(Part: 85) Mine (Sidnaaz)


As Cabir pressed the trigger of the gun, Aman instantly told him where his men took Navya. “Navya is in my Mumbai’s farmhouse.”

Cabir moved the gun to Aman’s leg and shot him. “Ahaaa…” Aman groaned in pain and Cabir glared at him, knitting his brows.

Kartik was standing there, palming his ears. He was trembling with fear after seeing all this. He wasn’t aware before that Aman was his father, he had grown up in a hostel only, but seeing all this he got scared and started crying badly. All of them looked at Kartik sadly. They knew that they were doing wrong with the innocent kid but they had no other choice.

Cabir closed the Diggy and knelt before Kartik. “Are you scared?” Cabir asked, but he didn’t reply, he was just crying.

Cabir looked at Arnav and Abhi for help. They also came to them.

“Kartik, don’t worry we won’t hurt you.” Arnav assured him after picking him in his arms. “I want to go home, uncle.” He requested, still crying. His hostel was his home for him.

“Tonight you will be in your home, I promise.” Arnav promised him. After they all sat inside the car and Cabir told them about Navya.

They hurriedly reached the construction site, Abhi and Arnav took Aman and Kartik inside. Cabir left to search Navya. He was anxious for her, he was scared to lose her, he wanted her back in any condition.

Sana fell asleep in his arms when they were going back home, she was still sitting on his lap and sleeping hugging him tightly. Sidharth was kissing her forehead again and again while driving the car. He was happy to get her back fine after a week, six days were like six ages for him without her. Now again feeling her in his arms, he was getting peace.

“Take her to the torture room and do everything with her what we do with the person who betrays us.” Aman’s ordered his Men and they held Navya.

“Where do you taking her, Navya…” she woke up, screaming as she recalled Aman’s words in dream. Sidharth instantly applied the brakes.

“Hubby, Navya’s life is in danger, they will torture her, we have to save her.” She shuttered, breathing heavily and sweating badly, her condition was clearly showing how much she was scared for Navya and how much she cared for her.

“Baby, Cabir has gone to save Navya. He got to know where is Navya. So just relax, she will be fine.” He reassured her after clasping her face.

“Sidharth, I also want to go there, we have to save her. I will not get relief until I see her fine.” She uttered stubbornly because she wanted to save Navya badly. Sidharth didn’t argue with her because he knew she won’t listen to him.

“Okay, relax, we are going there and stop crying, please.” As he requested, tucking her hair properly behind her ears, she nodded her head, wiping her tears. Sidharth kissed her both eyes which had cried a lot. His heart ached painfully whenever he saw tears in her eyes.

On the other hand, Cabir reached the farmhouse where they had kept Navya. He came there with the whole police force. Cabir was about to step inside without any fear, but coops stopped him and before him, they went inside and started firing all his men. Cabir heart was beating speedily, he could feel that Navya was there only, he was also beating and shooting the men.

“Where is Navya?” Cabir asked after grasping the collars of a man after beating him badly. The person pointed his finger at a room which was still closed. Cabir stared at the door dejectedly. He gave the last punch to him before lumbering to that room with a heavy heart. He was scared to see her because he could feel that she wasn’t fine.

He took a deep breath to make himself strong before opening the door of that room.

As he saw her condition, his breath got stuck in his throat. Love of his life, the only girl whom he loved more than anything else, that girl was lying in the pool of blood, her whole body was covered with wounds and scars. They were bleeding, showing that her wounds were fresh, her hands were tied above her head with the rod. It was visible that they had beaten her severely like an Animal.

“Navya…” he screamed and rushed to her. First, he hastily untied her hands with his shivering hands.

“Cabir,” Navya murmured in her unconscious state when Cabir scooped her into his arms, but what she said next, it broke his heart.

“I want to die, please, don’t save me.” She said in low voice and Cabir felt like his heart stopped beating after listening to her words because she didn’t want to live anymore as she was in extreme pain and thinking she would never come out of the pain.

“I will heal you, Navya. My love will heal you,” he said while crying and kissed her face again and again. He wandered out of the room with her.

Sidharth stopped the car in front of the farmhouse, coops were standing out.

“Baby, wait, first let me ask something from coops.” Sidharth stopped Sana when she was about to open the door of the car. She gave him a slight nod meekly.

He called a man and he informed him that Cabir had already taken Navya to hospital and he also told them that Navya’s condition was critical.

“Hubby, we need to go to the hospital fast. Call Cabir, I want to talk to him. Hubby, why did they beat her? “Sana because upset when coops told them about Navya’s condition, she was not able to believe the dark reality of life. She started crying again and he stared at her helplessly.

“Baby, you need to be strong for Navya and Cabir. Do you want to give them more pain by crying like this?” As he asked, she nodded her head instantly.

“Hubby, I want to support them.” She told him, wiping her tears with knuckles like a baby. A small smile flashed on his face, seeing his cute baby after so many days.

“Then promise me you won’t cry anymore.” He asked her to promise him and extended his hand in front of her.

“Promise,” she placed her hand on his hand, still sobbing.

“You just promised me now that you won’t cry then why you are still crying, baby?” He asked.

She was constantly wiping her tears which were trickling down her eyes mechanically. “Kya karu, yeh aashu rukh hi nhi rhai hai (what should I do, the tears are not stopping.)” She uttered in a crying tone.

“I have an idea, close your eyes.” As he asked her to close her eyes, she immediately closed her eyes while still crying.

Sidharth moved closer to her face and kissed her forehead first, then he started kissing all over her face. She kept her hands on his chest. After some time she stopped crying and got lost in his loveable kiss.

He was about to kiss her lips but he stopped as he realised that they were in public.

“Now, fine?” As he asked, she opened her eyes and nodded her head. Sidharth gave a quick peck on his forehead. They both passed a smile to each other. He knew very well how to make his baby smile.

“Hubby, now please call Cabir and we should go to the hospital.” As she said, he called Cabir hastily, he was also worried for him. He put the phone on speaker and started the car, but they became anxious because he wasn’t picking up the call. They glanced at each other worriedly.

“Cabir Bhai, Navya will be fine. Don’t worry, we’re with you, we will make her fine.” Sana hugged Cabir who was standing out of the ICU. Sidharth placed his hand on his shoulder to support him.

“Doctor is saying that her condition is critical,” Cabir told them dejectedly.

“They treated her like an animal, you know what she said to me that she wants to die.” As Cabir shuttered, crying, Sana also started crying. Sidharth was difficultly fighting back his tears.

“Cabir, everything will be fine. You need to be strong, she will be fine. You’re with her, we are with her, be strong, I know my words won’t affect you but we should trust God like I got my Sana back, you will get Navya.” He tried to give strength to his brother at this moment while Cabir was just shedding silent tears.

“She lost a lot of blood, we need O positive blood donor.” Everyone looked at the doctor when the doctor asked for blood.

“My blood is O positive, please take my blood, take how much you want.” Sana said after walking to Doctor.

“Okay, come with us.” She glanced at Sidharth went inside with Doctor. Sidharth was happy to see his baby. She was afraid of the needle but to save someone’s life, she got ready to donate her blood without any fear.

“We can’t take her blood doctor.” The nurse denied it because Sana was weak.

“Why can’t I give the blood?” She asked immediately.

“Because you are weak, it will be risky if you give blood.” The nurse told her.

“Please, take my blood, doctor and save Navya.” She requested without thinking about herself.

“No, we can’t, sorry.” The doctor denied strictly.

“Please, doctor, take my blood, please I beg you.” As she begged, they listened to her. Sana also requested them to hide this from everyone.

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