(Part: 58 A Date at the College’s terrace) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


Me: Meet me on the terrace after college.

I sent her the message before the beginning of the last lecture after doing all the arrangements at the terrace. Yes, today we’re going to mark the college’s terrace with our love.

I’m sitting in my cabin. Today my last lecture is free and I have done all the arrangements too, and now I’m wondering how I should pass my time.

My phone rang up and I smiled, seeing the caller id.

I slid the green button and placed the phone over my ear. I opened my mouth to speak, but she said before me, “did you cancel my lecture to spend time with me early?”

I raised my brows and asked in shock. “Your last lecture got cancelled?”

“You didn’t cancel it?” She asked back.

“No, but I’m glad it got cancelled because I was missing you.” I grinned. “Now come to the terrace fast.” I added.

“By the way, I was wondering how we will make love at the college terrace?” She sounded confused.

“Don’t worry about it, Princess. I have planned everything.”

“But I want to know.” My stubborn Princess.

“I have planned to vacant the whole college after the last lecture for privacy, but now before this, we’ll spend time on the terrace and excite each other.” I told her and I’m sure she would be blushing right now.

“Wow great! I’m so excited to mark the college terrace with our love.” She squealed cheerfully.

“Me too. Come fast, I’m waiting.”

“See you at the terrace, Master.” She disconnected.

I stood, smiling and dashed to the terrace. She reached before me. She’s looking at a small setup done by me there. A basket, wine bottle and two wine glasses with a bouquet of rose flowers are kept on the white mattress. I have kept lunch and also some surprise equipments for her in the basket for our today’s session. Today’s weather is cloudy, the sun is trying to peek behind the clouds.

I have also brought my extra shirt for her because today I’m going to rip her dress.

I turned around to lock the door of the terrace. As I was about to turn, I felt her arms around me. She hugged me from behind. “Thank you for this arrangement. I wasn’t expecting this on the college terrace.” She uttered, I smiled and turned to her.

She’s beaming at me, her eyes are sparkling. I’m so glad to see her happy after last night. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

I clasped her hand and led her to the mattress.

We settled down. She’s sitting between my legs, resting her back against me. After opening the wine bottle, I poured it into the glasses.

I handed her one glass. “Thank you.” She smiled gleefully, taking the class and kissed my cheek.

I raised my glass and she clinked her glass with mine before placing the tip of the glass over her sensuous lips and taking one sip. I felt a sudden urge to kiss her delicious lips which have become wet with wine. I placed my glass on the floor, lowered my head and captured her lips, placing my hand on her face. I tasted wine which made me more hungry and thirsty. I kissed her passionately, exploring every corner of her mouth with my tongue. She kissed me back with equal flavour, clenching my hair with her free hand. I’m kneading and squeezing her twins over the fabric with my other hand. She’s moaning in my mouth and kissing me wildly.

“You drive me crazy, Princess.” I breathed as we broke the kiss, my eyes are still closed after our intense kiss.

I opened my eyes and gazed into her eyes. After that, we drank wine and also drank each other through our eyes.

After that I took out sandwiches from the basket and smirked, looking at the few equipments which I have brought for her pleasure and to increase her excitement. Just can’t wait to use them. She gonna love it.

Now she is sitting in front of me and we’re eating the sandwich. Her hair is fluttering in the breeze, increasing her beauty.

Suddenly a question popped into my mind and I asked, “I never asked you, but what’s your plan after college?” She never told me about this.

“To marry you.” She winked at me and we both chuckled.

“First I was planning to become a lecturer, but now I want to become a motivational speaker. I want all the people to look at the positive of life. I want to spread positivity all around the world. I want to encourage girls to fight for themselves.” As she told me about her future plans, her eyes sparkled with happiness.

“Wow, that’s great. You really have the power to change people’s mindset. You changed me utterly and took me out of the darkness. You really make me look at life in an utterly different way. Thank you for filling my life with happiness, Princess.” I moved closer to her and thanked her from the core of my heart.

She just smiled at me and pecked my lips. I entwined her hands with mine. “You know, you have such a beautiful soul.” I whispered, caressing her knuckles with my thumbs.

“You also have a beautiful soul.”

“You made my soul beautiful with your thinking and love. Your presence gives me immense peace.” I’m moving closer to her face. “I want to cherish you all my life and every day I want to love you like it’s our last day.” I breathed against her lips before planting a lingering kiss on her lips. She came over my lap and sat straddling me. She is kissing me like a wild cat, clutching my hair and my hands are squeezing her round butts.

I nuzzled her neck, breathing heavily. I inhaled the intoxicating scent of her body before placing wet kisses all over her neck. I reached her ear, caressing up her neck to jawline with my lips.

“Are you ready for our today’s Master and Princess session at the terrace of college?” I asked hoarsely in her ear and sucked her earlobe.

She moved away from me and stared at me in shock. “Here, Master and Princess session?” She asked incredulously.

“Yes, here.” I nodded, smirking. “I have brought some equipments too.” I moved my eyes to the basket and then back at her. She blushed and her eyes instantly glinted with excitement.

“Which equipments, Master?” She asked, staring at the basket in anticipation. Then she swept her eyes to me and asked politely, “Could I see those equipments?”

I tucked her hair strands behind her ear and gently held her jaw. “You can’t see them now because I want to keep you excited during our session. You have to wait. We’ll start our session after college. I don’t want anybody to hear your moans and screams when I’ll be thrusting you hard and fast.” I kissed her lips passionately, pulling her head back by grasping her hair.

“I just can’t wait, Master. I’m aroused.” She breathed as we broke the kiss.

“Me too, but we have to wait. It just a matter of a few minutes. Until then come into my arms.” I spread my arms. She beamed at me before hugging me tightly, wrapping her arms around me. I embraced her and she snuggled in my arms, still sitting on my lap. I smiled blissfully and placed a kiss on her hair.

“I’m just wondering which equipments you have brought here from the playroom?” She murmured, I can vividly sense excitement in her voice.

“Keeping wondering.” I chuckled.

So are you excited for their Master and Princess’s session at the terrace of college?

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik kuch bhi kar sakta he proved that by arranging every thing for there master and princesses on college terrace…
    Loved the way even after being together almost all the time they still enjoy each other’s company and love to spend time with each other…
    Excited to see what manik has planed for nandu on terrace..

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