(Part: 56 Missing My Professor) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Anushka asked. “You both are inside the bathroom, together?”

Thank God, it wasn’t Mom or Dad.

“Yeah, she needed my help,” I replied.

“Okay. Uncle and Auntie are calling you both for the breakfast.” She told.

“We’re just coming within a few minutes.”


I sighed with relief as I heard the sound of the closing of the room’s door. I removed my hand from her mouth and pulled my fingers out of her core.

She swiftly turned to me. “We should do it fast.” She hooked her thumbs into my boxer.

Before she could pull it down, I stopped her by holding her hands. “We shouldn’t do this right now.” I shook my head.

“Why?” She asked bemusedly.

“What if Mom or Dad came to call us today instead of Anushka?” I asked in a serious tone.

“So what?” She asked.

“What they would have thought about us, that what we’re doing together in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Manik, they know how close we are and how much we love other. They trust you, Manik. They know you’re my life partner. They allowed us to sleep together on the very first day. If today you ask them that you want to take me with you forever, they will immediately agree for sending you with me without even asking why, because they know nobody can take better care of their daughter except you. In India, before marriage no parents allow their daughters to stay with the man whom she loves, but my parents thinking is different. They will never judge us for taking shower together.” She explained to me and I completely understand her.

I know how much they trust me. They always treat me as their own son. They have given me so much love. I’m blessed to have them, and I never want to do something which they don’t like it. I never ever want to make them regret choosing me for their daughter. I never want to break their trust, not even in my dream also.

“You’re right, but still,” she placed a finger over my lips.

“I can understand. We’ll continue this later on.” She blinked her eyes.

I just pulled her into my arms and hugged her close to my heart. “I love you so much, Princess.” I confessed from the core of my heart, smiling blissfully. Our wet bodies pressing against each other and water cascading down us, this feels incredible. This types of naked hug under the shower are favourite. I just got lost in her.

I helped her in getting dressed after wearing my clothes. I have kept my few clothes in her cupboard for this type of emergency. I wore a black t-shirt with grey jeans and she wore a black full-length dress. Now I’m drying her hair with the dryer. We’re standing before the dressing table. She’s just smiling at me through the mirror.

“It’s done.” I kept the dryer on the dressing table. She’s fine now. Her face is glowing and her eyes are sparkling like before. I’m glad that I got back my strong Princess.

“Now let’s go to have breakfast. Mom and Dad must be waiting for us.” I clasped her hand and we headed out of the room.

Mom, Dad, Cabir and Anushka, they all are sitting at the dining table, waiting for us to join them for the breakfast.

“Good morning,” she cheerfully wished them before sitting beside Mom. I settled down beside her. On the opposite side of the table, Cabir and Anu are sitting and Dad is sitting at the other side of the table.

They are surprised to find Princess utterly fine after last night. Nobody can say that she is the same girl who was crying in agony last night. Mom just smiled at her and caressed her hair. Dad is gazing at her lovingly.

“Hey, Nandini. How’s life?” Cabir indirectly asked how’s she.

“My Life is as usual great, making me stronger.” She answered him, we all smiled. I just love her positive attitude towards life. This is the best thing about her. When life falls her down, she every time stands up, becoming stronger and more confident. She never gives up.

Nobody talked about last night incident during breakfast. We all talked like nothing had happened last night because we don’t want to recall it.

After the breakfast, Cabir and Anu left. He would drop Anu at college. Princess and I came to the room. She wants to get ready for college. I insisted her to take one day off and take some rest, but she never listens to me.

She is combing her hair, standing in front of the mirror. I’m gazing at her, sitting on the sofa. “Are you coming with me to college today, Professor Manik?” She asked, raising her eyebrows, looking at me through the mirror.

“Of course, from today wherever my Princess goes, I’ll go there.” I replied to her, she beamed at me.

“By the way, I’m missing my professor Manik. I’m missing attending his lectures and his naughtiness.” She uttered, I smiled. I also missed our college romance.

I stood up and strolled to her. I trailed my hands down her arms, standing behind her. We gazed at each other fondly through the mirror.

I leaned down. “And what more you are missing about your professor Manik?” I asked huskily in the ear, entwining my hands with her.

“His romantic lectures in the extra classes.” She answered and her cheeks became rosy red.

I rested my chin on her shoulder and caressed my stubble against her cheek, holding her hands over her stomach.

“Your professor is also missing his favourite naughty student.” I said, looking at her in the mirror.

“And what he’s missing about his favourite student?” She raised her brows, smirking.

“He’s missing her naughtiness, missing punishing her for coming late and for teasing him during the class.” I kissed her cheek. “And most importantly he’s missing teasing his favourite student during the class.” I added and we both beamed at each other, recalling our all the college moments.

She turned around and squealed cheerfully. “Let’s go to college because I want to make more new memories with you in college.”

I moved closer to her lips and whispered, “and I want to mark all the remaining places of college with our love.” She blushed and I leaned in and captured her delicious lips after clasping her face.

So any suggestions, where you want see their romance in the college?

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik ketna samjdar hai he stoped himself from going any further with her bcoz he respects her parents even if they have no problem with manan being together….
    Nandu really has a lovely and understanding family who is ready to support her through thick and thin…
    Now waiting for manan ka college romance…

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