(Part: 77) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“What? But what I have done? You can’t arrest me like this, you don’t know me who I am?” Sidharth said in attitude while pushing the constable who was putting the handcuffs.

“We know everything about you, Mr Sidharth Shukla. You are a famous business tycoon and you are the one who supplies girls from Goa.” He widened his eyes in shock.

Sidharth freaked out. “What? Are you out of your mind? “Sidharth shouted in fury. “You can’t arrest me without any warrant.” He sassed.

As the constable again tried to put on handcuffs, he gave him a deadly glare. The constable’s eyes glinted with fear and he took a few steps back. Sidharth curled up his lips, seeing his reaction.

“Don’t teach us law, Mr Shukla, we are here to arrest you because we have a warrant and also proof against you,” Inspector stated after showing him a file and Sidharth gave a glare to him.

“You all are gonna regret this.” He smiled curtly and said in attitude while constable started putting handcuffs around his hands. He was tension free because he knew that Abhi would surely take him out of the jail. After all, the case was fake.

Sana rushed to them. “Why are you arresting, my hubby? He is a hero, he is not criminal.” She freaked out when she saw handcuffs around his hands. She was in a short dress.

He boiled in anger and knitted his brows when constable and inspector ogled at her with their lustful eyes. He wanted to beat them like hell because Nobody has the right to look at his girl. She was his only.

He clutched his hands and squeezed his eyes shut to compose himself. “Sana, don’t worry, you just go inside and call Abhi.” He said calmly to her.

“No, I won’t let them take you away from me.” She denied, shaking her head.

She started crying when they started taking him to the main door. She ran to him and hugged him.

“Stop, don’t try to touch her or else I will forget that who you are and who I am.” He roared with outrage like a Monster when a constable was about to hold Sana’s arm to push her away from him. She too flinched as he shouted loudly. She broke the hug and looked at him with her sorrowful eyes.

“Baby, I promise you that nothing will happen to me, I will come back very soon, just call Abhi,” Sidharth reassured her after holding her face. She cried, even more, looking at him.

“Please, don’t take my hubby away from me, he is innocent, he is a hero.” She cried holding his shirt from behind when they started taking him out of the house.

“Sana, do you love ?” As he asked after turning toward her, she instantly nodded her, tears were trickling down her cheeks nonstop. His heart was aching, seeing tears in his baby’s eyes.

“Then, for our love, you have to promise me that you will not cry and take care of yourself until I come back.” He asked for the promise after cupping her face.

She shook her head. “You are innocent, hubby. I trust you. Why they arrested you and taking you away from me?” She hiccuped and asked while crying.

“Sana, they have some misunderstanding which will be cleared soon and then I will come back, you just be strong, okay and inform Abhi about this.” He tried to explain to her calmly.

“Just Enough of this emotional drama, take him out,” Inspector ordered. Sana cried more, shaking her head. Sidharth glared at him, fuming in extreme anger.

“Baby, I love you, everything is gonna be fine, just be strong.” He said these last words with so much love in his eyes and his words too. She unknowingly smiled slightly listening to his words. After that, they started taking him out of the house. She started going with them, holding his hand.

They put him inside the car, still, she wasn’t ready to leave his hand. Constable was about to hold Sana’s hand but he stopped as Sidharth gave him a deadly glare. He moved back immediately after recalling his warning.

He removed her hand and blinked his eyes, having a smile on his face because he didn’t want to make her worried. He knew his smile would surely help her, it would give her strength. Then the constable closed the door and Sana was just staring at him, tears rolling down her cheeks constantly. He was just looking at her, having a small smile on his face.

“Hubby…” she was crying, standing there alone seeing the car leaving. She wanted her hubby back in any condition because she was sure that his hubby is innocent, he is not a criminal.

“I need to call, Abhi, I won’t let anything happen to my hubby.” After saying this she dashed into the room and called Abhi hastily.

On the other hand, Abhi and Mukti were having dinner at the restaurant when Abhi’s phone rang up. Abhi smiled as he saw the caller Id because it was their cute baby doll, Sana’s call.

“Sana, what happened? Why are crying?” Abhi asked worriedly when from the other side, he heard Sana’s cry. She was crying badly. Mukti also got worried after listening to Abhi’s words. Abhi put the phone on speaker.

“Jiju, hubby…” she cried more making them more worried.

“Sweetie, calm down first and then tell us what happened?” Mukti said and she cried more.

“Give the phone to Sidharth, did he shout at you?”Abhi asked, thinking wrong.

“They took Sidharth away from me.” She sobbed. They both glanced at each bemusedly.

“Who?” Abhi asked, getting up.

“Po,” she hiccuped, “police.” Mukti and Abhi instantly looked at each in shock.

“What? Why ?”Mukti freaked out.

“I don’t know, I just come out of my room and saw them taking Sidharth with them.” She told them, shedding tears.

“Jiju, my hubby is innocent, please do something.” As she requested while Abhi and Mukti looked at each other helplessly.

“Sweetie, your Abhi jiju is A C P, Sidharth will be out of the jail till tomorrow, don’t worry, okay and stop crying, we are coming to Goa within few hours, just be strong and take care of yourself.” Mukti tried to make her understand.

“Yes, Sana, Sidharth will out soon, I promise you,” Abhi promised her.

“I trust you all.” She uttered.

Her words clearly showed how much she trusted everybody. Abhi and Mukti smiled slightly, looking at each other.

“Mukti, you keep talking to her and I am contacting Goa police.” Abhi said to Mukti while taking out his another phone. Mukti nodded her head.

“No, Mr Abhimanyu, we haven’t arrested business tycoon, Mr Sidharth Shukla,” Inspector said from Goa and Abhi widened his eyes in shock after listening to this. Now the question was who had Arrested Sidharth.

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