(Part: 60 Teasing My Master) {Manan&Sidnaaz}Master And His Princess


After our make out, the rain also stopped. It is getting darker now. I gave her my shirt to wear after taking it out of the basket. She wore it and I closed the buttons, gazing in her heavenly beautiful eyes. I always get lost in them. She’s beaming at me. We’re sitting on our knees on the mattress, facing each other.

She moved closer to my face and clasped my face. “Today’s session was more than incredible, Master. Thank you for planning all this. I enjoyed it a lot.” She kissed me chastely, saying thank you to me with this kiss.

As she pulled away, I yanked her to myself by grasping her hair and kissed her lips passionately.

“Oh God, I never get enough of you, Princess.” I breathed as we pulled away, painting, our eyes still closed.

She placed her head over my chest and whispered against my bare chest. “Me too, never get enough of you.” As his warm breath touch my cold skin, a shiver rushed down my spine.

I took a deep breath as she placed a few soft and tender kisses on my chest. She arousing my desires again by doing this. Whenever her lips touch my body, it burns with the desires.

“Princess, stop.” I pulled her away from me by holding her arms.

She placed her hands on my chest and moved closer to my face. “Why?” She asked in a husky tone, gliding her hands down my abs from my chest.

My naughty Princess.

“Because you’re driving me crazy with your touch. You’re making me hard again.” As I told her, her eyes glinted with excitement and darted down to my crotch.

She looked back at me with enthusiasm. “Let’s go for a second round.” She uttered and moved her hands down to open my jeans button.

I stopped her from opening my jeans by holding her hands. “No, not now. We have to leave.” I denied and she pouted disappointedly at me.

“Why not now?”

“Because we have to reach the police station in an hour. They want to take your statement.” I told her.

“Oh, Okay.” She replied before standing up.

I also stood up. “Are you comfortable to talk about that incident?” I asked, placing my hands over her arms.

“I’m fine now, don’t worry.” She blinked her eyes.

I lowered my head and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I’m so proud of you, Princess.” She smiled at me.

After that, we left for the farmhouse and changed our clothes before leaving for the police station. She gave the statement confidently and amazed me like always. Nobody can say that she is the same girl who was utterly shattered last night. She knows very well how to stand up when life falls her down. She’s a brave and strong woman. I’m really blessed to have her.

Now we’re going back to her home because we want to spend time with Mom and Dad. Mom is preparing a delicious dinner for us. The glass window is rolled down and her hair is fluttering in the breeze. She looks ethereal when her long and silky hair flutters like this in the air. Everything about her attracts me. She is gazing out of the window and enjoying the pleasant weather, her lips are drawn to a beatific smile. Her fingers entwined over her lap. It’s really hard to concentrate on the road when my Princess is sitting beside me.

“One day, I’ll also have the sweet dish like the way you ate it from my body.” She suddenly uttered after looking at me.

“I’m early waiting for that day.” I beamed at her before again concentrating on the road.

“And what about our second round?” She asked and placed her hand over my thigh. As I moved my eyes to her, she smirked. I stared at her incredulously.

“Aren’t you tired, Princess?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Your Princess never get tired of you, Master.” She answered, stroking my thigh. It is getting more difficult for me to concentrate on the road. She’s arousing me again. We’re in the middle of traffic, I can’t even apply the brake.

“Princess, please stop. This is not the place.” I asked her to stop. I groaned, shifting on my seat uncomfortably as she pressed my hardness over the jeans.

She giggled, clutching it more. I bit my lower lip, concentrating on the road very difficultly. She’s crossing all the limit of teasing me now.

“Stop it, right now, Princess, or else you have to face the consequences,” I growled and warned her sternly.

She chuckled, still doing the work with her hand. “Why, only you have the right to tease me? Why can’t I?” She asked as I glared at her.

“Why do you always forget that who is the master here? Did you forget the rules? You have to follow every order of your master without any argument. If your master is asking you to stop, so you should stop.” I explained to her, keeping my eyes fixed on the road and glanced at her. She’s staring at me with a sad pout.

“I always comply with your every order, Master, but sometimes I love to tease you.” I groaned as she squeezed my hardness, smiling mischievously.

She’s really testing my patience today.

“Stop, right now, Princess.” I gave her a deadly glare, she shook her head, grinning naughtily.

She’s so daring.

I seized her wrist and removed her hand from my crotch. “Now you have to face the consequences,” I said in a serious tone.

She’s just smiling at me. “I love to face the consequences.”

Now I smirked at her and uttered, moving my eyes to the road. “You will regret teasing me.” I looked at her and left her hand.

“Nothing can stop me from teasing you, Master.” As she uttered, I looked at her hand through the corner of my eyes and before she could again place her hand over my crotch, I grabbed her hand.

“And nothing can stop me from punishing my Princess for crossing the limits of teasing and not following the order of her master.” I glared at her, I’m a bit annoyed because today for the first time, she’s not listening to me.

“I’m excited.” She said gleefully.

I gave her a serious look and stated, “you shouldn’t because I’ll make you regret teasing me.”

She moved closer to my face and whispered after placing her hand on my face. “Your punishments arouse me and excite me more, Master and I’ll never stop teasing you, Master.” She caressed my stubble with her thumb.

“After this punishment, you will think twice before teasing your Master, Princess,” I said with full confidence, thinking about her punishment in my mind.

“We’ll see, Master.” She placed a kiss on my cheek before moving back.

I glanced at her sternly before concentrating on the road, wondering how to punish her, so that she will think about this punishment before teasing me. Today she has switched on my real master mode by teasing me, now she really has to face the consequences of it.

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8 thoughts on “(Part: 60 Teasing My Master) {Manan&Sidnaaz}Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manan really can’t get enough of each other there mere presence is enough to arouse the other one like just kissing nandu made manik hard for her but he knew he had to stop so round 2 hone se bacha…
    Hehe naughty naughty nandu manik ke warnings ke bavajude woh manik ko tease karte rahe and by doing that she has awakened his true master side who is determined to punish her for it…
    Maza ayega to see his punishment..

  2. Manik is like a ticking time bomb now🤣🤣💣
    I’m eagerly waiting to see the actual master in him…the brooding and the dominant one who shows no mercy while f*cking.😗😼

    Eagerly waiting for the next part🤗
    Love to you♥️

    P.s. I know my comment looks like it is coming from some pervert 😜🌝

    A suggestion or more of a request to my dear author…if you can now let Manik use all the other toys in his playroom 🐒👀💀
    Okay bye🙋

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