(Part: 75) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana was crying, sitting on the bed. As she heard the sound of the opening of the door, she instantly raised her head and looked at the door. It opened and a girl, age of twenty-two stepped inside. She climbed down the bed and looked at her in confusion like a baby.

“Who are you and where is my hubby?” she immediately asked.

“Sidharth sir has sent me. He is waiting for you outside, come with me.” As she told her, she sighed with relief and wiped her tears.

“Let’s go.” She squealed cheerfully and went out with her.

As stepped out of the room, she raised her eyebrows in amazement to find herself on a beautiful yacht. She palmed her mouth in surprise and her eyes popped out. She felt like she is dreaming because it was one of her dreams to be on a yacht. On her birthday, Sidharth fulfilled her this dream.

As she moved her eyes up at the sky, she found Sidharth on the chopper, smiling at her. “Oh my God.” She murmured in astonishment.

He started showering the rose petals on her. She opened her arms and twirled gleefully. He admired his baby, smiling broadly.

“Happy birthday, my baby doll.” He wished her in loud voice.

“Wow, so beautiful, hubby.” She whooped with joy, looking up at him. She started jumping and clapping her hands. She made the beautiful moment cute.

The chopper was coming down. He is climbing down the rope ladder. Sana was looking at him excitedly but also having fear in her eyes “what if he falls?” She was thinking.

He jumped directly on the yacht, looking hot in his black jacket with a white shirt and blue denim jeans. He smiled at her and directly knelt in front of her like a true gentleman. Sana was smiling like a cute baby at him. She was extremely happy because her hubby made his entry like a Hero.

“Will you marry me, my tiny cute baby?” He proposed to her after holding her hand.

She looked at him confusingly. “But you’re my hubby already, then why you are proposing to me, hubby? have you lost your memory like Aamir Khan had lost his memory in Ghajini Movie?” She asked and laughed loudly. He just gazed at her fondly. He found her so cute when she laughed like this.

“Cute.” Only this word came out of his mouth after seeing her and she looked at him, having a big smile on her face.

“Cute.” She chuckled. “I was born cute, Mr hubby, tell me something new.” She said in attitude.

“And that new thing is that you are becoming bolder day by day.” She smiled broadly.

“It is the effect of your classes, my romance teacher, you have made me bold.”

“Okay, put this bold talks on the side for a minute, I have to tell you an important thing.” He said, again holding her hand, still, he was sitting on his knees in front of her.

“What?” She raised her brows.

“Sana, you know that first time, I had forcefully married with you, now again I want to marry you but this time, it will be like a dreamful marriage, everything will be beautiful,” Sidharth said, rubbing her hand with his thumb and she was just smiling.

“Wow, dreamful marriage. Hubby, it is an amazing idea, but we will marry again on our anniversary. I will wear the most beautiful bridal lehenga, I’m so excited.” She clapped her hands.

“Again ring, you have given me the ring yesterday only.” She said when he slid the ring on her finger. He chuckled.

“So what? I will give ring to my baby every day, she is my princess.” After saying this, he gently kissed her knuckles.

“If you start giving ring to me every day, where I will wear? Hubby, I have only ten fingers.” She cutely showed her both hands, moving her fingers and laughed loudly at herself. He just shook his head unbelievably, seeing her cuteness.

Sidharth stood up. “And now it is time to celebrate your birthday.”

He sent Sana with Maid to get ready. Till then, he planned something for her.

Sana came outside, wearing a beautiful pink dress. Her hair was curled from down. He smiled as soon as his eyes fell on her. She was looking pretty in that dress. She was wearing a black belly. He strolled to her and held his hand out to her. She smiled at him and held his hand. He was leading to the place where he had arranged their breakfast. That place was decorated beautifully. All around there were balloons, she was amazed at seeing the decoration.

“Hubby, before breakfast, I want to take selfies with you on the yacht.” She said cutely like always and He couldn’t deny her, he agreed by giving her a nod.

They stood making the titanic pose on her request and Sidharth asked the maid to click their photo. Like always they were looking super cute together. They clicked a lot of photos and selfies on the yacht.

“Wow, hubby, my day is going beyond amazing, my best birthday ever. You know I love this yacht, you are the best, you are fulfilling my every dream and today what I loved the most when you made an entry like a hero. You just made me speechless.” She was blabbering non-stop while having breakfast. He was just admiring her, resting his chin on his hand.

After having breakfast, she asked him cutely. “Hubby, could I burst these balloon? kyuki balloons phodhne mein mujhe badha maza ata bachpan se hi. (Because I enjoy a lot bursting the balloons from my childhood.)” He chuckled, listening to her cute wish and just nodded his head.

After that, she immediately got up and started bursting the balloons joyfully. “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.” She was singing the song. She was kicking the balloons and trying to burst them with the heel of her belly and laughing at herself.

He was gazing at her, sitting on the chair like a crazy person. After that she came close to him, holding the balloon. As she burst it near to his ear, he immediately stood up.

“Hubby got scared, hubby got scared.” She squealed, clapping her hands cutely. He shook his head, seeing her unlimited cuteness.

“Now what my baby wants to do here? Today I will do whatever you say, so tell me what you want to do first ?” As he asked her, she started wondering what to do by placing her forefinger over her chin.

“S.., you have promised me that we would do s on my birthday, hubby.” She said without shying, but she always shied to call full word sex. He found her S word super cute like her.

“Oh my god, you are becoming so desperate baby, wait till night, we will make love and make the night beautiful. In your language, we will do s at night.” Sidharth explained to her. She nodded her head sadly and again started thinking.

“Aakh Micholi, but today first we will play in my style and then in your style, okay?” As she asked, he just nodded his head.

After some time, he was blindfolded and trying to catch his baby for five minutes.

“Hubby, you can’t catch me.” She said after coming close to him and touched him from behind. As Sidharth turned around to catch her, she ran away and touched him again from the back. Sidharth got failed in catching her.

Today he was regretting that why he hadn’t played these types of game in childhood, he had no experience in this. But he was enjoying this game also because he was playing this with his baby. A business Man Sidharth never thought that one day he would play this type of game.

There was a day when he had shouted at Mukti and Sana for playing this game and now he himself was playing with her. She changed Sidharth utterly, before meeting her, he was just spending his life, but after meeting her he came to know, how to live the life to fullest. She was the most special and most important part of his life, he always thought that without her, what he would do.

Finally, after five more minutes, he caught her and sighed, removing the blindfold from his eyes. Sana was just smiling proudly because she played very well. “Now do you come to know, how good I am in this game?” She asked, he just nodded his head smilingly.

He snaked his arm around her and yanked her to himself. “So, now it’s time to play Aakh micholi in my style and this time the game will be bolder and the rules will be harder.”

“This means the game will not same as before and what you said rules will be more hard, What that’s mean, hubby?” She asked, and he was grinning evilly.

He moved closer to her face. “My games, my rules and there will be more excitement, more fun, more hotness, more romance.” Her eyes glinted with excitement.

“Wow, I am excited, what we are waiting for, just begin the game.” She said, holding his hand. He smiled broadly at her.

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