to execute my plan.

I tiptoed out of the room and went upstairs. I reached the terrace. I took a deep breath before I striding to the railing and stood on it.

Like before, I planned to jump. I knew Manik would surely come to save me. I was again putting my life in danger but I had no other option left with me. I had full trust on him that he would surely come to protect me.

“Please, come and save me, Manik.” I murmured after closing my eyes. As I was about to jump down, I felt somebody held my waist and picked me.

I instantly recognised his touch without seeing his face. “Manik.” I murmured and smiled wholeheartedly when he put me down on the floor.

I swiftly turn to him. “Manik, I knew you would surely come here to save me.” My eyes were shining with happiness and my lips were drawn to blissful smile.

He was glaring at me in anger. I knew why he was angry because I again put my life in danger. But he couldn’t even scold me because he couldn’t show that he cared about me.

“Manik, you are not Monster, I came to know why you killed dad. Thank you for giving me the biggest happiness of my life and I am sorry that I didn’t trust you and asked you to go.” As I placed my one hand on his cold face, he frowned and instantly jerked away my hands.

“Manik, why are doing this with me and to yourself? Why are you not accepting that you love me and you care for me. Please, Manik say something.” I again placed my hand on his face and he again jerked my hand.

“Manik, I love you, please say something. Your silence is killing me, please speak up.” This time I put my both hands on his face and he again jerked my both hands, fuming in anger.

We kept doing this like a stubborn kid and remained utterly silent. I was placing my hands on his face and he was jerking my hands. I was dying to listen to words from his mouth.

I just froze on my place for a few seconds as he captured my lips after pulling me to himself by cupping my face. I wasn’t expecting this to come so soon. I really felt like this was a dream. I felt really incredible when his lips touched mine, my whole body burned with desires. He sucked my upper lip and in response, I mechanically sucked his lower lip. Our lips were moving in rhythm, it was heaven for me, I never thought that a kiss could make me feel alive, my every cell of the body became alive when he was kissing me. I kept my hands on his solid chest. He was kissing me like he was hungry for the kiss for ages, the more he was eating my lips, the more I was feeling good. It was like his lips were made for my lips. I was responding to him automatically. I wanted to stop the time at this moment, I didn’t want him to stop. This was so magical. It was a real heaven for me. My love of life was kissing me, my first kiss was more than amazing, the feeling of this kiss couldn’t be described in words.

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