(Part: 82A) Mine (Sidnaaz)


After three days, Aman came back after his mission and he decided that today, he would f*** the poor soul and by doing this he would break her innocent soul.

Sana was lying silently on the bed and she was missing Sidharth like hell. Her eyes were swollen by constant crying and she was also scared of Aman. Her condition was becoming worst with each passing day.

She immediately sat on the bed, clutching the blanket tightly as she heard someone opening the door. She froze as she found Aman stalking toward her, the corner of his lips were curled up. She started trembling with fright when Aman sat beside her on the bed. She also moved backward, gripping the blanket tightly.

“Hey darling, didn’t you miss me in these three days?” As he asked, she shook her head, moving away from him as he was moving close to her. “Okay, leave this. You know today I will do what I have been waiting to do from the day I saw you.”

“What you will do with me ?” She asked innocently because she didn’t understand what he wanted from her. Aman laughed at her.

“I will f*** you very hard and will make you scream every night.” As Aman stated shamelessly, her eyes bulged out in horror.

“No, I won’t let you touch me, Aman.” She shrieked and covered her face also with the blanket, clutching it tightly, she was frightened.

“Sana, I am warning you, if you don’t listen to me then don’t blame me for hurting you.” He warned her sternly, but still, she didn’t come out from the blanket because she didn’t want him to touch her body. After all, she had given this right to her hubby only.

“Now don’t blame me for this.” He yanked the blanket and tossed it on the floor. Before she could leave the bed, he hurriedly came top of her and pinned both hands above her head against the mattress.

“Leave me, leave me, Hubby..” she was just shouting, kicking her legs and moving her whole body, throwing her head. She was trying her best to come out from his hold, tears rolled down her cheeks mechanically.

“Shut up.” As he gave her a hard slap, she stopped resisting and became utterly numb after his slap because no one had ever slapped her before. The pain of slap was unbearable for her.

“Now say one more word or try to resist me.” He warned her in fury. She was just lying there like a lifeless soul, staring at the ceiling blankly. Aman started kissing her neck, she didn’t even move an inch, just lying there like a dead soul.

He was about to bite her collar bone but stopped because someone was, again and again, bagging the door. He groaned in frustration and climbed down the bed. He strode toward the door and opened the door. Sana still didn’t move an inch because she was in utter shock.

“Sir, we got the news that someone kidnapped your son from the hostel.” His man informed him.

“What?” He freaked out, bewildered. But he understood that it was done by Sidharth only. He immediately took out the phone from his pocket, dialled Sidharth’s number.

“Where I have to come? I am ready to give your Sana back, whatever you want, but give me my son back.” Aman said as soon as Sidharth picked up the call. The only person whom Aman loved was his son.

“Hahahaha.” Sidharth laughed loudly and Aman was controlling his anger for his son. “If you hurt my Sana, then I promise I won’t regret to shoot your son with my own hands.” Sidharth warned him sternly.

“Sidharth…” Aman shouted in anger.

“I am messaging you the address, meet me there and I want her fine.” He disconnected the call.

Aman was not understanding what he should do. He angrily punched on the wall.

Part: 82B

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