(Part: 82B) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Then he saw Navya who was standing, staring at the water. He immediately understood that Navya was the only person, who had informed them about his son.

He marched to her. “Navya, do you tell them about my son?” He asked angrily, fisting her hair. Navya looked at him, horrified. She recalled the day when she told Cabir about Kartik.

“I didn’t.” She lied and got a tight slap from Aman.

“I want the fucking truth, Navya. They have kidnapped my son.” He bawled and she flinched. Sana also came out of her shock after listening to his shout. She got worried for Navya and for her only she lumbered out of the room in her worst state.

“Yes, I told Cabir about your son and I am glad that I have done this, now your end has come Aman, no one can save you from Shukla’s because you have stolen their most precious thing.” Navya shouted fearlessly seeing his brother’s condition.

“Navya, I will kill you.” He grasped her neck with his both hands and pinned her against the wall. Navya was trying to remove his hand but he was not ready to leave her.

“Ahaha…”Aman screamed in pain as Sana bit his hand brutally and he immediately left Navya’s neck: She coughed badly, holding her neck and collapsed down on the floor.

As Aman raised his hand to slap, she shut her eyes tightly and made herself ready for a second slap, but before he could slap her, he stopped himself as Sidharth’s words echoed in his ear. “If you hurt my Sana, then I promise I won’t regret to shoot your son with my own hands.” He moved his hand down. Sidharth had said those words to make him scared only because he didn’t want him to hurt his baby more.

“Take her to the torture room and do what we do with the person who betrays us.” Aman ordered his men and they held Navya.

“Where do you taking her, Navya.” Sana shouted anxiously when his men dragged Navya with them. Sana was about to go behind them but Aman stopped her by grasping her hand.

“You should be happy because you are going back home because your hubby has kidnapped my son and I had no other option.” As Aman told her, a small smile of relief flashed on her face. But she was worried about Navya.

She wasn’t shocked after knowing Sidharth had kidnapped his son because she knew his Sidharth that he wouldn’t hurt Aman’s son, he just kidnapped him to save her. Like earlier, he had kidnapped her to save her from Aman and never hurt her. She blindly trusted him hubby because she loved him and he had earned that trust and love.

“I won’t go with you without Navya.” She instantly uttered.

“Just shut up.” He raised his hand just to scare him and she closed her eyes again.

She slowly opened her eyes and he warned her. “If you speak a single word now, I’ll tie you up and fuck you before giving you to your husband.” She reminded silent and fresh tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Now follow me.” She gave him a slight nod, scared.

“Navya, I’m sorry. I’m going without you because I don’t have any other option.” She mutely followed him, feeling guilty for leaving Navya alone here.


Sidharth, Abhi, Cabir and Arnav were going to the place where they had called Aman. They were in the eco-car, Sidharth and Cabir were sitting in the front seat, Cabir is driving the car and behind them, Arnav and Abhi were sitting and behind them, Kartik was sleeping peacefully. Aman and Sidharth made a deal that they both will not come with their men. Sidharth was still scared for his baby because he knew that Aman is a dangerous person. For the first time, he was praying to god for her safety. He was a bit happy too because, after long six days, he was finally going to see his baby, his baby girl.

He was craving to see her beautiful and innocent face, craving to listen to her pleasant voice and craving to see her cuteness, his life was dark without her. She was the sunshine of her life. All knew that He will only get his breath back after seeing Sana safe and fine from his own eyes.

Finally, the car stopped and his heartbeat quickened, he could feel that Sana was near him. He looked out of the window and found a car standing a little far away from them. They all stepped out of the car. Sidharth was just looking at the car with eagerness to see his baby. He frowned as Aman stepped out of the car. They both glared at each other. After that he opened the door of the other side, his heart was racing, he was getting desperate to see his baby, first, her feet came out and after that finally, he saw her fully and her beautiful face.

The time stopped for a moment for Sidnaaz when they looked into each other eyes. He felt pain in his heart when he found sadness in her eyes. Her swollen eyes were clearly showing him how much Aman made her cry and how much she had cried for him. Her face was pale, there was no glow on the face like before, there was no happiness in her eyes after seeing him also. She was wearing jeans and a top with a jacket. He fisted his hands when he saw blood in corner of her lips. Both were not moving their eyes away from each other as if they looked away, they would lose each other again.

Abhi took Kartik out of the car. “Daddy.” He shouted happily seeing his father and Aman also smiled at him. From one side Sana walked to Sidharth and from the other side, Kartik was walking toward Aman. Sidnaaz were just gazing at each other, a lone tear trickled down her cheeks as he saw his baby’s condition, there was no happiness and shine in her eyes like before, only he was seeing fear and sadness in her eyes which he never wanted to see in her eyes.

As soon as she reached in front of him, he immediately pulled her into his protective arms to prove to her that finally, she was with her hubby. All of them were also happy seeing Sana. When he hugged Sana, he felt like finally after six days, he got his breath back, his life back. She also hugged him back, clutching his shirt from behind and tears ran down her cheeks.

But what next she said to Sidharth, he widened his eyes, terrified like he got a mini heart attack.

He instantly broke the hug as she murmured in his ear, “bomb.”

He hurriedly opened her jacket with his shivering hands and found that she was wearing a time bomb jacket and only five minutes were remaining. Again his breath got stuck in his throat, he became numb seeing his baby’s life in danger. He was not understanding what he should do and Sana was just staring at him, having fear in her eyes because she didn’t want to die, she wanted to spend her life with her hubby.

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