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Sidharth rushed to the telephone booth, his condition was worst. He was badly beaten up by the goons. His hands and head were bleeding, he was breathing heavily. He dialled someone number and stood there putting the phone in his ear, but no one answered. He again dialled another number.


“No, Abhi, first I want to meet Sana, we will go home than a hospital.” Sidharth said stubbornly when Abhi said he is taking him to hospital. He didn’t care about his physical wounds, he just wanted to meet his baby.


They reached back home but became shocked when they didn’t find Sana at home. He lost his mind when he found that Sana got missing. He found her at every corner of the house.


Sidharth punched Cabir in anger and everybody gasped in shock.

So what do you think, where is Sana?

What do you think, what will happen next?

Love Mehak

How much do you like the Part.

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