(Part: 74) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana was on top of Sidharth and she was trailing kisses down his chest, his shirt was lying down on the floor, he was lost in the soft kisses.

“Aahu.. baby.” He moaned as she clenched his nipple between his teeth.

She looked up at him and asked cutely. “Hubby, do you liking it? Am I doing right or wrong?” He just smiled at her.

“My baby is best in everything. She is perfectly pleasuring her hubby.” She smiled gleefully before she again started kissing his chest and moved down to his six-pack abs.

“Wow, Hubby your body is solid, I mean hot.” She murmured, gazing at him and caressing his abs with her hand. He grinned, enjoying her touch and cute compliments. She placed soft kisses on his abs. Every day he used to do workout to stay fit in his busy schedule. He was very strict about his health and on the other hand, his baby was opposite to him.

“Sidharth, remove your lower, I will rub your manhood as like you rub mine.” She ordered him without shying, pressing her hand over his bulge, he groaned.

He was shocked and wondering, “Really, is my baby ready for this ?”

“Baby, do you know, how to do it ?” He asked in disbelief.

“Hubby, I will try, if I don’t do it correctly, you are there for me to instruct me, my romance teacher, did you forget?” She asked, moving closer to his face.

“Okay, wait.” He raised his butts from the bed and removed his lower. Now he was just lying in his boxer and she was excitedly looking at his bulge.

“Hubby, remove your boxer also. If you don’t take it off, then how I will rub it like this?” She asked, holding the waistband of his boxer. He shook his head unbelievably. She was a unique piece.

“Baby, are you ready for this, I mean will you see it?”He asked to confirm before removing his boxer.

“Why not hubby? If you can see mine, then why not me, in short, I am excited.” She clapped her hands and he was looking at her in disbelief.

He was pulling his boxer down, gazing at her face, his lips were curved in a naughty smile. Her gaze was fixed at his crotch only. As his junior sprung out, her eyes popped up because, for the first time, she looked at his hard manhood. She palmed her mouth and he was just smiling, seeing her expression, he was sure that her reaction would be like this only.

“Hubby, it is so huge! how it will fit inside me? I’m afraid.” She asked, her eyes glinted with fear. He just shook his head in disbelief.

“Hubby, I think fingering is better than s, s you know na what do I mean?” He nodded his head and she continued, “so first we will try fingering than this s, I am really scared hubby.” She said innocently.

He sat up and assured her after clasping her face. “Baby, don’t worry, if tomorrow it hurts you, we won’t do it. Until you feel comfortable, we won’t do it, this is your Hubby bubby promise.”

“I know Sidharth, you won’t force me but I am confused, how your huge manhood,” Before she could speak more, Sidharth shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

“Baby, you will come to know tomorrow, okay. Now stop thinking about this.” She nodded her head meekly like an innocent baby.

“Okay, now lie down, I will give you pleasure. My romance teacher, please, instruct me.” She said cutely.

He smiled and nodded his head before laying down and she sat in between his legs.

She held his manhood with her both the hand and he closed his eyes in response and after that, she started rubbing his manhood slowly with her soft hands.

“Oh, baby, exactly like this.” Sidharth moaned with pleasure, clutching the bed-sheet. She looked at him in excitement after listening to his moans. She started rubbing him faster. He moaned louder, grasping her hair.

“Hubby, am I doing right or wrong ?” She asked, still rubbing his manhood. He wasn’t in a state to give her answer.

She frowned and left his manhood because he didn’t respond to her. He felt irritated and groaned in frustration.

“Hubby, tell me na, am I doing this in the right way?” She asked cutely coming above him.

“Of course, my baby is doing this perfectly and please do it na, I want more.” Listening to his answer she grinned and started rubbing his manhood faster. He was just moaning loudly, closing his eyes.

“Omg hubby, this is magic, this is growing bigger.” She uttered in surprise. He chuckled after listening to her words. She was dam innocent and he loved her a lot. He didn’t want all this from her, he just wanted to be with her, but all this was her wish. He never thought that one day his small baby would ever give him pleasure like this.

He was utterly aroused, he wanted to come inside her but he knew, he had to wait till tomorrow.

“Hubby, rub me too, I also want pleasure, something is badly happening in between my thigh.” She herself placed his hands over her core. He was just amazed like always.

He grasped her arms and flipped their position. Now he was on top of her. He captured her lips and slid his hand down into her panty and rubbed her core vigorously. She also rubbed him and they deepened the kiss. Both were moaning in each other mouth. Both were on the edges of orgasm. They were kissing each pouring all their love in the kiss. She was enjoying this a lot. They both cummed together.

Sana was lying on top of Sidharth and listening to his soothing heartbeat. His arms were wrapped around her tightly. He was kissing her shoulder and neck constantly.

“What happened baby, suddenly why you sat up like this, pouting irritably?” Sidharth asked worriedly when she suddenly sat up beside him after coming out of his arms.

“Hubby, your this,” she pointed at his manhood and continued, “this is touching my tummy and irritating me.” She complained like a cute baby.

“Oh my baby, is this your problem? ittu choti si ( so small.)” As he asked, she nodded her head cutely. He smiled at her cuteness.

“Now happy?” He asked after wearing his boxer. She nodded and smiled gleefully before coming into his arms. He laughed, hugging her tightly and kissed her hair. She snuggled and kissed his chest.

Next day, she woke up. She sat up and widened her in shock as she found herself in another room.

“Hubby, where are you?” She called him, rubbing her eyes, but he didn’t come. She climbed down the bed and strode to the door. She tried to open it, but the door wasn’t opening. She started banging the door worriedly. Waking up into the unknown room and then finding herself locked inside that room. This was scary for her. “Hubby, your baby is crying, please come.” She started crying sitting on the bed like a baby, hugging her knees.

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