(Part: 83) Mine (Sidnaaz)


He looked at Sana in utter shock after seeing the bomb in her jacket. As tears trickled down her eyes, his heart ached painfully. Abhi, Cabir and Arnav, were staring at the bomb shockingly. Sidharth gaze is fixed at her face.

“Hubby, please go away from me, I don’t want you to die with me.” She was not in a condition to speak because she was scared to die but still she said because she wanted to save him.

After listening to her words, Sidharth clenched his fist angrily, glaring at Aman who was making his son sit in the car, wondering Sidharth would let him go so easily.

He clasped her face. “Baby, I won’t let you die. Today only one person will die and that person is Aman.” He assured her that she would be saved, but she cried more, squeezing her eyes.

“Aman, how dare you do this?” Abhi growled and marched to Aman. He was smirking evilly. Cabir and Arnav were also looking at Aman angrily, like the next moment they would kill him.

“If Sana can’t be mine, then she can’t be yours too, she will die. I will defuse this bomb only on one condition. If you send Sana with me, I will defuse the bomb.” He said thinking wrong that Sidharth would send his baby again to a monster like him. He was thinking utterly wrong.

Sidharth next words turned the table within a second.

“Aman, I was certain that you would do something like this only, therefore I also put the bomb, the watch which is your son wearing, in that watch a bomb has been fitted, if you remove the watch from his wrist then bomb…” As soon as Sidharth said this, Aman opened the door of his car and checked Kartik’s wrist. He got shocked to see the watch.

Sana was just seeing the timer of the bomb and it was passing very fast and she was shivering in fear. Only five minutes were remaining. She was scared to die because she wanted to spend more days with Sidharth, she didn’t want to die so soon, she was so young.

“Aman, you have only two minutes, defuse her bomb and I will defuse his wristwatch bomb.” He said to Aman after glancing at the time. He immediately accepted his deal and rushed to Sana. Arnav picked Kartik in his arms and they all walked toward Sana. After that Aman took out a small knife from his pocket.

As Sana looked at the knife in his hand, she widened her eyes, horrified. Sidharth noticed this and placed his hand over her shoulder. As she moved her eyes to him, he blinked his eyes, assuring her that he is with her and everything would be fine.

When Aman was about to cut the wire, Sana shut her eyes tightly and fisted her hands, afraid. Sidharth also got hell scared for her and that time his hand were on her shoulder and in fear he held her shoulder tightly, digging his nails in her skin, he got so much scared for her that he even forgot that what he was doing. His actions were clearly showing how much he loved Sana.

Aman cut the red wire and finally, the bomb was defused and they all sighed with profound relief. Sidharth hurriedly pulled his baby into his arms, smiling with relief and she hugged him back, fresh tears trickled down their eyes. She buried her face in his chest and pulling him closer and closer. He broke the hug and started kissing every inch of her face, wiping her tears with his thumbs. He wanted to take away all her pain and wanted his cute baby back.

“Sidharth, now who will diffuse his bomb?” Aman freaked out as he saw Sidnaaz hugging and kissing each other in front of him. Sana shivered in her place listening to his voice, his presence was scaring her like hell. He noticed this and he glared at Aman with a sullen look.

“Cabir, Abhi, Arnav, do your work.” He said looking at them.

Cabir and Abhi walked toward Aman and Arnav put Kartik down on the floor. Kartik was a shy and a small kid, that’s why he was not asking anything and he was also not understanding what was going on. Arnav went toward the car while Cabir and Abhi held Aman tightly and he didn’t resist because he was scared for his son. Arnav came back with few pieces of the rope after that they started tying Aman firmly so that he couldn’t run at any cost.

“Kartik, everything will be fine,” Sidharth assured Kartik and leaned down.

“Okay, Uncle.” He replied.

“Sidharth, no.” Aman shouted with fright when Sidharth was removing the watch. He was getting some kind of peace to see Aman’s condition.

“Hahaha…” he laughed after taking off the watch. Aman widened his eyes, shocked and baffled.

“Tch.., tch.., Aman, Aman, Aman, the Mafia Leader Aman got trapped in my plan, so shameful.” Sidharth sassed, striding to him.

He struggled in the bond of ropes. They had a satisfactory smile on their faces after seeing Aman’s condition, but Sana was standing there like a lifeless soul, she was in great shock.

“I didn’t put any bomb, I put the watch on his wrist, just to track you because I am not a Monster like you Aman. I won’t put an innocent life in danger.” Sidharth told him.

Aman was constantly trying to come out of the bond. Sidharth marched to him, having a smirk on his face and in a gesture, he asked Abhi to make Kartik sit in the car. Abhi made him sit in the car and put the headphones over his ears.

“This one for taking my life away from me.” He growled and punched him. “This is for making her cry.” He gave another punch. “This is for hurting my baby.” He punched him three times and said, “this is for keeping her away from me for three days.”

After that, he started punching his stomach, face, ribcage and he was hitting him with his knees also, but the pain was not going away.

“How dared you kidnap her? I will kill you.” Sidharth cried out and punched him in pain because he suffered a lot in those three days without her, those three days were like three ages for him. Everybody’s brimmed with tears after seeing his condition.

On the other hand, from starting, Cabir’s eyes were searching for Navya. His mind was saying to him that she betrayed him but his heart was still not ready to believe that she betrayed him because he truly loved Navya and he never doubted her. She always thought about him first and took care of him. She was his support system, therefore his heart was not ready to believe that she betrayed him. He wasn’t understanding how to believe that her love was not true, her love was a betrayal.

Sana was standing there, staring straight, lifelessly. It seemed like she was physically present there but mentally she was somewhere else. She was in a deep shock, whatever happened with her, she had never imagined in her bad dream also that it would happen with her, no one had ever slapped her, no one had forced her and no one had even shouted at her like Aman. She had never seen an animal like Aman before.

Sidharth felt wretched as he saw his baby in pain. There was no shine in her eyes, there was no glow on her face like before, she was standing there like a lifeless soul, there was no emotion on her face, there was only sadness in her eyes. Fresh tears rolled down his eyes, but he didn’t cry because he knew he had to be strong for his baby. Her condition was scaring him like hell, he was scared to even know how Aman had treated her and what he had done.

Sidharth walked to her, taking slow steps, he was scared like hell to hear her pain, he had no power left to hear her pain because already he had suffered a lot without her and also seeing her standing like a lifeless soul, all this was unbearable for him.

“I’ll heal you, my baby, and bring back your smile.” He promised to himself, staring at her, his eyes filled with tears.

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