(Part: 73) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I fainted because I wanted to spend private time with you, I wanted to do romance and you started shouting at me. That’s not fair.” She complained and cried like a small baby.

“Sana, you scared me. I got worried for you, I can’t see you in little pain even.” He explained to her his point that why he freaked out.

“It was my mistake, and I am sorry.” She apologised cutely by holding her ears as she realised her mistake. “It’s my birthday, couldn’t you forgive me? I don’t want to spoil my birthday.” She asked, staring at him with pleading eyes.

“Okay, I am forgiving you because it’s your birthday, but next time don’t do this stupid stunts. If you want something, say to me directly.” He explained to her calmly now. She smiled slightly, understanding him and gave him a nod.

“Now before romance, I want to give you nineteen gifts because it’s your nineteenth birthday.” As he told her, her eyes glinted with excitement and a broad smile touched her lips.

“Wow, nineteen gifts. I’m super happy and excited.” She squealed merrily and hugged him. He smiled gleefully, seeing her reaction.

As suddenly he knelt in front of her, she narrowed her brows bemusedly. He clasped her, gazing at her and put the other hand into the pocket to take out something.

“This beautiful ring for my beautiful princess.” He slid the beautiful diamond ring down her finger. She smiled broadly, seeing the ring, her eyes shimmered. He placed a soft kiss on her hand.

He led her to a room after blindfolding her. As they stepped into the room, he pulled off the blindfold. She fluttered her eyelashes before palming her mouth and widening her eyes in amazement as she looked around the room. It was filled with lots of teddy bears, from small to big. She gleefully rushed to the biggest teddy after holding a small teddy in her hand. She sat on the teddy and buried her face into the teddy. He was just smiling broadly at her. He found her super cute.

“Sidharth, I love this gift, teddy bears are my favourites, thank you so much.” She rushed to him joyfully and hugged him tightly. He also hugged her back, smiling and kissed her hair.

Then he started giving her more gifts, he gifted her chocolate house, a box of balloons, couples cap on which Mr and Mrs was written, cute pillows and many more things which made her extremely happy and sometimes she also jumped on the bed and clapped her hands in joy. She was super happy after getting 19 gifts from Sidharth.

But suddenly her lips drew down in sadness and he became confused. She sat on the bed with a sad face. He was baffled because a few minutes back she was jumping on the bed happily and now she was sitting sadly. He had no clue all of sudden what happened to her.

“What happened baby, why are you sad, did I hurt you?” He asked after sitting beside her.

She instantly turned her face to him and nodded. “No, hubby, you didn’t hurt me. I’m missing Mumma daddy a lot today, on my birthday like you, they used to give me lots of gifts, they loved me a lot, Sidharth. Why Aman killed them? What was their mistake?” As she told him, her eyes brimmed with tears. She stood up and lumbered out, upset. He hurriedly got up and followed her.

Parents’ love is the most precious thing in this world and she had lost this thing.

He stopped her in the corridor and turned her to himself. She stared at him with her sorrowful eyes.

“Baby, they are with you, in your heart.” He uttered after placing her hand on her heart.

“They have never gone, leaving you alone and they never want to see tears in your eyes, so for them don’t cry, they will also cry if you cry like this.” He convinced her not to cry in the best.

She instantly wiped her tears. “Mumma daddy, I am sorry that I cried. Promise, now I won’t cry, I will always smile and live happily. Please, you both always be with me.” She talked to them, placing her hand on her. He took her into his arms and kissed her hair.

After breaking the hug, he captured her lips and within a second, she also responded to him with equal flavour. He lifted her from the floor, kissing her passionately and she hastily wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He took her to their room, still kissing her, holding her hips and squeezing them.

As he placed her on the dressing table, things which were kept on the table, they fell on the floor. They both chuckled, breaking the kiss for a few seconds. He kissed her after pinning her hands against the mirror. After his lips, he kissed every inch of her face.

He scooped her into his arms and took her towards the bed. After laying her on the bed, he came above her. As he was about to capture her lips again, she stopped him by putting her hand on her lips. He narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Hubby, I asked you to spank me in the beginning of our romance, did you forget?” She asked for spanking without any hesitation as like she was asking for chocolate from him.

“Baby, I spanked you in the evening only, it will hurt you if I spank you again.” Sidharth tried to make her understand, but Sana was Sana.

“But I want it now. It won’t hurt me, I know. You spank me, it gives me pleasure, I feel super good.” She said after turning to her front because she was asking him to spank her.

He was amazed, seeing her desperation.

He grinned. “Okay, you tell me, how many you want.” Sidharth also asked, becoming naughty.

“Uhmmm, ten.” She said excitedly and he shook his head after seeing her extreme cuteness.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asked after pulling down her jeans with her inner-wear.

“I am super excited because I enjoyed a lot before, I mean I loved it.” She said with anticipation when he was caressing and squeezing her butts. He grinned wider after listening to her words.

Then he spanked her and she moaned in pleasure. He was spanking her lightly because he didn’t want to hurt her. He stopped after giving her ten spanks, five each on both the side.

“Baby, so now romance time, turn around fast.” He ordered her to turn.

He stared at her bemusedly when he didn’t get any reply from her.

“Baby, what happened?” He asked after turning her face to him and what she said next, Sidharth felt guilty.

“It’s hurting me a bit.” She said in low voice and now he regretted spanking her after listening to her.

“Baby, then why didn’t you stop me? I thought you were enjoying, I am so sorry that I hurt you.” He apologised with guilt in his voice, gently rubbing her hips.

She clasped his face and nodded. “No hubby, there is not any fault of you in this, don’t be sorry, I should have stopped you.”

“Yes, you should have stopped me, but why you didn’t stop me?” He asked with guilt and little anger too in his voice and eyes.

“Because I asked you to spank me and then how could I ask you to stop.” She replied to him innocently.

“Baby, you promised me that if it hurts you, you would stop me. You know, how much guilty I am feeling now?” He murmured before placing kisses all over her hips because he wanted to erase her all pain.

“I am so sorry, hubby. Five spanks made me feel good, but after that, it started hurting pain. I promise you, I will stop you from next time if I feel pain.” She was now telling him everything.

“No, you don’t need to stop me from next time because I will never spank you.” As he stated, she pouted sadly.

“But hubby, spanking excites me and give me extreme pleasure. Five spanks are good, don’t say that you won’t spank me.” She uttered in sadness.

“Baby, it hurts you, then also you are asking me to spank you,” Sidharth said unbelievably and she nodded her head innocently.

“Please, hubby, don’t say that you won’t spank me, I am sorry hubby, don’t punish me.” Now she pleaded.

Spanking is one kind of sexual punishment but for Sana, this was the punishment that he denying to spank her.

“We will discuss this later on. First I should apply lotion on your hips.” He climbed down the bed and started finding lotion in the drawer.

“Sidharth, now I am fine, no need to apply lotion.” She after standing behind him.

He turned to her, holding the lotion. “No, you need it.”

He gently laid her on her front and applied lotion on her hips fondly. She felt incredible.

“Sidharth, today, I will give you pleasure like you always give me.” She said after coming over him.

“And how will you give me pleasure?” He raised his brows, having a smirk on his face.

“Just wait and watch.”’ She said and started opening the buttons of his shirt.

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