(Part: 59B The Hot Ice Cream Romance) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I tilted the box of Ice cream above her neck. As the melted Ice cream dropped down on her neck, her body quivered and she closed her eyes. I moved my hand down, dropping the melted ice cream from her neck to cleavage, from cleavage to her tummy, from tummy to her belly button. She’s shivering with coldness of Ice cream. Her fair body is looking hotter and more tempting with the chocolate Ice cream.

The weather is cloudy today, the wind is blowing fast.

I think, it would rain today.

That will be more great. Making love with her and rain droplets cascading down our body, it will be so intense.

I put the box on the mattress and as I pulled the black t-shirt over my head, the cold breeze caressed my body which is burning with desire.

I hastily straddled her. “Now you can move your hand, Princess.” I permitted her before digging my face in her neck. I licked the ice cream from all over neck before clenching the skin between my teeth. She clutched my hair with her handcuffed hands. I’m licking and sucking the ice cream down her body where I poured the melted Ice cream a few minutes ago. I’m kneading and massaging her soft twins with my hands. She’s moaning, her hands clasping and unclasping my hair.

I hooked my thumbs into her black undies and yanked it down her legs while licking the ice cream from her belly button. I’m enjoying licking the Ice cream from her tempting body.

“Do you want to eat more Ice cream, Princess?” I asked, looking up at her.

She looked down at me. “No, because I’m enjoying a lot what you’re doing.”

“Now you will enjoy it more and moan with immense pleasure.” I grinned at her before taking off her undies. Now she is lying utterly naked on the white mattress and driving me mad. I’m drinking her body through my searingly intense eyes.

I took out Ice cream from the box from spoon. “Now it’s time to eat the Ice cream from my most favourite place.” As I dropped the Ice cream on her dripping wet honeypot from spoon, she closed her legs instantly, fisting her hand.

“It’s… cold, Master.” She shuttered.

“Open your legs for your Master, Princess.” I ordered and slightly hit her inner thigh with the back of spoon, she flinched and raised her knees in response.

“Sure, Master.” She replied and splayed her legs for me. I grinned widely, seeing the way she complies my every order.

“Now hold your breath, Princess and get ready to moan loudly.” I said before leaning down and sucking the Ice cream from her inner thigh by grasping her waist. I flickered her clit with my tongue before sucking it hard.

“Oh, God, Master, this feels so… damn… good.” She moaned, clutching my hair.

I opened her butterfly types lips before sliding my tongue into her dripping wet hole. For the first time I’m thrusting her with my tongue. I’m rubbing her clit with my thumb vigorously. She moaning with the immense pleasure, arching her back, tightening her legs and stretching them. She is pulling herself into my mouth more and more, by raising her hips from the mattress.

As her wall tightened around my tongue, I understood that she is about to cum and pulled away. Today I want her to release with me when I’ll be deep inside her.

She closed her legs irritably and squeezed her inner thighs. “Why did you stop?” She asked, annoyed. I’m just smirking at her.

I ignored her question and unlocked the handcuffs. I looked at her annoyed face. “You will get what you want, Princess. Have some patience.” I uttered before flipping her over her front suddenly.

I grasped her hands behind her back and cuffed her wrists. She looks more hot from behind. No, she looks hot from everywhere and from all the angle. She’s irresistible.

“Just enjoy it.” I whispered in ear before removing her hair from her back.

She intensely gazed at me over her shoulder. “I know the wait will be worth at the end.” She whispered, I leaned down and kissed her lips passionately by grasping her hair.

Then I spread the remaining Ice cream all over back and hips with the spoon. I crawled over her from behind, astride her before gently licking and sucking the Ice cream from all over her back and round hips. I trailed the wet kisses down her legs before sucking toes of her one foot lovingly.

“Every part of your body is beautiful, Princess.” I complimented her.

Suddenly the cloud thundered and she flinched. The sky growing dark.

I sat up on my knees. “Now, I’ll have you, Princess.” I said, undoing my jeans button and sliding down the zip.

As I yanked down my jeans and boxer together, my junior sprung out. It is craving to go inside her.

As the big drops of rain started falling over us, she squealed gleefully, “It started raining.”

I took out the packet of condom from the basket and tear it with my teeth. “And now I’ll thrust you in the rain.” I said, wearing the condom.

I yanked her up and raised her butts in the air by grasping her waist. “Stay like this or else I’ll spank you.” I warned her, pinning her handcuffed hands against her back. Now it started raining heavily.

I held my junior and stroke it over her pelvis before easing into her slowly, she screamed, clenching her hands. I eased out and this time shoved into her deeply. I again slowly eased out and gave her a hard stroke. After giving her few hard stroke, I accelerated the speed. I’m groaning and she’s moaning with the immense pleasure. I’m thrusting her by grasping the chain of the handcuffs. The rain is pouring down our body, but our bodies are burning hot. I’m enjoying thrusting her in the rain. This experience is incredible.

I leaned down and sucked the water droplets from her back, ramming into her.

As her walls tightened around my junior, I instructed her, “Hold it, Princess.” I’m deep inside her.

“I can’t, Master.”

“You have to hold it for me, Princess.” I said and again started thrusting her hard and fast. She controlled herself, making me impressed. I grinned.

“Cum for me, Princess.” I ordered, ramming into her hard and fast. We exploded together, screaming with immense pleasure, her legs shaking. She fell down on the mattress and I fell over her, we both are exhausted after our intense make out in the rain.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 59B The Hot Ice Cream Romance) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing updatee..
    Yeh tou phele se bhi jydaa hot tha🤭🤭🤭
    The way manik always concentrates more on her pleasure than his own proves that he loves her soo much and wants to give her pleasure and kinky experience as much as he can and nandu also enjoy’s all there sessions as she knows manik will never harm her…
    There love making in the rain was superrrr hottt🔥🔥🔥

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