(Part: 59A The Hot Ice Cream Romance) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I’m lying, placing my head on Princess’s lap. She’s caressing my hair fondly with her one and stroking my stubble with her other hand, my eyes are closed. I’m just lost in her touch.

I opened my eyes as my phone rang up. I picked up the phone from the mattress after glancing at her. It is a guard’s call. A smile flashed on my face because I asked him to call me after the last lecture when nobody would remain in college.

“Now we can finally start our session.” I murmured to myself and grinned.

I disconnected the call and sat up. “It’s time to have my sweet dish now.” I smirked at her and took out the small box of chocolate ice cream, our favourite flavour. Her mouth became watery after seeing it.

“I also want to have it.” She murmured and licked her lower lip sexily.

“Your Master will feed you in his style.” I leaned in and sucked her lips softly.

“Lie down and keep your hands above your head.” I ordered in a whispering tone.

She complied instantly like always by lying on her back and keeping her hands above her head. I’m taking out the surprise for her and she’s looking at me in anticipation. I slowly took out my hand from the basket, my gaze fixed at her. Her eyes shimmered with excitement as she saw handcuffs in my hand. I hurriedly came over her, placing my legs on either side of her.

I put the handcuffs around her wrist. She shivered a bit as the metal handcuffs touched her hands. I locked them, gazing into her eyes deeply.

Even though I can vividly see the enthusiasm in her eyes, but I still ask to confirm. “Are you comfortable with it?”

“What do you think, Master?” She asked back, wrapping her handcuffs hands around my neck. I just grinned widely.

“I ask you to keep your hands above your head, Princess.” I reminded her, pinning them above her head with my one hand. “Now keep them there until my next order.” I instructed, leaving her hand.

“But I want to touch,” I shushed her by placing my finger on her lips.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you touch me after some time. I just want to keep you excited.” As I told her, she beamed at me.

“You know very well how to keep your Princess excited, I’m highly impressed.” She praised me.

“It’s just the beginning.” Her smile grew bigger.

I pulled the basket towards me and took out a scissor. “Are you gonna rip my dress with it?” She asked in shock, staring at the scissor in my hand and then moved her eyes back at me.

“Yes, any problem?” I asked, she shook her head. I grinned at her because I gonna tease her with it while ripping her dress.

When I moved down to her feet, suddenly she asked, “wait! What I’ll wear if you tear my this dress?”

I looked up at her and replied, “you don’t have to bother about it. I have done all the arrangements.”

I reached up to her thigh, cutting her black dress from the middle. I deliberately took more time to cut the dress over her crotch, rubbing her most sensitive spot with the scissor over the fabric of her undies. She pressed her thighs together in response and bit her lower lip, her eyes are closed. She shivered beneath me and her lips parted as I slightly stroke her thighs.

I cut her bra also with the dress from the middle and then it’s strap also before removing all the pieces of clothes from her body and revealing her exquisite and tempting body. I’m turned on.

I cupped her twins and as I squeezed them, a small moan escaped out of her mouth which aroused me more.

I sat beside her and pulled open the lid of Ice cream’s box, she’s just looking at the box and me in anticipation, breathing heavily, her twins rising and falling. I took out a metal spoon from the basket.

I took one spoon of Ice cream and moved it closer to her mouth. “You wanna eat it, Princess?” As I asked, she opened her mouth in response.

“Not yet and not like this.” I moved the spoon away from her mouth, she irritably pouted at me.

As suddenly I placed the spoon full of Ice cream over one of her twins, she shivered, clutched her hands, closed her eyes and opened her mouth to take a deep breath.

“First, I’ll arrange our sweet dish on your sexy and heavenly beautiful body and then I’ll eat it and feed you through my mouth.” I told her and as I put the ice cream on her other twin, she shivered again.

My mouth became watery after seeing the Ice cream spread on her both twins like cheery on the cake. I have never craved like this to eat ice cream in my life before.

I just crawled over and took the ice cream in my mouth, sucking one of her twins. She moaned with immense pleasure in response.

Umm… yummy.

So delicious.

I’m sucking and licking every inch of her twin. I’m sucking her nipple like I’m drinking milk from it. Her moans clearly telling me that she’s enjoying it.

“Eating ice cream by sucking your soft twins is fucking incredible, Princess.” As I whispered against her lips, she opened her eyes.

“I also want to eat it.” She whispered, craving to eat the ice cream.

I moved down and took the Ice cream in my mouth through my lips from her other twin. I reached to her lips, keeping it in my mouth. It’s melting in my mouth. She raised her head and herself slammed my lips like a wild cat to taste the ice cream. I sucked her lips with my mouth full of ice cream before opening my mouth to give full access to her tongue. She hastily took the ice cream in her mouth through her tongue from my mouth. As she swallowed the ice cream down her throat, I hungrily sucked her lips. I’m loving this kiss like hell. I pulled her closer to my mouth by grasping her hair and kissed her deeply. This is really an open mouth kiss. I pinned her hands on the mattress when she raised them, still kissing her lips passionately.

“Oh God, this kiss was mind-blowing, Master.” She breathed as we broke the kiss.

“Did you like the way I fed you the Ice cream?” I knew she enjoyed it a lot but want to listen from her.

“I loved it. The Ice cream became more delicious and sweeter. I want you to feed me all the sweet dishes like this always.” I grinned and kissed her lips passionately.

“But I want to have it more.” I told her, picking up the box of Ice cream. I added, “from every corner of your body.” I’m gently trailing my hand all over her front body.

“And I also want to taste ice cream and honey from your honeypot, together.” I moved my eyes down to her pelvis, then swept back at her face, she flushed. I’m sure, her core must have throbbed after listening to my words. I just can’t wait to have the ice cream from her every corner of body and especially from her burning wet core.

To be continued..

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 59A The Hot Ice Cream Romance) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Passionate moments mai bhi manan apne cute aur sweet moments banana nahi chodte the way manik was feeling peace by sleeping on her lap can’t be described in words…
    Hayeeee aag laga de aapke yeh update ne🔥🔥🔥
    There master and princess session was super hot the way manik makes nandu feel all the things is marvellous and nandu’s reaction to those things are cherry on top🥰🥰🥰

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