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“Abhi, why have police arrested, Manik Bhai? Did they tell something to you?” Mukti asked when Abhi came inside the restaurant after talking to Goa police.

“Mukti, they didn’t arrest Manik.” Abhi answered worriedly.

“What?” Mukti asked, widening her eyes in shock.

“but Nandini was saying that Manik got Arrested?”Mukti asked, baffled.

“No, Mukti don’t call Nandini. She will get more worried, she was already crying so much.” Abhi stopped Mukti when she was about to call Nandini.

“I think Manik got kidnapped, they might be fake police. We need to go goa now.” As Abhi said, a lone tear rolled her cheek. She became hell anxious for her brother.

“Abhi, I’m worried about Bhai.” She said in crying tone.

“Mukti, you’re my strong girl. If you cry like this who will handle Nandini? You need to be strong for her and don’t worry, I will find Manik. Goa police have started their work and Mumbai police too, everything will be fine soon.” Abhi reassured her after cupping her face. Mukti hugged him and tears trickled down her cheeks.

In few hours Mukti, Cabir and Abhi reached Goa. Arnav and Khushi didn’t come because somebody should also be in Mumbai for some emergency.

Abhi stopped the car in front of the beach house. Nandini was crying outside only, standing by the door. As soon as they stepped out of the car, she rushed to them. Her eyes became red because of crying continuously.

“My hubby is not criminal, Abhi Jiju. Please, take him out of the jail, you are ACP.” She cried and they all glanced at each other helplessly, feeling bad for her.

“Sweetie, Bhai is not criminal, fake po,” Mukti was about to tell the truth to Nandini, but Abhi cut her word immediately.

“Nandu, it is a fake case. Manik will be out soon.” Abhi lied because he knew she would cry more after knowing about fake police.

“When? I am missing him a lot, I want to meet him.” She asked and now he looked at Nandini helplessly.

“Nandu, he will be out tomorrow, don’t cry. If he comes to know, you’re crying for him like this, he will also cry. So stop crying and take care of yourself.” Cabir tried to explain her. She understood and nodded her head, wiping her tears.

“Mukti, take her inside, I and cabir are going to the police station.” Abhi told Mukti.

“I will also go to the police station. I want to meet, hubby.” Nandini uttered instantly.

“Nandini, don’t worry, I will come back with Manik, you don’t need to go with us.” As Abhi denied, her lips drew down in sadness.

“No, I will also go.” She said like a stubborn kid.

“Sweetie, please, try to understand.” Mukti said after clasping her face.

“I want to meet hubby, didu. I’m missing him.” She sobbed and continued, “but I have full faith in you, Abhi jiju, you will surely take him out of the jail.” She wiped off her tears with the back of her hand. That time only Abhi promised himself, he would see Nandini after finding Manik.

“What are you doing? Why are you blindfolding me?” Manik freaked out, sitting in the police’s car when they were about to blindfold him, he found something fishy.

“Because our Master ordered us.” the constable said who was sitting beside Manik. He looked at him confusingly.

“What do you mean, what, Master?” Manik asked confusingly and they all burst into laughter.

He fumed in anger now, clutching his hands.

“We are fake police and now you have been kidnapped by us.” Another man told him who was driving the car. Manik became shocked after listening to this.

“What are you seeing, tie the cloth around his head.” The third man who was sitting beside the driver seat ordered to the first man who was sitting beside Manik.

Manik hastily hit the first person face with his handcuffs. Before anybody could react, he hurriedly grabbed the pistol from his pocket and pointed at the first person and the third person pointed the pistol at Manik.

“Unlock my handcuffs right now and tell me who is your Master or else I will shoot you.” He warned the first person. He became afraid and immediately took the key of handcuffs from his pocket.

The third person shot Manik’s hand without thinking twice.

“Ahaa…” he screamed loudly in pain and the gun slipped from Manik’s hand. They all laughed again. After that the first person immediately blindfolded Manik.

Nandini was sleeping and Mukti was sitting beside her, caressing her hair. Mukti had very difficultly put Nandini to sleep because she was not ready to sleep, she wanted to see Manik first. She was calling Manik in her sleep also. Mukti was feeling bad for her and she was also worried for Manik too.

On the other hand, after taking out the bullet from Manik’s arms, they tied him against the wall in a dark room.

“Open me, you bastard.” He was blindfolded, but still, he was trying to come out of the bond and shouting to open him.

He was worried for Nandini, he was sure that she would be surely crying for him only. He was wondering about her condition and it was hurting him more than the physical pain. Imagining her in tears, this was eating up his mind. He had no idea who had kidnapped him. Aman was his only enemy and currently, he was in jail.

In Goa, at every checkpoint police was checking cars. Abhi was investing people and Cabir was with him.

“Mam, the work is done.” The person said on the phone.

“Good, but the real work has to be done tomorrow, so be prepared. I don’t want any kind of mistake or else you know, what I will do.” A girl, standing by the window threatened him.

“And one more thing, don’t forget to give pain to Manik, the pain he deserves.” The girl smirked.

“Okay, mam, don’t worry we will take care of this.” The person disconnected the call and ordered his other man to beat Manik.

“Ahaaa…” Manik shouted in pain when they started beating him with a wooden stick.

And on the other hand, Nandini woke up, screaming. “Manik..” This shows that they were connected by the heart. One was in pain and the other one became restless, feeling his pain.

“Didu, I want to meet, Hubby. Please, ask Abhi jiju when they will come back.” She said to Mukti.

Next day

“Navya, why they arrested, Hubby? At least you tell me the reason. Abhi jiju also didn’t come back after yesterday night. Somebody, please tell me what is happening.” Nandini asked angrily because she was getting more and more anxious. After all, no one was telling her anything about Manik.

“Nandu, don’t worry after some time, I will make you meet him, just relax.” Navya tried to console her, hugging her.

She pushed her away. “No, you all are bad, no one is telling me about Manik. Mukti didu also went leaving me alone here. I know you all are hiding something from me.” After shouting at Navya, she rushed to her room and locked herself.

“I know, hubby, you are my hero and you will come back soon. I have full trust in our love, no power can separate us.” She said to herself after sitting on the bed.

On the other Abhimanyu, Cabir and Mukti were trying to find Manik.

“Sir, Aman escaped from the jail.” Somebody gave the shocking news to Abhimanyu on phone and the phone slipped down from his hand on the floor in a shock.

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