(Part: 54 You’re Warrior) {Manan} Master And His Princess


I’m standing in front of the door of her home, entwining my hand with her, giving her strength. She’s staring straight blankly. My heart is throbbing with immense pain, seeing her pale face and her eyes which are brimmed with tears.

I lifted my hand to press the button of the bell, but stopped as she uttered, “stop.”

I turned my face to her. “I can’t face them. They won’t forgive me.” She said dejectedly and fresh tears trickled down her cheeks.

I instantly clasped her face. “Princess, you haven’t done anything wrong. They will support you.” I reassured, gently wiping her tears with my thumbs. She stared at me with her sorrowful eyes. It is getting hard for me to control my emotions, but I have to be strong for her.

I kissed her forehead before pressing the doorbell. I looked at her, she’s literally shivering with fear. I clasped her hand and squeezed it to assure her that I’m with her. She calmed down a bit. I leaned down and placed a kiss on her hair. I just want to make her feel better anyhow.

As the door open, Mom stepped out and pulled Princess into her arms. I left her hand. Dad is staring at them, standing at the door, his bleary eyes are filled with concern.

Princess hugged back mom tighter and cried out, burying her face in her chest. “Mom, I killed him. I didn’t want to, but he forced me. He made me a murderer, Mom. He was very cruel. I just went there to help and he…” she howled in anguish.

Mom is rubbing her back, tears are trickling down her eyes too. A mother can never see her daughter in pain.

I squeezed my eyes shut dejectedly, her condition is making me weak. I opened my eyes as I felt somebody’s hand on my shoulder. Anushka is standing in front of me.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine soon,” Anu murmured, blinking her eyes.

I nodded, “I know, she’s will be fine because she’s very strong.” I murmured, sweeping my eyes to Mom and Princess.

Mom is consoling her by clasping her face. “Today, you have fought like a warrior, Nandu. We all are proud of you, bacha. You’re not a murderer, you’re a warrior.”

“Yes, we’re proud of you, Nandu.” Dad caressed her hair gently.

Now she hugged him. “I was so afraid thinking that you both would hate me.” She clutched Dad’s shirt.

“Why would we hate you? That bastard deserves to suffer in hell.” He gently stroke her hair.

He broke the hug and uttered, cupping her face. “You always make me feel proud and don’t be afraid, we all are with you.” He kissed her forehead.

“We shall go inside now.” As Anu uttered, we all looked at her.

Anu took her inside after wrapping her arm around her shoulder, and we all also wandered into the house behind them. Mom locked the door. Anu directly led her to the room.

I stayed with Mom and Dad outside.

“Manik, what about the police? Would they arrest her?” Mom asked anxiously. Dad is also looking at me for the answer, worried, the inner corner of his eyebrows are drawn up.

I held mom’s shoulder and assured her, “Relax, Mom, I’ll handle everything. They will only come here to take Nandini’s statement.” I told them, moving my eyes from Mom to dad, and then I looked back at Mom.

“Is he alive?” Mom asked about Veer, her eyes glinted with anger.

“Maybe, I’m waiting for the call. But I want him to be alive because I want to make him suffer like hell till his last breath. He doesn’t deserve so easy death.” Now I’m boiling in anger.

“I never thought that he would do something like this.” Mom uttered in disbelief. “Nandu is so broken.” Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Anju, Nandu is in trauma now. She’s our strong daughter, she’ll be fine soon.” Dad explained to her, wiping her tears. Mom is very sensitive.

I agreed with him. “Yeah, Mom, we all will make her fine with our love. You just stay strong for her.”

“Manik, I trust you and I know you’ll make her fine and don’t let anything happen to her.” A small smile touched my lips, seeing her faith in me.

“We’re so lucky to have you, Manik.” Dad placed his hand on my shoulder.

“And I’m blessed to have you both with Princess. Really I had never thought that I would ever get parents’ love.” We passed a warm smile to each other.

Then my phone rang up. “You both go inside, I’m coming after talking to the commissioner,” I said to them after taking out the phone from the pocket.

They nodded before walking into the Princess’s room.

I placed the phone on the ear and answered the call, “hello.”

“Veer is in ICU, he’s alive, but his condition is critical.” He informed me.

Thank God, he’s alive. Now Princess will not call herself a Murder and now I can also make that bloody bastard suffer.

“We want to take Nandini’s statement.” As he uttered, I came out of my thoughts.

“Could you take her statement tomorrow? Actually, she’s not in the state of talking.” I asked, rubbing my forehead.

“I can completely understand you, Mr Malhotra. We’ll come tomorrow.” He answered me politely.

“Thank you, Mr Singh,” I replied.

“By the way I must say, Miss Nandini is a strong woman.” As he praised Princess, I smiled proudly.

“Yeah, Indeed she’s a strong woman and I’m lucky to have her.”

“So I’ll call you later and give you further updates.”

“Okay and thanx once again for handling this case.”

“Anytime, Mr Malhotra.” I disconnected the call and slipped the phone into the pocket of jeans.

I took a deep breath before ambling into the room. Princess is lying, hugging Mom tightly. Her eyes are closed, I think she has slept. Dad and Anu are sitting on the other side of Nandini. He’s caressing her hair.

Dad stood up and walked to me. “She has slept and I think, now you should also sleep.” I nodded.

“You sleep here with Anju and Nandini. She must need you at night.” Dad said before strolling to Mom.

“Anu, now you don’t think too much, she’ll be completely fine in a few days.” He said, caressing her forehead. Mom gave him a slight nod.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on Mom’s forehead. “Good night.”

“Good night.” Mom wished him back.

“Anushka, you can sleep in the guest room when you want.” He said to her.

“No, uncle, Cabir is coming to pick me up. I’ll come tomorrow morning.” She said, climbing down the bed.

“Okay.” Dad walked out of the room after last time glancing at Mom and Princess.

“Nandu has slept now, you can meet her tomorrow. You wait in the car, I’m coming.” Anu hang up the call after talking to Cabir.

She walked to me. “Cabir has come, I have to leave. We both will come tomorrow.” I nodded and we both walked out.

“Take care of her and yourself too. Try to sleep, she will be fine.” She said, standing out of the house.

I nodded. “Thanks for coming.” I said before closing the door and locking it.

I came back to the room. Mom has also slept. I turned off the light before lying on my one side, facing her. I gently caressed her hair before placing a kiss there. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I fell asleep after a few minutes, wondering what I’ll do tomorrow to make her feel better.

Suddenly I woke up as I heard Princess’s screams. “No…”

She’s sitting, murmuring something. I also sat up. “Princess, what happened?” I asked, placing my hand over her shoulder.

She just turned around and hugged me tightly, digging her head in my chest and clutching back of my shirt. “They… we’ll, take- take me away from you. I’ll arrest-arrested, Manik.” She shuttered with fright, shivering in my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back to calm her down. She must have seen a bad dream.

Oh God, please give me strength to make her fine.

Mom also woke up. She first looked at Princess anxiously, then looked at me helplessly. I blinked my eyes to assure her that I’ll make her fine.

“Princess, you have seen a nightmare. Nobody is taking you away from me. Police won’t arrest you and you’re not a murderer, Veer is alive.” She instantly broke the hug and stared at me in shock. Her hair is messy and her eyes are swollen. I’m shattered after seeing her in such a miserable condition, but I’m standing strong for her only.

“Is he a…alive?” She asked in disbelief.

I cupped her face and answered, “yes. Now he will be arrested and suffer in jail, not you.”


She just placed her head on my chest without saying anything. “I love you, and I’m always with you.” I kissed her hair, hugging her firmly in my arms. I placed my forehead over her head.

After a few minutes, I lay down with her without breaking the hug. Mom pulled the blanket over us. I looked at Mom and again blinked my eyes, she gave me a slight nod, caressing my hair. She also lay down, facing Princess. I can’t able to sleep after that. I just kept kissing her hair every few minutes. I’ll make her forget about this day utterly with my love.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu uske condition bhot kharab hou gaye hai she just thinks as she is a murderer now everyone she loves will hate her poor soul…
    But she doesn’t know thar everyone is so proud of her for being so strong for stoping veer from doing anything wrong with her…
    Nandu bhot jald thik hou jayege kyuki uske pass itna loving pariwaar hai so caring and understanding parents and protective boyfriend…

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